K-12 public schools have surpassed funding targets, but results have not improved

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) In less than two months’ time, Idaho’s new Legislature will convene. One of its tasks will be to decide how to allocate the $330 million in ongoing funding that was earmarked for K-12 public education by Gov. Brad Little and the Legislature in September.

Voices from the establishment will clamor for the money to be distributed to public schools. Despite massive increases in spending on public schools, voices from within the system still demand more money. Spending levels are higher than they have been in decades.

Yet, increased spending on public education has not resulted in a positive return for taxpayers. Student test scores have remained stagnant or declined, and schools increasingly push corrupt ideologies into the classroom. Instead of throwing more money at a system that is not accountable for academic improvement, the $330 million increase in education spending should follow students so that families can decide how best to educate their children.

So, just how much does Idaho spend per K-12 student? Data show that funding has now surpassed recommendations from 2013.

That year, a task force commissioned by Gov. Butch Otter issued a report recommending ways to improve Idaho’s education system. One of its proposals was a “restoration of operational funding to the FY 2009 level.”  (Read More)