Senator Lummis’s Marriage Vote and the Collapse of Christian Courage

(Washington Stand) In an all-black outfit, fitting for a funeral of freedom, Lummis talked about the personal journey that led her to betray her faith and base. It was a “painful exercise in accepting admonishment,” Lummis admitted. There was “fairly brutal self-soul searching,” which she admitted was “entirely avoidable had I simply chosen to vote no.”

For a full minute, Lummis launched into a series of compelling reasons to oppose the bill, arguments that should have talked her out of this misguided path. “The Bible teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman,” she said. “I accept God’s word — including God’s word as to the definition of marriage. I support my church’s adherence to that biblical pronouncement. I support Wyoming’s statute, which codifies that definition. I find solace in people and organizations that share my beliefs.”

Then, in a surprisingly candid twist, Lummis talked about the hostility she’s experienced from the Left for her views. “I, and many like me, have been vilified and despised by some who disagree with our beliefs. They do not withhold bitter invective. They use their own hateful speech to make sure that I and others who believe as I do now, that we are hated and despised by them.” Then, looking up from her script, Lummis said pointedly that people on the conservative side of marriage “can relate to ill treatment.”

So why stray? Why turn her back on years of personal and public conviction? Because, in Lummis’s mind, surrender is the only way to prove her tolerance.  (Read More)