Biblical Worldview: The Need for Courage

(Standing For Freedom Center) Courage is the operating system that your convictions run on. There’s a reason we talk about the importance of “having a backbone.” Take the skeleton out of a body and the entire thing collapses into a useless pile. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you believe all the right things, or that you believe them strongly — if you don’t have the courage to take action, your convictions are ultimately worthless.

And right now, what so many Christians (and pastors) across our country need more than almost anything else is courage.

Because you can believe that children should be protected from radical gender ideology and groomers. You can know that preborn babies are deserving of equal protection the law. You can argue that churches shouldn’t let the government shut them down while they let liquor stores and strip clubs stay open. You can see that William “Lia” Thomas is a man and had no business competing against girls in NCAA swimming.

But if you never find the courage to speak out — or even better, do something — about these problems, then what good are your convictions?

When it comes to standing tall in the public square, Christians should have more courage than anyone else because we have the Creator God of our universe on our side. Or, more accurately, and more importantly, if we are in Christ, we are on His side.  (Read More)