Mama Bears Claw Back into Schools’ Free Speech Fight

(Washington Stand) Like a lot of parents, Cindy Martin didn’t realize how out of control the book situation had gotten in their local schools. When a friend told her there was pornographic content on the shelves, she decided to investigate herself. What she found defied imagination. “I wish I could share some of the book excerpts with you,” she told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, “but that wouldn’t be possible on TV,” They are “so sexually explicit,” she emphasized. “And every time I find another one, it’s worse than the one before…”

Martin said the situation was so out of control that she decided to recruit other parents to join her. She put out a call on social media in 2021, asking if other Georgia moms would be willing to take a stand. “And I had so many moms come forward that we decided to form a group.” They called it Mama Bears. “It stuck. It sounded right.”

Their plan was simple: Go directly to Forsyth County school officials and ask, “Hey, did you know these are in here? We’d like them removed.” Almost immediately, the moms hit a wall. So they tried another tactic. “We asked for an audit, so that they could find these books. They refused.”  (Read More)