Tackling the Confusion over Sexuality in Our Times

(Washington Stand) In Christian circles, a reference to the “men of Issachar” is generally understood to be an allusion to 1 Chronicles 12:32, which, in context, lists the men who aligned with David at the onset of his reign. According to the writer of 1 Chronicles, the men of Issachar were those “who understood the times and knew what Israel ought to do.” Evidently, the men of Issachar possessed a level of wisdom, savvy, and ability that served David at a crucial moment in his kingship. Thus, over the years, the descriptor “men of Issachar” has been used to describe leaders with situational awareness and moral courage.

It is difficult to find the “men of Issachar” in our own day. Many Christian commitments seem outdated — and even subversive to many in our culture — and faithfulness to God and His Word is becoming increasingly rare. This is true even for those who desire to honor the Lord, and especially true for navigating controversial issues such as marriage, gender, and sexuality. Bombarded with so many competing messages, it is not always clear what faithfulness requires for addressing morally contentious topics.

Complicating matters is the accelerating velocity of this moral change. Questions related to gender, sexuality, and marriage are now debated on an almost daily basis. These conversations take place in churches, families, and within the broader culture.  (Read More)