Study: ‘Transgender’ Youth Prescribed MORE Psychotropic Drugs After ‘Gender-Affirming Care,’ Not Less

(PJ Media) Researchers who recently published their work in the Journal of Sexual Medicine examined the prevalence and efficacy of “gender-affirming” mental healthcare provided to trans-identified children.

Method-wise, using a retrospective cohort design, the researchers “used military healthcare data from 2010-2018 to identify mental healthcare diagnoses and visits, and psychotropic medication prescriptions among TGD [transgender and gender diverse] youth who received care for gender dysphoria before age 18, and their siblings.”

In layman’s terms (I wish medical journals would use more accessible language in their public-facing publications), they looked at the rate at which “transgender” kids sought mental health counseling and how often they were prescribed psychotropic drugs as part of their treatment compared to a non-trans control group comprised of their siblings.  (Read More)