The Next Frontier For The Hypersexualized Left: Normalizing Pedophilia

(The Federalist) As The Federalist has recently reported, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the left is pushing toward social and legal approval of pedophilia. A failed effort in the Minnesota legislature to extend state-law protection to pedophilia as a sexual orientation should remove any doubt about where we’re headed.

Predatory adults apparently recognize the political problem inherent in protecting the “rights” of pedophiles. So they also cloak their efforts in the language of “rights,” “needs,” and “health” of minor children.

[…]The end game of normalizing pedophilia has been hinted at for some time. A critical step, as always, is to distort language. “Pedophile” has become “minor-attracted person” (MAP), which certainly takes the edge off. TED talkers insist that MAPs should not be stigmatized for their attractions as long as they exercise self-control around children (a talent for which pedophiles are not famous). These and other “experts” (and Minnesota legislators) describe pedophilia as a sexual orientation to be protected under state nondiscrimination law.  (Read More)