Comrade Omodt Locks Electeds Out of County IT Systems

(Redoubt News) Luke Omodt has decided that his tyrannical over reach against another Commissioner and against the public was not quite enough for him.

The county has already received notice of anticipated litigation due to the trespass of individuals by Comrade Omodt.

Since he seems to truly believe that everything in the county is under his tight control, this must include all of the other elected officials. Kommandant Omodt has taken control of the County Information/Technology (IT) systems, not only for the Commissioner side of the system, but for the Law Enforcement side of the system, as well.

Omodt was out of the office for the week of February 12th. On that day, it was discovered that Luke had ordered the IT Director, Jacob Storms, to lock out the IT Deputy for the law side of the county records.  (Read More)

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