Fairfax County Board Votes Unanimously To Celebrate ‘Transgender Day Of Visibility’ On Easter

(Daily Wire) In the same Virginia county whose Board of Supervisors once voted to restrict the size of American flags, the county’s Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to observe its Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter, March 31, this year.

Although March 31 is the date when the Transgender Day of Visibility is marked every year, critics are furious that the holiest day on the Christian calendar will see the transgender celebration. County Board Chairman Jeff McKay, a Democrat, said the decision was the board’s “moral responsibility to stand up for all people, not just the people we like or the people we agree with.”

Supervisor Jimmy Bierman, another Democrat, echoed, “I’m just very happy that we’re recognizing a community that has too often been pushed into the shadows and celebrating yet another community within our diverse tapestry here in Fairfax County,” adding that the county wants “to make sure that everybody who’s a part of our community feels welcomed, feels loved and feels empowered.”  (Read More)

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