Don’t Say ‘They’: Why Pronouns Matter

(Breakpoint) A couple weeks ago, a Title IX investigation was opened for three middle school boys from Wisconsin who used the pronoun she for a biologically female student who wished to go by they. Under the Biden administration, refusing to use misaligned pronouns is considered sex discrimination. Even style guides today encourage the use of they if it is the chosen pronoun of an individual. 

One rationale given is that someone really is whatever gender he or she claims, and to not recognize that with pronouns is to contribute to that person’s psychological distress. This is the case even if, as Abigail Shrier describes as being increasingly common, a person’s gender dysphoria is socially conditioned. So, according to our own government, we are now in a zero-sum game: Either use individuals’ chosen pronouns or be blamed for their suicides.  

Thankfully, many are beginning to recognize that even using the pronoun they for an individual is deeply problematic, much less fully imbibing all that the new transgender orthodoxy commands. Recently, the Manhattan Institute’s Leor Sapir wrote an editorial entitled “Don’t Say ‘They.’” In it, Sapir argues that using they and them to refer to an individual is far from harmless and amounts to buying into an ideology that “gender is an oppressive social system.”  (Read More)

Paint It Black: Mourning the Month of June

(Standing For Freedom Center) June. It’s here. In all its rainbow glory. Or should I say shame?

Woke corporations have already changed their profile pictures (except in the Middle East, of course) to incorporate the rainbow colors now so indelibly associated with “Pride Month” — our decadent culture’s 30-day-long celebration of homosexuality. Even more embarrassing, U.S. embassies and government buildings are flying the rainbow flag right underneath Old Glory’s red, white, and blue. And, to add insult to injury, even the U.S. military is flying new colors this month, displaying allegiance to the zeitgeist through a photo of a combat helmet outfitted with a rainbow array of bullets.

For the next month, our nation will loudly and “proudly” announce its support for sin by flooding every conceivable consumer marketing space with the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet symbol of homosexuality.

Speaking of flooding, what makes this month’s symbolism even worse is that it does so by stealing a sign that was designed by God Himself to serve as a reminder of His grace and forbearance with mankind — despite their sin.  (Read More)

Abortion Activists Firebomb Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Third Bombing in Weeks

(Life News) Radical abortion activists who firebombed the office of a pro-life groups in Wisconsin and Oregon and who have vandalized over a dozen churches and pregnancy centers have struck again.

Early this morning police and fire departments in Buffalo, New York responded to smoke and fire at CompassCare, a pro-life medical office and pregnancy center that helps women and children. The building was firebombed and the windows in the reception room and nurses’ office were broken and fires lit.

Graffiti on the building left by the arsonists refers to the abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge reading, “Jane Was Here.” The group took responsibility for a firebombing of a pro-life organization in Madison, Wisconsin in May, and it could have been responsible for bombing the offices of Oregon Right to Life during the same month. It has also vandalized and destroyed multiple churches and pregnancy centers.

CompassCare’s CEO, Jim Harden told LifeNews, “This is the pro-abortion ‘Kristallnacht.’ Because of this act of violence, the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy will go unmet and babies will die.”  (Read More)

Public Ed. Goliath Claims “No Agenda” —David Gathering Stones

(Faith & Freedom) There was a time when communities large and small gathered around their churches and their schools.

However today the public schools work hard to not only block parents from participating in the educational process of their children but to keep parents in the dark about what their children are being taught.

Most everyone knows this by now, and is talking about it, but is anyone actually doing anything about it?

Yes. They are.

While public education continues to claim they merely want to give our kids a “good education,” most of us know by now that is a lie. It’s simply not true.

It’s well known that public schools have become breeding grounds for far-left progressive agendas, including critical race theory, and the 1619 Project which completely revises America’s history to teach this generation that not only is our country, not “exceptional”—it is racist to the core. Systemically so.  (Read More)

On Pride Night, Rays of Hope in Tampa Bay

(The Washington Stand) After 16 years of Pride Nights, the Tampa Bay Rays probably took their players’ support for granted. Not anymore. Heading into Saturday’s game, when the team was supposed to sport rainbow logos, a group of players decided to wear something else on their sleeves: their convictions.

The Rays lost the game, but that’s not what reporters were writing about later. In a month when even the bases are rainbow props, the idea that any player — let alone several — would refuse to play along was a shock to the pro-sports’ system. But to pitchers Jason Adam, Jalen Beeks, Brooks Raley, Jeffrey Springs, and Ryan Thompson, there are things worth taking a public stand for — and their relationship with Jesus tops the list.

Adam, who acted as the unofficial spokesman of the pushback, told the media later that the decision “comes down to faith.” “So it’s a hard decision,” he admitted, “because ultimately, we all said what we want is [for everyone] to know that all are welcome and loved here.” But, at the end of the day, he pointed out, the Rays were asking for too much by asking players to literally advertise for the cause on their uniforms.  (Read More)

Matt Walsh Talks To Megyn Kelly About ‘What Is A Woman’ Documentary, Dark Origins Of Gender Ideology

(Daily Wire) Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh talked to Megyn Kelly about his new documentary “What Is A Woman?” which premiered on The Daily Wire Wednesday, and about how parents can’t trust institutions like the medical community with kids anymore, as well as the dark origins of gender ideology.

During Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, Walsh spoke with Kelly about his new film, as well as what a “revelation” it was to see how “pervasive the confusion” is when it comes to answering a simple question regarding womanhood. The question is not only something that so-called experts in the medical community can’t answer, but even everyday people on the street are unable or unwilling to provide an answer.

“The institutions in this country that are conspiring, and that starts with the medical community,” The Daily Wire host said.  (Read More)

Report: School Districts Receiving Training on How to Conceal Gender Identity From Parents of Special Needs Children

(RedState) Just when you think these people can’t go any lower, stories like this surface. Previously, I wrote about a report from Gender LCGB, which runs a Substack reporting on schools in various southern California districts that are infusing progressives ideology on race, gender identity, and sexuality into their K-12 classrooms.

In the piece, I explained how public school teachers in Ventura County were receiving training from a law firm on how to ensure that the parents of children dealing with gender dysphoria are not informed of their kids’ issues. But now, Gender LCGB has unearthed even more disturbing information about this story.

As it turns out, this law firm has given multiple presentations of its webinar, which is titled “My Name Is…A Legal and Practical Framework for Affirming Students’ Identities in their Records and in the School Setting.” Fagen Friedman, & Fulfrost LLP (F3), the law firm in question, was making sure teachers were “trained to implement gender ideology interventions – behavioral transition, social transition, ideology indoctrination – without notifying parents,” according to the report.

But, the firm’s webinar did not focus only on average students. It also included a section in its presentation that focused specifically on students with special needs, which brings up a whole set of other issues.  (Read More)

A Culture That Celebrates Dismembering Children In The Womb Can’t Understand Why It’s Afflicted With Mass Shootings

(The Federalist) As the country reels over the Texas massacre, where 19 children and two adults were gunned down by a single shooter who was barely more than a child himself, the question on everyone’s mind is why? Why would any person march into an elementary school and open fire on innocents? And why can’t we overcome such evil?

“Why are we willing to live with this carnage?” President Joe Biden asked. “Why do we keep letting this happen? Where in God’s name is our backbone to have the courage to deal with it?”

Of course, Biden was only asking the “why” questions as a rhetorical maneuver so he could weigh in with his predictable answer: guns. The usual political and media suspects joined the chorus. The left claims firearms themselves are the cause, and anything short of their preferred policy prescription of so-called “universal background checks” and an “assault weapons ban” is “irresponsible and egregious.”  (Read More)

Spiritual Shepherds not Flocking to Word of God

(Family Research Council) New analysis from Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center reveals a “particularly shocking” absence of biblical worldview among pastors of evangelical churches, “because evangelical churches, by definition, believe that the Bible is God’s true and reliable words to humanity.” The latest release of the American Worldview Inventory, conducted in February and March of this year, revealed that 37% of Christian pastors held a biblical worldview, and the numbers are only slightly better among pastors of evangelical (51%) and independent or non-denominational (57%) churches. “With barely half of evangelical pastors possessing a biblical worldview — and that number continuing to decline — attending what may be considered an ‘evangelical’ church no longer ensures a pastoral staff that has a high view of the scriptures,” said George Barna, Senior Research Fellow with FRC’s Center for Biblical Worldview.

“We’re really not being the kind of light in the darkness that Christ has called us to be,” said Barna, who conducted the research. “American culture is doing more transforming of the American church.” The report comes as the nation continues to reel from recent mass shootings in Texas, New York, and California. “Historically, in times of tragedy, Americans look to the pulpit for answers,” said FRC President Tony Perkins. “Fewer pulpits believe the Bible actually has the answers.”  (Read More)

Shocking New Loudoun County Story About School Librarian and Child ‘Sex Workers’

(RedState) We’ve seen all kinds of things being pushed in our schools now and it’s become a big election issue because of the concerns of parents.

Parents upset over CRT and things like the lies told about the sexual assault case in Loudoun County are credited with helping to power Gov. Glenn Youngkin to victory in November on a red wave. Those issues are going to be big issues in the midterms as well.

But if you thought that we’d hit the bottom of the barrel as to what might be pushed in the schools, the Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak has a new story that shows they just keep reaching lower.

A Loudoun County (yes, them again) Sterling Middle School teacher grew concerned when she saw a parent’s tweet about a book that was available in the school library, “Seeing Gender,” which has a chapter titled “Sex Work is Not a Bad Term.”  (Read More)

Why The Killing?

(Faith & Freedom) Rasmussen Reports published a national survey yesterday that finds the public believes “Red Flag” laws can help prevent mass shootings.

But our youth are not only killing others…they’re also killing themselves.

Dr. Rebecca Marshall has collected an enormous amount of data on youth suicide in Washington and Oregon. It’s an epidemic with numbers spiking.

And we are still looking for answers. But can “science” solve the problem?

[…]Data shows that 419 boys harmed or attempted to harm themselves in 2019, while 431 attempted to do so in 2021. However, among girls, the number was 1584 in 2019 and 2344 in 2021.

These numbers in Washington State match, pretty much, with Oregon and other national numbers.

Marshall says the primary method of girls attempting to commit suicide is ingesting poison. And she says these numbers are “not surprising to me at all” and “I don’t think it is surprising to any of my colleagues who work in children’s mental health, because it’s what we’re all seeing.”  (Read More)

Gun Control Group to March in Boise/Lewiston, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Responds

(Idaho Dispatch) March for Our Lives, a national gun control organization, is holding a nationwide march for a “nation free of gun violence” on June 11.

The group will hold two events in Idaho. One event will occur at the capitol in Boise, and the other will be held in Lewiston at a location that has not yet been determined.

Both events will begin at 11:00 a.m., with the Boise event being Mountain Time and the Lewiston event being Pacific Time.

Idaho Dispatch asked Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Political Director Christy Zito about the planned gun control march. She stated,

Every American has a right to protest and express their views, even if we disagree with what they are protesting about.

The gun control groups are once again trying to use a tragedy to push their disarmament agenda. Their ultimate goal is the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment, and more of them are starting to say it out loud. Rather than focusing on the root causes of someone getting to a place mentally where they do something horrific as we saw in Texas, the gun control lobby pushes attacks on our constitutional rights which won’t solve anything in the end.  (Read More)

The Daily Wire Comes Under ‘Sustained DDoS Attack’ Intended To ‘Disrupt’ Premiere Of ‘What Is A Woman?’

(Daily Wire) The Daily Wire came under a sustained DDoS attack during the world premiere of “What is a Woman?” that was intended to disrupt people being able to access the highly anticipated film.

“We have confirmed that @realDailyWire experienced a significant and sustained DDoS attack tonight meant to disrupt the World Premiere of #WhatIsAWoman,” Jeremy Boreing, Co-CEO of The Daily Wire, said in a statement. “A million requests per minute at the peak flooded our system and created challenges for many viewers.”

“We are working to address these challenges in real time,” Boreing added. “Even so, the premiere had more viewers than any stream in the history of the site. A huge success for an amazing film. Someone doesn’t want you to see this movie. See it anyway. VOD up now.”

The attack began shortly after the start of the live-stream of Daily Wire’s Backstage program, which preceded the premiere and featured Daily Wire hosts discussing the making and meaning of the film. Many users encountered difficulty accessing the live-stream due to the malicious event.  (Read More)

UW: George Has Got To Go

(Faith & Freedom) The Black Student Union at the University of Washington wants the statue of President George Washington removed from campus.

The student activists recently rallied against the statue of the nation’s first president, and the namesake of both the state and university where they reside.

The rally, of course, also called for police abolition.

Seattle Pacific University is once again at war with itself over sexual behavior. Once again trying to find its true identity.

American education—public and unfortunately some private and some Christian– has been hi-jacked.

[…]The rally included the typical list of Black Lives Matter and leftist chants. “Hey hey, ho, ho, these racist cops have got to go” and “the people united, will never be divided” filled the air as a  group of students marched through the University of Washington campus.

Students frequently graffiti the statue of George Washington, according to the campus newspaper. In fact, they say it is never without graffiti.  (Read More)

Florida School District Instructs Teachers to Keep Parents in the Dark on Their Children’s Transgender Identity

(RedState) Here’s yet another story about what the left says isn’t happening in America’s classrooms. The Broward County (Florida) Public Schools’ district issued a support guide on LGBTQ students that instructed teachers to conceal details about a child’s transition to another gender from their parents.

The school district’s website features a document titled “Transgender and Nonbinary Student Guidelines and Procedures,” which tells the reader “supporting transgender students and families of transgender youth gives young people in our schools the equal opportunity that all students need.”

The document continues, explaining that “[t]he expression of transgender identity, or any other form of gender-expansive behavior, is a healthy, appropriate and typical aspect of human development.”

Parents Defending Education (PDE), which originally reported on the guide, noted that it defined the term “transgender” as an “umbrella term” that includes “nonbinary, gender expansive, and gender nonconforming youth.”  (Read More)

Creep-fest: 135—Oops, 137—Teachers Arrested for Sex Crimes So Far This Year

(PJ Media) It’s only May 19, and Fox News is reporting that at least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested for sex crimes involving children this year. The crimes range from child pornography to rape. These are just the reported crimes. If a principal or school district wanted to hide a sexual predator, as they did in Loudoun County, Va,, when a transgender kid in a skirt anally raped a 14-year-old girl, they often can.

Oops, I just found two more arrests that weren’t reported until Fox News released their report. That’s a total of 137 pedophiles arrested. Of those apprehended, 105 107 are men and 30 are women.

Some of the arrestees:

Anessa Paige Gower was fired from Making Waves Academy, which only accepts students via lottery, after victims began to come forward. Prosecutors are charging her with 29 counts involving sex acts with a minor, inappropriate touching, and sharing sexually graphic photographs over online platforms.  (Read More)

Idaho Senate poised to move to the right, JFAC will look completely different in 2023

(Idaho Capital Sun) Political observers predict the Idaho Legislature will move to the right and become more politically conservative after several establishment Republican incumbent legislators lost their primary election races Tuesday.

Even though Idahoans rejected the more extreme, farther right candidate in four out of five top-of-the-ballot statewide Republican primary races, that pattern did not hold at the local level, as 19 incumbent Republican legislators were defeated in their districts.

Those defeats follow the decisions by several establishment Republican lawmakers to retire or not seek re-election this year.

“At the statewide level, the more establishment, traditional conservative Republicans were successful in most statewide races, with the attorney general’s race (won by former U.S. Rep. Raúl Labrador) being kind of the outlier,” said Boise State University associate professor of political science Jaclyn Kettler.

“But when we move to the Idaho Legislature, we see some of the more conservative candidates being successful,” Kettler said.  (Read More)

The Groomer Controversy: What’s Actually Going on?

(Family Research Council) Last week, PolitiFact wrote the first of what will likely be many articles aimed at quelling the reality that our children are being sexualized in the education and media spaces.

PolitiFact’s “editorial” comes as the metaphorical dam is bursting with revelations that children have been intentionally targeted and exposed to graphic sexual material. Some of the groups advocating for children to be “educated” with these graphic sexual details and transgender identities are hoping that these materials will be accessible to kindergarteners and younger if given the opportunity.

To name a few examples, we’ve learned that our school libraries are filled with books like My Body is Growing: A Guide for Children, Ages 4 to 8, which is embarrassingly detailed about a sexual encounter between an older sister with her younger brother. We’ve also learned that there is a concerted effort by Netflix and Disney to expose children to sexual content and ideas. This goes without mentioning the explicit content available on social media. After one click, an algorithm can be set, and a minor’s social account is on a course to receive unlimited pornographic material. Sadly, these avenues of exposure have been sanctioned and blessed by the current federal and some state governments.  (Read More)

Republicans See Large Increase in Idaho Primary Turnout as Democrat Numbers Dropped Significantly

(Idaho Dispatch) The number of Republican voters from the 2022 primary election compared to the 2018 primary was much higher, while Democrats saw a drop in turnout.

In 2018, Republicans had a turnout of approximately 194,000 voters for the primary. This year, turnout for Republicans hit over 280,000 voters.

Several factors could have led to the increase in Republican turnout.

First, Idaho’s population continues to grow rapidly, increasing the number of voters in the state. Second, the number of groups who spent large amounts of money for the primary election was higher than in previous primary elections. Additionally, some crossover voters from the Democrat party and new voters who were previously unaffiliated and changed to Republican account for some of the increase.

Democrats, in comparison, had a turnout of approximately 66,000 voters in 2018, but less than half that number voted this year, with just 31,000 voters.  (Read More)

Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money

(The Federalist) K-12 schools must allow boys into girls’ private areas to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks, the Biden administration announced this month. A U.S. Department of Education spokesman told The Federalist the Biden administration’s press releases from several agencies announcing this policy will be followed by formal rulemaking in June.

“It seems to be playing politics with feeding poor kids, which is really unfortunate,” John Elcesser, executive director of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association, said via phone amid weeks of attempting to sort out these new demands with government officials on behalf of private schools in his state. “Because if a school feels like they cannot participate because it’s in conflict with their mission or values, if a religious exemption is not granted, you’re taking away a program that’s feeding low-income kids.”  (Read More)

Media Employs Shame-Old Tactics against Ky. Christian School

(Family Research Council) Is the outrage feigned or uninformed? That’s one question after the Louisville Courier Journal declared they were shocked — shocked — to discover Christian teaching at the Christian Academy of Louisville (CAL). While the school received no complaints, a Twitter user reportedly acquainted with a parent whose child was upset by the assignment tweeted screenshots with the commentary “Shameful. #stopthehate.”

“With the attention… even the language surrounding it,” said David Closson, director of the Family Research Council’s Center for Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council on “Washington Watch,” “you would think that this is something nefarious, some sort of bombshell.” Instead, it’s simply “a Christian school, in an elective Bible class, encouraging their students to think about what God’s word says on the issue of homosexuality,” he said. “Newsflash for those who are really going crazy about this: this is what Christians have believed for 2,000 years.”

Middle schoolers were instructed to “write a letter to a friend of your same gender who is struggling with homosexuality,” assuming not a casual acquaintance but a close friend. “The aim of your letter should be to lovingly and compassionately speak truth to the person you’re talking to in a way that does not approve of any sin. Instead, TRY TO PERSUADE THEM OF THE GOODNESS OF GOD’S DESIGN for them.”  (Read More)

Liberating The Children?

(Faith & Freedom) The New York Post ran a story yesterday alerting parents and people who love kids that a new public school curriculum that glorifies Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and her far-left “squad” knocks religion, misquotes and misuses Jesus, and mocks Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and is already being distributed to libraries in advance of its reveal in public classrooms this fall.

The book titled, “What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood” is the first of a menu of similar materials categorized as “Universal Mosaic Curriculum.”

The book is intended for 10 and 11-year-olds according to The Post.

The book, “What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood,” and its related materials, is supposed to kick off next school year. (Read More)

Parent uncovers secret-keeping school policy in Show Me State

(American Family News) Andy Wells, who leads the Missouri chapter of No Left Turn in Education, is demanding answers after learning public schools are hiding behind a state-approved policy that allows teachers and counselors to hide private conversations with students from their nosy parents.

Wells, who has three children in public schools, tells AFN school counselors and teachers have personally admitted to him the policy is real and they are hiding behind it. The reason, they told him, is to create a “safe space” at school in case the home environment is not.

“That’s my problem,” he says, “(because) when educators start taking away my parental rights to raise my child, I have issues.”

Much like Wells, parents of public school students across the U.S. are learning – quite belatedly – that taxpayer-funded classrooms have been taken over by far-left teachers. Much like a student of Marxism, those teachers view right-wing parents as literal enemies of progress, or at least their twisted view of progress, and the teacher is determined to win over the mind of students despite disapproving parents.  (Read More)

Klaus Schwab: “Globalism Will Bring Salvation”

(Faith & Freedom) Famine, floods, pestilence, drought, plague, war, and rumors of war. These are the key issues facing the world today and the invitation-only World Economic Forum (WEF) next week in Davos, Switzerland. It’s just the place to find the answers by select globalist elites, according to WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

And he says, “Contrary voices will not be tolerated” because of the importance of the meeting.

Of course, the Biden administration will be prominently seated at the table.

Be informed, not misled.  (Read More)

No Matter What Happens To Biden’s ‘Disinformation’ Board, The Feds Are Spying On Americans

(The Federalist) Facing an increasing backlash against the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governing Board (DGB), Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas promised it would not monitor Americans. It was not enough. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was forced to put the DGB on “pause,” and its director, Nina Jankowicz, resigned under public pressure.

Now DHS says it is “reviewing” the board while “continuing” its “critical work…to address disinformation.”

No matter what happens with the board, it is hard to take Mayorkas’s promise not to monitor Americans seriously. Several recent cases of the federal government spying on Americans as well as DHS’s own actions were certain to make people skeptical.

For example, in February of this year, DHS issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin, a memo prioritizing “false or misleading narratives” as a top domestic security threat. The bulletin states that “there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19.”  (Read More)