2023: The year the truth will come out

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) News articles about Missouri death row inmate Scott McLaughlin helped me figure out what my new year’s resolution would be.

In 2003, McLaughlin raped and killed his ex-girlfriend. This week, Gov. Mike Parson denied McLaughlin’s clemency request saying via press release, “[T]he State of Missouri will carry out the sentence of Scott McLaughlin as ordered by the Supreme Court of Missouri.”

That’s a terribly useless sentence which I ordinarily wouldn’t quote. But the most important word in the press release is contained in the name “Scott.” Because Scott, though on death row for a very heinous crime, is given deference from the media and gets to go by his new preferred name, Amber, having “transitioned” in some kind of way within the last few years.

And it’s not just that Scott is being called Amber. Or a transgender woman. He’s being referred to as forever having been such. To wit: A spokesman for the Missouri Department of Correction told a reporter, “It is extremely unusual for a woman to commit a capital offense, such as a brutal murder, and even more unusual for a women to, as was the case with McLaughlin, rape and murder a woman.”

There are countless articles that say McLaughlin would be “the first woman executed by the state of Missouri since 1976.” And then there’s the way in which McLaughlin is described in 2003 and in his previous child sex convictions dating back into the 1990s. He’s described as “she” and “her” as if that were true at the time. Articles say McLaughlin “raped and killed her girlfriend” (emphasis added).   (Read More)

Idaho School Board Meeting Ends In Chaos Over Gender Policy

(Daily Wire) An Idaho school board meeting erupted in chaos and ended early on Monday after passions ran high over a proposed gender policy.

Caldwell School District, just west of Boise, abruptly shut down a heated public comment session on its new gender identity and sexual orientation policy after frustrated parents, a state lawmaker, and a student sounded off on the policy. Hundreds of people reportedly lined up out the door to speak.

One mom who appeared to be Hispanic said “we are conservatives” and called the policy “indoctrination into a cult” and “immoral child exploitation.”

“It’s a constitutional right of the parents to raise their children with their own moral values and without the imposition of alternate lifestyles,” she said.

“The is an attack on God and family,” the mom continued. “The educational system has become a pawn for destroying our children, Christian culture, and the guarantee of freedoms in our republic.”  (Read More)

Walgreens & CVS: Do Not Turn Your Pharmacies into Abortion Businesses!

(FRC Action) We write to you with great concern because of the news that you intend to turn your pharmacies into abortion businesses. The neighborhood pharmacy has always stood as a place of healing, where human suffering can be alleviated thanks to the dedicated work of our local pharmacists. However, by selling the chemical abortion regimen, the local pharmacy will become a place of suffering and death.

Abortion-inducing drugs do more than just take the lives of the most vulnerable among us: the unborn – they hurt women. A recent study of 42,000 abortions found that women suffered four times as many adverse side effects from abortion-inducing drugs than from surgical abortions. In fact, one in five abortions induced by mifepristone resulted in negative health outcomes.

We ask that you stop attempting to sell these harmful drugs in your pharmacies.

We ask that you commit to keeping these drugs that end the lives of children and hurt women out of our communities.

We ask that you keep your pharmacy business a pharmacy business – not an abortion business.  (Click Here to sign the petition)

Two state supreme courts rule very differently on the constitutionality of pro-life laws

(Standing For Freedom Center) The Idaho Supreme Court ruled that there is no right to an abortion in the state’s constitution, while the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that the right to privacy in the state’s constitution encompasses the right to an abortion.

The two decisions are an example of competing judicial philosophies. The first court applied originalism, or textualism, relying on the explicit wording and stated intent of the constitutional text, while the second took a loose constructionism approach, or a broad interpretation of the text, that allowed them to fill in the gaps according to their own worldview.

The Idaho Supreme Court upheld the right to life in a case challenging the state’s pro-life laws, including its near total ban on abortion after six weeks’ gestation and its liability law. The majority opinion, signed by signed by Chief Justice Richard Bevan and Justices Robyn Brody and Gregory Moeller, stated,

“For the reasons discussed below, we cannot read a fundamental right to abortion into the text of the Idaho Constitution. Since Idaho attained statehood in 1890, this Court has repeatedly and steadfastly interpreted the Idaho Constitution based on the plain and ordinary meaning of its text, as intended by those who framed and adopted the provision at issue. That is our duty as the judicial branch: to sustain the rule of law—not to promote our personal policy preferences. If we were to jettison that disciplined approach, even in the face of a uniquely emotional and politically divisive policy issue, the Idaho Constitution would no longer be the voice of the people of Idaho— it would be effectively replaced by the voice of a select few sitting on this Court.”  (Read More)

Shocking Chicago Public Schools Report Reveals Over 600 Cases Of Staff Grooming and Sexually Assaulting Students

(RedState) A shocking report from the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has revealed hundreds of cases of teachers sexually grooming and assaulting CPS students in 2022 and earlier.

The report, released last week, details disturbing encounters between staff and students, including one CPS teacher who “groomed and sexually assaulted” a 17-year-old girl on multiple occasions. In a move that will feel familiar to parents already sounding the alarm about school officials encouraging students to be open about sexual issues with teachers while hiding it from parents, the girl told investigators “she began to think of him as her friend and therapist.” The teacher is accused of repeatedly groping and touching the student, telling her, “I like the way you look in your jeans.” Text messages and Snapchats verified some of the accusations, according to the report.

The accused teacher is now battling termination by CPS.

That was just one example among hundreds provided by the IOG.

An OIG investigation found that a former JROTC staff member had sex with a female high school student over the course of a year when she was 16 to 17 years old. During this period, the JROTC staff member provided the student with alcohol and consumed marijuana around her.  (Read More)

Crocs Footwear Is Sponsoring a Drag Fashion Show—for CHILDREN

(PJ Media) Shoe brand Crocs partnered with BBC Three’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race” UK for a DragCon, which is happening Jan. 6-8, according to Industry Fashion. But it gets worse—the event was advertised as open to anyone under the age of 18. Nothing like dragging innocence through the mire in service of woke ideology.

Crocs is sponsoring DragCon’s Main Stage and will release a limited-edition “RuPeter” charm (Jibbetz) collection to customize Crocs, Industry Fashion said. The outlet noted that the event will also feature a Kids Fashion Show. That means Crocs is making it possible for drag queens to advertise their perverse tastes to kids. Media Research Center quoted an Instagram post from RuPaul’s DragCon that has since been removed, which said, “All kids under 18 are welcome, please report to the Main Stage at 12:45PM to participate.” Since Crocs is sponsoring the Main Stage, it is automatically supporting the Kids Fashion Show, which is apparently open even to toddlers.

In fact, the deleted Instagram post specifically mentioned Crocs: “Hit them with your catwalk, kids 👠 Bring it to the runway with your parent/guardian for the #DragConUK 2023 Kids Fashion Show, Sunday 8th January on the @crocseurope Main Stage!”

An Instagram post that has not been removed from “rupaulsdragcon” asked excitedly, “Y’all ready to crush the UK’s biggest weekend in #DragRace herstory? 🇬🇧 Don’t miss your chance to see your fave queens performing on the @crocseurope Main Stage at #DragCon UK 2023, the ONLY place to snatch exclusive RuPeter Jibbitz to decorate your Crocs!” Kids are obviously a target audience for the drag-celebrating Jibbitz collection, too.  (Read More)

If Your Kids Are Unhappy, Take Them To Church

(The Federalist) It seems like every time I turn around, an editor assigns me a story related to the mental health crises of our children. Most of the health experts I speak to correlate Covid lockdowns and our children’s fragile state. Closing schools played a major role in this phenomenon, but what if other crucial factors are being overlooked?

Another story, seemingly unrelated to the mental health crisis, is making the rounds in the corporate press. Church attendance is on a rapid decline. The “nones,” survey respondents who say they have no religious affiliation, are the fastest-growing group in the United States every year. We now have a generation of adults that grew up not attending worship services weekly, and they are raising their children in a similar fashion.

The “nones” seem to prefer a parenting style that says: “We’re fine without church and worship and religious instruction and institutions, thank you very much.” But they are not fine. Their children are not coping and managing the day-to-day stresses and inconveniences thrown at them. They are fragile and increasingly so.  (Read More)

Grooming: Knowing the Signs

(Center for Child Protection) Last year at the Center for Child Protection, 92% of children knew and trusted their abusers. This tells us that stranger danger isn’t the only tactic we should take when protecting our children. With this knowledge, what do we need to know to help protect the children in our lives?

One way an abuser may form a relationship with a child is through grooming. According to our partners at Darkness to Light, grooming is a process by which offenders gradually draw victims into a sexual relationship and maintain that relationship in secrecy. Offenders may even fill roles within the victims’ families making them trusted and valued friends. This tactic is highly successful because of its slow and gradual nature.

We asked Mollyanne Vasquez, Education Services Manager, what some signs are to look for in kids being groomed. She said the perpetrator may act through “inappropriate touching or tickling, inappropriate jokes or stories, gifts or preferential treatment, asking the child to keep a secret from others and creating one-on-one time.” It’s crucial to recognize the possible signs of someone you may trust with your children.  (Read More)

How Can We Help Our Kids Develop a Biblical Worldview?

(Washington Stand) “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)

“Live your truth.” “You are enough.” “You shouldn’t judge.” “God just wants you to be happy.” “Follow your heart.” “We’re all basically good people.”

These are just some phrases that our kids hear on a regular basis from our culture through movies, books, social media, and sadly, even progressive Christians. As parents who want our children to know the gospel and be disciples of Jesus, we need to help them recognize lies and half-truths and instead build their lives on the absolute truth of God’s Word. “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

Consider these statistics:

“If America continues on its current trend, the number of 18-29-year-old Americans who state, ‘My religious preference is none or a non-Christian religion’ will grow to over 50% of the population by the year 2030” (Steve Cable, “Cultural Captives”).

Many millennials and Gen Zers are leaving the Christian faith but still call themselves Christian. Surveys show that large percentages are uncertain whether Jesus was physically resurrected, believe Jesus is not the only way to heaven, and are uncertain or confused about whether the Bible can be trusted (“Mama Bear Apologetics,” p. 29).   (Read More)

Neutering the English language one naughty word at a time

(American Family News) Here’s a Christmas present from Stanford University. They apparently won’t ban use of “American” after all. Yay them.

In May, the college administration published a list of words to be scrubbed from the university’s website and computer code, including describing someone as an “American.”

It has to go because it insinuates “that the US is the most important country in the Americas.”

Perhaps they’re right; you could make a strong case for Barbados.

The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative issued by the IT Department also sought to ban “master,” as in “mastering” a subject, because of the slave/master dynamic (last practiced in America 157 years ago).

They also want to ban “grandfather,” because of its use in racist voting laws (by Southern Democrats, which they don’t mention), and they urged using “Latinx” instead of “Hispanic,” even though actual Hispanics hate that term.  (Read More)

Study: ‘Gender-affirming Care’ for Children Has No Medical Benefits

(PJ Media) Earlier this year, Robert “Rachel” Levine, Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health, claimed without evidence that there is consensus in the medical community that so-called “gender-affirming care” is good for kids.

“There is no argument among medical professionals — pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, adolescent medicine physicians, adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. — about the value and the importance of gender-affirming care,” he claimed.

But a new study has found that Levine’s claim is not supported by data. In fact, there is no medical science to support his claim whatsoever.

The study, which was conducted by the nonprofit organization Sex Matters in the United Kingdom, found that the alleged benefits of “gender-affirming care” are “no greater than a placebo effect.”

“The ‘gender-affirming’ model of care for teenagers is based on evidence that falls apart under examination,” Sex Matters says. “There is strong evidence that this medical pathway causes physical harm. It can lead to infertility and loss of future sexual function; among multiple side effects, bone health suffers.”  (Read More)

What Marjorie Taylor Greene Found at Her Local Walmart Should Make Parents Angry

(PJ Media) For decades, Walmart has positioned itself as a family company. Just look at their ads — not just at Christmas, but all year long — and you’ll see families enjoying products that they bought at Walmart. When Walmart started spreading nationwide in the ’80s, it used a lot of goodwill with families to build its brand.

Of course, a lot of things have changed since the ’80s. Walmart now sells LGBTQ-oriented clothing in the children’s department, but you’d better believe it stopped selling guns — apparently “responsible firearm sales” means zero sales. The fact of the matter is that Walmart is as woke as you’d expect any large corporation to be.

But what Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) found at her local Walmart last weekend might shock you more than anything else. Last Saturday, she was shopping at Walmart in Dalton, Ga., in the northwest corner of the state, and she saw sex toys and other adult items on a display next to the kids’ toothbrushes.

[…]“Selling sex toys openly where children are exposed to them is wrong, inappropriate, immoral, indecent, perverted, shameful, and incredibly harmful to children,” she continued in a thread, asking, “Why is Walmart participating in the grooming and sexualization of children? Is this in all stores or just Dalton?”  (Read More)

Even In The Womb, Christ Was Both God And Man

(The Federalist) Amid the tinsel and lights of the Christmas season, you may find Nativity displays on fireplace mantels, store shelves, and front lawns. Those displays remind us of Jesus as an infant, “wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.” Many Christians think of this moment as the beginning of our Savior’s earthly presence as both God and man. But like every baby before and after Him, Jesus’s life on Earth in the flesh actually began months before birth.

The angel Gabriel explained how Jesus’s earthly life would begin when he told Mary she would miraculously conceive “the Son of God” while she was a virgin. After hearing this world-changing news, Mary went “with haste” to visit her relative, Elizabeth. When Mary greeted Elizabeth, the Bible reveals that Elizabeth was “filled with the Holy Spirit” and recognized the divinity of Jesus by referring to Mary as “the mother of my Lord.”

A close reading of Luke 1 strongly suggests that this meaningful exchange occurred during the embryonic period of Jesus’s development — before He was even old enough to be called a “fetus.” Yet Elizabeth called Him “my Lord” because that is exactly who He was even in that early stage of Mary’s pregnancy. Elizabeth also referred to Mary as a “mother” — not a “future mother” or “mother-to-be” — because motherhood begins the moment a child is conceived.  (Read More)

Why Many Conservatives Won’t Be with Their Children or Grandchildren this Christmas

(Dennis Prager) There are probably hundreds of thousands of men and women who, because of political differences, maintain minimal or no contact with their parents and, even more cruelly, do not allow their parents to have any contact with their children — their parents’ grandchildren
Probably an unprecedented number of Americans with grown children will be alone this Christmas because their children will neither visit them nor invite them for the holiday dinner.

In some rare instances of horrific parental behavior, this may be excusable, but when the reason is politics, it is inexcusable.

I know of this firsthand. Parent after parent calls my radio show, often close to tears, sometimes actually sobbing, pouring their heart out to me about being alone on holidays despite having children and grandchildren.

In virtually every case, the parent is conservative, and the child is on the Left. I assume there are cases of grown conservative children who won’t allow a liberal/Left parent to see his or her grandchildren — but I have never heard of a single such case. It is almost impossible to imagine a conservative adult depriving his or her parents of access to their grandchildren because the parent(s) voted for President Joe Biden. Moreover, if there were such a person, every conservative I know would vociferously condemn this individual.  (Read More)

The FBI’s Twitter Censorship an Apparent Violation of the Law

(Washington Stand) The federal government made an “apparent violation of the law” by pressuring social media outlets to ban or suppress American citizens’ accounts, or to ban the Hunter Biden laptop story as a foreign intelligence operation, an expert has said. Meanwhile, the federal government exploited the same online platforms to spread U.S. government propaganda, new disclosures from Twitter have revealed.

The seventh and eighth batches of the “Twitter Files” focused on the FBI’s suppression of the explosive contents of Biden’s laptop, which threatened to link 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to a murky web of foreign influence-peddling, as well as military intelligence campaigns using fake accounts to echo the Pentagon’s party line. Previous accounts showed how the FBI established a one-way portal to Twitter to request officials place certain accounts under a “shadow ban” or remove whole posts altogether — requests often received, and honored, by a plethora of former FBI agents and other government officials burrowed deeply into every level of the platform.

“The FBI was abusing its authority to target and abuse the First Amendment rights of American citizens and seems to me an apparent violation of the law,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told “Washington Watch” guest host Joseph Backholm on Tuesday. “When you have collusion to suppress the civil rights of U.S. citizens” between the government and the private sector, “that violates federal law.”  (Read More)

How About a Social Credit Card?

(Faith & Freedom) The Left has been slowly pushing a socialist agenda in the U.S. for some time. However, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that Americans began to realize it.

During an interview with Australia’s Sky News, anti-woke thinker Jordan Peterson warned that a “totalitarian credit system” is coming to western countries.

It’s being presented as a solution to multiple credit cards.

In fact, it will reward you for good behavior.

It’s also very convenient.


[…]Peterson said it would be a “miracle” if western countries never come to this, but highly doubted it.

“And it’s like, fair enough; you can understand that. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pay for everything with our phones? It’s like, wouldn’t it be nice if the central government — who is woke-oriented and makes carbon dioxide remediation the priority — knows exactly what you spend on everything so they can target you tax-wise with precision?” Peterson asked.  (Read More)

Joy to the World — A Subversive Christian Nationalist Anthem?

(Standing For Freedom Center) Before I answer the question posed in the title, let’s take a step back and survey the field as it pertains to Christian political activism in our nation.

On the one hand, we have a raging secular media that cannot stomach conservative Christians attempting to influence politics and culture. Christians in these spaces are routinely branded as Christian nationalists by the establishment media for approaching policy debates from the conviction of Scripture. Liberal Christians, meanwhile, aren’t given similar “scary” monikers by the press when they engage in progressive politicking, as we witnessed recently with Raphael Warnock’s successful re-election bid to the U.S. Senate. Black pastors went all-in in on Warnock’s campaign, and yet such church-led promotion of his candidacy was never once tagged as a budding theocracy.

On the other hand, conservative Christians also face incoming fire from inside the evangelical tent, particularly from purported intellectuals who scoff at believers seeking to impact the civic character of the United States using biblical precepts. Appeasing left-wing causes and constituencies has become far more important in these circles than standing firm on God’s moral code for mankind.

Take the issue of “same-sex” marriage, for instance.

A great deal of ink has been spilled by evangelical “thought leaders” lately in making the case that the “Respect for Marriage Act” was admirable law because it harmonized our country’s divergent “worldviews” and therefore was a “win for the common good.” To them, liberal “pluralism” is America’s governing lodestar, and although Christians can observe “holy matrimony” in a church setting, we must not work to recapture that standard — God’s standard — for the American family outside of the local congregation.  (Read More)

Sweden cuts ties with leading trans health group over guidelines for child sex changes

(Post Millennial) Swedish health authorities have officially broken ranks with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) with the announcement that gender clinics will no longer be attempting to perform experimental sex changes on under-18s but will instead offer “psychological support to help youth live with the healthy body they were born with.”

According to an article published in the Swedish medical journal Läkartidningen, new guidelines will be published before the end of the year advising against puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery for under 18s. This is in direct contrast with the WPATH Standards of Care 8 (SOC8) released earlier this year which advises affirmation and medical intervention as the first line of treatment for gender-confused minors.

“As a whole, the new guidelines will be more reasonable than the previous ones and advocate a great deal of caution with irreversible interventions in healthy bodies, as we know that some will regret it,” writes pediatrician Mats Reimer. He explained that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones will only be available to youth in the strictest of clinical trial settings from now on, given the “extremely weak” evidence for their use.  (Read More)

Oregon Decriminalized Hard Drugs for Personal Use, Opts to ‘Stay the Course’ Despite Soaring Overdose Deaths

(RedState) In this episode of Democrat-Controlled Oregon Continues Its Intentional Descent Into Madness…

While Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in America — despite the transformation of Portland into a left-wing hellhole — the Beaver State’s first-in-the-nation decriminalization of heroin, meth, fentanyl, and other hard drugs, passed by voters two years ago, has led to skyrocketing overdose rates, as reported by Fox News.

The minority of sane people in Oregon have criticized the ridiculous — and deadly — decriminalization law, but as state funding finally starts to make its way to addiction service providers, proponents say they’re starting to see results. Reread the second part of that sentence; it’s pure insanity.

Here’s Hannah Studer, deputy director of the behavioral health nonprofit Bridges to Change:

It’s going to take a long time to fully see what’s happening. We have to stay the course because this is life and death and this really is building an entirely new future for the state that the state deserves.

Huh? Memo to Hannah: Your “bridges to change” are headed in the wrong direction.  (Read More)

Oklahoma Media Ignores Heinous Assault on Girls By Male Student in High School Girls’ Bathroom

(PJ Media) A male student who identifies as a girl walked into an Oklahoma high school girls’ bathroom and beat two girls nearly unconscious, according to a police report from October. No one in the community found out about it until this week.

You can thank Oklahoma City’s local media for that. Wendy Suares at KOKH FOX 25, was a loud voice in support of Oklahoma University’s gender clinic that was referring minors for mastectomies. She erroneously reported that the Roy G. Biv Center received “threats” after our coverage revealed they were offering puberty blockers and surgeries to gender-confused children and, as a result, the university was threatened with having their funding removed by the Oklahoma legislature. The clinic denied to PJ Media knowing anything about any threats or increased security that Suares reported, and OU Health refused to comment on it.

“I’m told by 2 separate staffers [threats] were made via calls into the main switchboard. I’ve also learned from staffers security has been enhanced at the facility.” Those “unnamed staffers” never surfaced for anyone but Suares. Suares was asked this week why she hasn’t covered the story about the high school attack in the girls’ bathroom at Edmond Memorial, and she wrote on Twitter that this story is not newsworthy. “There are fights at schools every day,” Suares wrote. “Right now I don’t think it meets the threshold to be ‘news.’”  (Read More)

Oregon to Spend $2 Million to Indoctrinate Students

(Faith & Freedom) The Oregon Department of Education (DoE) is set to spend $2 million on a campaign to launch pro “LGBTQ2SIA+” curriculum, teacher training, and “pride events.”

The Oregon DoE is offering $2 million every two years in grants to leftist, pro-LGBTQ+ organizations that will help craft politically motivated curricula, professional development, and events for students that promote gender ideology.

The activists have formed an alliance with “education” intent on breaking the resistance to their agenda and avoiding any parental involvement in their programs.

And are infiltrating every public classroom in America.

Parents and conservative Christian public officials are reacting.  (Read More)

Homeschool Students Trounce Public And Private School Peers In Rigorous Standardized Test

(Daily Wire) Homeschool students excel beyond their peers in private, charter, and public schools on the Classic Learning Test, a rigorous standardized college entrance exam oriented toward classically educated students.

The exam utilizes reading passages from classic texts written by individuals “whose writings have had a lasting influence on culture and society” rather than the informational passages and more contemporary writings often used in the SAT and ACT. The test, on which students can earn a maximum of 120 points, claims to more easily “differentiate students at the upper tail of the distribution” than conventional college entrance exams.

An analysis of Classic Learning Test outcomes by Houston Christian University professor Lisa Treleaven found that homeschool students who took the exam earned mean scores of roughly 78 points, surpassing private school students, who earned mean scores of 75, and charter school students, who earned mean scores of 73. Public school students earned mean scores of 66, marking the lowest among the cohorts considered by the study.  (Read More)

65 Years Ago: Reflections of a Baby Boomer

(Bob Shillingstad) Jane and I grew up together in Montana and married just out of high school and now have four married children, 24 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.  What has become especially more difficult is to relate to our grandchildren is what it was like to grow up in America in the 50’s and 60’s.   Nearly everyone we knew lived in a 1,000 square foot house with one bathroom and maybe a garage in the alley.  I can’t recall knowing anyone that were rich enough to have two bathrooms.  Most moms were at home and divorce was nearly unheard of and only approved by the courts with evidence of adultery or physical abuse.

I worked in high school at a supermarket, but of course we had Sundays off because nearly everything in town was closed on Sunday and churches were well attended. No cable, but three TV stations that went off the air by midnight with a ritual of playing the national anthem.  All movies were “G” rated and any profanity or nudity strictly prohibited.  School teachers all wore a suit and tie at school and we had a strict dress code that required all girls to wear a dress or skirt – no pants. Many of our male teachers were veterans of WWII and were real men that we respected.

Going to college was an option but tuition cost was not a barrier.  The local state supported college was $90 a quarter and the private college was $300 a semester.  Even with teenage wages at a $1.00 an hour it was no problem to earn enough to go to college.  Our first child born in 1963 cost a total of $320 for doctor and hospital.  The involvement of the federal government and “Great Society” in the later ’60’s changed medicine and education.

In 1969 California became the first state to pass “no-fault divorce” and other states quickly followed.  The divorce rate in 1964 was .24% and by the end of the 20th century the U.S. had the sixth highest divorce rate in the world with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce.  In the Spokane/CDA area today about half of all children do NOT live with their biological father.  The number one cause of poverty is single parent families.  Some statistics seem to say that the divorce rate is going down but they also admit many couples now live together outside of marriage.

In 1962 the Supreme Court ruled in Engel v. Vitale that prayer was officially banned from schools and this was reaffirmed by subsequent case law.  Birth control pills were approved in 1960 and abortion was struck down by the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.  This had a major effect on sexual freedom effectively turning it into a recreational activity instead of within the bounds of marriage.  The 60’s introduced us to the first drag ball, gay community center and gay campus group.  Even under Bill Clinton, we had the Defense of Marriage Act. However, with the new millennium came a doubling down on immorality and the moral decline.  In the 2008 election Barack Obama stated that marriage was between one man and one woman and now no Democrat…..or Republican would publicly state that!  Now we have Drag Queen Story Hour in libraries and schools.  Grooming of children in the stems to legalize pedophilia.  The first was the National Education Association, which has a long history of advocating extreme, sexually progressive ideology in schools, such as, for instance, advising teachers to hide transgender students’ name and pronoun changes from parents. In November, the NEA tweeted: “Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and thrive.”

This brings us back full circle – how do we explain to our children and grandchildren what is important in our lives?  What we have lost and how our culture has corrupted us? Materialism can blind us to thinking we don’t need God.  Pornography and culture twists our view of love and marriage. Matthew Henry said it this way, “If therefore our houses be houses of the Lord, we shall for that reason love home, reckoning our daily devotion the sweetest of our daily delights; and our family-worship the most valuable of our family-comforts… A church in the house will be a good legacy, nay, it will be a good inheritance, to be left to your children after you.”

Political leadership on the national stage has been sadly lacking and even our state government seems compromised with domination by liberal forces.  We are told to focus on local change – city council, school boards and county government.  I have no argument with that except to say we need to be more “local” than that.  With the Christmas season upon us start with the foundation of our republic – the family.  G.K. Chesterton said, “The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself.”  What a challenge we have.

Read the Christmas story out of the Bible. Pray for each other as a family and pass the blessings of family to each of your children.  Pray for our country and our leaders.  Pray for churches that we would raise up leaders to lead us out of this morass.  Be bold in your witness, it is “revival or bust”.

House Passes ‘Disrespect for Marriage’ Act

(Washington Stand) The House of Representatives passed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act on Thursday, threatening the religious liberty of Americans who believe marriage is exclusively the union of one man and one woman. All House Democrats were joined by 39 Republicans in the 258-169 vote. (See the full list below.) One congressman voted present.

H.R. 8404, which critics call the “Disrespect for Marriage” Act, would allow individuals to sue Christian businessowners who refuse to participate in same-sex ceremonies and threaten the tax-exempt status of religious nonprofits that do not recognize same-sex “marriages.” It will jeopardize the ability of Christian adoption agencies that do not place children with married same-sex couples. The bill would also force all 50 states to recognize any marriage contracted by another state, repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, and endanger the tax-exempt status of faith-based nonprofits.

The bill now goes to President Joe Biden, who has promised to “promptly and proudly sign it into law.”

“Today is a dark day for religious freedom,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. “The Left’s forces of religious hostility, aided by 12 Republican senators and 39 Republican representatives, advanced what history may ultimately record as one of the greatest assaults on religious freedom in modern history.”  (Read More)

Why I, a Christian Woman, Vote

(Standing For Freedom Center) I don’t vote for the perfect candidate (because, in this fallen world, there isn’t one). Often, I don’t even have the opportunity to vote for the Christian candidate. But I do vote for the candidate whose policies will best uphold biblical principles like the preservation of life and the nuclear family.

I vote for the candidate who recognizes that all things do not belong to the government, as Jesus pointed out in Mark 12, wherein He exhorts the Pharisees to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to render to God what is God’s.

Now, it would be an act of lazy hermeneutics to presume that rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s means that Christians can sit back and do nothing. For, as history has shown repeatedly, it is the nature of government, especially a tyrannical one, to move in and take whatever isn’t being strongly defended.

The family doesn’t belong to Caesar, our children don’t belong to Caesar, and our overall welfare does not belong to Caesar. Unfortunately, too many professing Christians have been comfortable sacrificing families and children and welfare to the government for the sake of “nuance,” but I submit to you that this is a failure to render to God what is God’s.

So how can we, as Christians in America, render to God what is God’s?

By voting.  (Read More)