How To Save Your Local Library From Cultural Marxists

(The Federalist) The comfortable, if not a little-dated small town of Prattville, Alabama, has a population of 38,286. The library is the Prattville Autauga Library. Imagine you have come here with another homeschooling family for your weekly adventure into the literary lands. Your children look forward to this outing every week, and you love watching them race around, so excited by the new stories they will discover. Until one day, you pick up a book that stops you cold in your tracks.

Here, in the section for 8-12 year olds, you pick up The Language of Seabirds. Sounds interesting! However, his book is not what it appears to be. Delving deeper, you discover that it is actually “[a] sweet, tender middle-grade story of two boys finding first love with each other over a seaside summer.” Someone, you think, should do something about this. Me? (Yes, you!) But I’m just a mom! How can I make a difference? We did it, and you can do it too. Here’s how.  (Read More)

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