Revenge of CTA: How One Teachers Union Plans to Fund Attacks and Recalls on Pro-Parent Board Members

(RedState) California Teachers Association (CTA) is big mad and also running scared. How do we know? Because pro-Parent board members are getting it from all sides, with spurious government lawsuits and online attacks.

CTA actually colluding to tank the will of the people? Consider this my shocked face. As one California education insider, who I spoke to on background, said,

This is absolutely a statewide strategy, but it is also absolutely a national strategy. A deliberate tamping down of the voice of the people. We cannot win with our bad ideas, so we’ll engage in other means to nullify your vote.

Despite their gaslighting, sign stealing, and misinformation campaigns against pro-parent activists and candidates, the CTA has not been able to stop pro-parent candidates from changing the makeup of their boards to ones that consider the parents and the students, rather than following union-backed political and social agendas. This happened in the Orange Unified School District, which includes the cities of Orange, Villa Park, Anaheim Hills, and portions of Garden Grove and Santa Ana.  (Read More)

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