North Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Facebook and Twitter

(Redoubt News) In what appears to be a ‘strictly business’ move, a North Idaho internet provider has decided to block Facebook and Twitter from their service.

The company email stated the issues with Censorship that Facebook and Twitter are currently engaged in have prompted this action. The website removals were requested by a majority of their customers, and it is a time-management issue for the company, and is completely appropriate for their customer base.

Businesses need to manage their time appropriately, and this seems to be the reason for the blocking of these 2 internet websites. It takes a lot less time to restore these sites to those few that want them than to spend their time removing them from the majority of their clients.  (Read More)

Abolition Day

(Free The States) February 9th, 2021 is Abolition Day! Thousands of Oklahomans will come together at the Oklahoma State Capitol to demand the total and immediate abolition of abortion. Abolition Day kicks off at 9:30 a.m on the Capitol’s South Plaza where local and national Abolitionist leaders will briefly to exhort and edify us before we enter to the capitol building to exhort and edify our legislators and executives.

The importance of Abolition Day cannot be overstated. As one representative told us last year, the legislature is not likely to abolish abortion unless the Capitol is so full that they can’t move through the hallways. Last year we estimate between two and three thousand people came to the Capitol. This year we want to double that! There is nothing that should draw more people to the Capitol than the fact that 5,000 human beings are murdered in the womb every year with the full approval of our State government.  (Read More)

Is Truth Irrelevant?

(Townhall) It is amazing how many people seem to have discovered last Wednesday that riots are wrong — when many of those same people apparently had not noticed that when riots went on, for weeks or even months, in various cities across the country last year.

For too many people, especially in the media, what is right and wrong, true or false, depends on who it helps or hurts politically. Too many media people who are supposed to be reporters act as if they are combatants in political wars.

Someone once said that, in a war, truth is the first casualty. That has certainly been so in the media — and in much of academia as well.  (Read More)

Political involvement is in the people’s best interest

(OneNewsNow) A political analyst says conservative patriots must be willing to challenge RINOs during the next round of primaries if they ever hope to return power to the American people.

Many of the 74 million Americans who supported Donald Trump’s re-election effort have been devastated by the political system’s complete failure to provide a remedy to what they believe was an egregious theft of the election through massive fraud. And many Republican voters are angry that all but six Republican senators voted to certify the results of the Electoral College, despite calls to give state legislatures the opportunity to reevaluate their results.

Rob Chambers, vice president of AFA Action, says these solid conservatives must step up to the plate and run for office.  (Read More)

Action Alert: Call YOUR Legislator Today! – End the Emergency Declaration

Governor Little’s Emergency Declaration has been in place for over 300 days. It is time to end this Emergency Declaration! The lives and livelihoods of Idahoans have been greatly impacted by this Emergency Declaration far beyond what was necessary. Some businesses are now closed permanently, Jobs have been lost, freedom has been curtailed.

Last year in the emergency session, the Senate stopped this resolution. We need to contact all of the Senators to ensure that this resolution is not stopped.
If you live outside of North Idaho or you don’t know who your legislators are:
This is our one chance to get this passed. If you are able, contact all of the the legislators, regardless if they are in your district or not.

January Is National Slavery And Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Here Are The Facts

(RedState) The United States abolished chattel slavery in 1865, making it illegal to own another human being. Almost 150 years later, individuals are still living in bondage on American soil.

Human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, is one of the fastest-growing criminal enterprises worldwide. Despite the best efforts of governments around the globe, the practice has managed to grow into a lucrative illicit industry that victimizes millions of people. This January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and many involved in the fight against the practice are promoting awareness of the devastating impact it has on those who are caught in its oppressive web.

The Departments of Homeland Security and Defense define human trafficking as “the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.”  (Read More)

How to Stop Schools from Parenting Your Children

(Family Policy Alliance) Are the kids in your life back to school, or headed there soon? Whether they’re returning in-person or online, you may find yourself concerned about the kind of material your children or grandchildren are exposed to in the classroom. Students as young as kindergarten face increasingly sexualized content and may encounter material opposed to your fundamental beliefs – and that’s just in the classroom.

Thankfully, parents don’t have to feel powerless in the face of the January back-to-school season. Our new easy-to-read guide, Back to School – for Parents, explains what you need to know about potential areas for concern in your child’s school, and helps you understand what you can do to protect your child.  (Read More)

Congress’s Foolish Opening Prayer Exposes A Deeper Problem For Christianity — And The West

(The Federalist) Rep. Emanuel Cleaver caused a social media storm Monday, closing a public prayer with “Amen and a woman,” as if the Hebrew word meaning “let it be” was somehow gendered. Cleaver, of course, later claimed the embarrassing episode was actually “a lighthearted pun” in recognition of women, a description that might draw water on paper, but which the video clearly shows is not the case.

But there’s far more than simple ignorance on display in the Democrat and Methodist pastor’s blessing of the new year’s legislative session. The prayer’s true scandal was largely ignored — and is indicative of a widespread societal shift toward a serious and dangerous misunderstanding of both Christianity and tolerance.

Cleaver opened his blessing in perfect line with Christian faith, acknowledging God’s “sacred supremacy,” the fallen nature of man, and the dangers to our tenuous democracy, as well as asking for God to illuminate our ideologies and prejudices so that we might work to better ourselves. But at the closing (and before the “a woman” foolishness) Cleaver said, “We ask this in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and God known by many names and faiths.”  (Read More)

The Astonishing Psychological Cost of Lockdown

(Redoubt News) Recently, a series of special health alerts and reports have come out warning of growing numbers of people and a country at the breaking point. Sadly, little of that information has reached the public.

American people are crying out for help and dying − not from a virus with an “infection fatality rate” of 0.15-0.2% across all age groups, and 0.03 to 0.04% in those under 70 years old. (This means, 99.96% of nearly everyone who gets the virus lives.) No, the desperation and distress are in response to the government’s unprecedented mandates and lockdowns.

Masking, isolation, business closures, shuttered churches, ended normal school classes, seniors confined secluded in nursing homes, people left to die alone in hospitals, sporting events ended, music silenced, jobs and livelihoods destroyed.  (Read More)

New Radical Rules for a New Radical Congress

(Daily Signal) The House of Representatives was expected to vote Monday afternoon on a rules package that will govern their processes for the 117th Congress. This package represents an ultimate power grab by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was reelected to the post by a razor-thin vote of 216-209.

The rules give us an insight as to how the California Democrat intends to govern the House. It appears that the far left will be the tail that wags the dog by eviscerating minority rights.

Perhaps the most important proposed rule is the fundamental weakening of the motion to recommit, one of the only tools that are provided to a minority party. The motion to recommit allows members of Congress to prevent or amend a bill before it is voted upon on the House floor.  (Read More)

I Now Better Understand the ‘Good German’

(Townhall) One of the biggest revelations concerns a question that has always plagued me: How does one explain the “good German,” the term used to describe the average, presumably decent German, who did nothing to hurt Jews but also did nothing to help them and did nothing to undermine the Nazi regime? The same question could be asked about the average Frenchman during the Vichy era, the average Russian under Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev and their successors, and the millions of others who did nothing to help their fellow citizens under oppressive dictatorships.

These past few years have taught me not to so quickly judge the quiet German, Russian, etc. Of course, I still judge Germans who helped the Nazis and Germans who in any way hurt Jews. But the Germans who did nothing? Not so fast.

What has changed my thinking has been watching what is happening in America (and Canada and Australia and elsewhere, for that matter).  (Read More)

Now That She’s Speaker Again, Nancy Pelosi Will Try to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

(LifeNews) With Nancy Pelosi re-elected as Speaker of the House, Democrats in Congress are preparing to push legislation that would force taxpayers to fund abortions.

Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat from California, narrowly secured her spot as U.S. House leader on Sunday, defeating Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Republicans, including a record number of pro-life women, gained seats in the House in November, narrowing Democrats’ majority.

Despite their losses, Democrat leaders still are pushing forward with their radical pro-abortion agenda, including ending the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding for elective abortions in Medicaid.  (Read More)

Defenders of Civilization?

(American Greatness) The year 2020 witnessed a long series of writs lodged against an America beset with plague, quarantine, recessions, riot and arson, and the most contested election since 1876.

What was strange was not so much the anarchist Left’s efforts in the present to wipe away the past to recalibrate our Animal Farm future. What was odder were both the absurdities of the complaints against American civilization, and the unwillingness or inability of Americans to rebut them and defend their own culture.  (Read More)

University of Idaho parts company with Communist-funded Confucius Institute

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Let’s begin 2021 with some potentially happy news from a place that hasn’t generated a lot of happy news of late: The University of Idaho. The school is closing a program on campus that is funded by Communist China.

The program is called the Confucius Institute and it is one of hundreds of similar institutes located on university campuses in the U.S. and around the world. Foreign policy and national security watchdogs have long worried that China uses the institutes as a way to leverage support and silence dissent by concealing the nation’s oppressive history, a fact that the school downplayed when I asked about it a year ago. At the time, a school spokesman said that the institute merely supplies Idaho students and locals with lessons about Chinese culture including language, martial arts, table tennis, and cooking.  (Read More)

Ignoring And Ridiculing Election Fraud Concerns Will Not Make Them Go Away

(The Federalist) Restoration of trust in due process is the central goal of the statement issued by Sen. Ted Cruz on election integrity. He and the 11 other senators who signed it understand something that few officials and pundits—particularly many self-described conservatives—are willing to admit: to certify electors without a comprehensive investigation into thousands of allegations of fraud in the 2020 election would be a betrayal of Americans’ trust as well as an egregious violation of their oath to protect the Constitution.

Whether or not you agree there was massive electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election does not really matter at this point. Every American should be deeply concerned if nearly half of all voters are convinced that large-scale fraud handed the election to the Biden-Harris ticket.  (Read More)

5 Big Things We Learned About Our Elites In 2020

(The Federalist) For as difficult as the past year has been, from politics to the pandemic, it has at least helped to illuminate and clarify certain things about the state of our country.

Above all, 2020 has illuminated and clarified the relationship between America’s elites—in government, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, corporate America and the corporate press—and everyone else. In short, our elites believe, contra Thomas Jefferson, that most people were born with saddles on their backs while a favored few were born booted and spurred to ride them, legitimately.

The rigors and suffering of the coronavirus pandemic demonstrated the perseverance, resilience, and generosity of the American people, but also exposed—sometimes in mind-boggling detail—the greed, hypocrisy, and indifference of our elites.  (Read More)

Ex-judge: Election Justice Stymied Because Whole Court System Is Intimidated by Left

(The New American) Imagine that doing your duty could not only mean losing your career, but also becoming a pariah, getting death threats, having your children harassed, and needing armed protection. This increasingly is the reality for many Americans. In fact, intimidation in the legal system, says an ex-Wisconsin judge, is hampering Republicans’ ability to get election-oriented justice.

In particular, states James Troupis (shown), pressure from the Left is stopping lawyers and judges from accepting and hearing vote-fraud cases.

No, Troupis didn’t put it as starkly as I did in my first sentence, as he alludes mainly to career and reputational destruction. But we do “‘have to acknowledge that the court system has been deeply intimidated by the left, just as the lawyers have been intimidated,’ Troupis told the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Wednesday…”  (Read More)

Cartoon Network now teaching kids gender pronouns

(OneNewsNow) The Cartoon Network is not only in the business of entertaining kids, but indoctrinating them with LGBTQ teachings, including instructing them through its newly released comic strip to use gender pronouns according to their preferred gender identity.

Parents should be alerted if their children’s entertainment lineup includes the Cartoon Network, which is now a repository of unbridled LGBTQ indoctrination.

Cartoon Network’s Twitter account introduced the new series targeting youth with a caption highlighting the network’s overt campaign to get children on board with the LGBTQ’s mindset regarding human sexuality.  (Read More)

The Left’s War on America Is Just Getting Started

(American Greatness) In pious speech after pious speech, Biden is making his commitment to “healing” the country very clear. The vanquished will be treated with mercy, not hostility. There is still room in this country for all of us, liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat, white and black.

True “healing,” though, requires compromise. It means acknowledging that both sides are at least legitimate. And it is undeniable now, if it was not before Trump’s presidency, that the Left has no desire to coexist with conservatives. Listen carefully and Biden’s “healing” has an antiseptic resonance. It seems that the task is not to unite a bitterly divided country, but to clear out an infection.

The idea that runs through the Left’s behavior the last four years is simply this: Trump and his supporters are like a disease. They’re illegitimate, immoral, criminal, insane, racists who have no place in America. The Left doesn’t even conceal feeling this way anymore.  (Read More)

The ‘Sexual Rights’ Movement Is Gaining Power Globally. Here’s What to Expect.

(Daily Signal) The United Nations recently appointed Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng as the U.N. special rapporteur on the right to health. “Dr. T,” as she is known to fans, is a sexual rights advocate who—like Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.—supports decriminalizing prostitution.

Last February, when asked in an interview, “Do you think that sex work ought to be decriminalized?” Harris said, “I think so, I do.” She went on to say that it is a complicated issue and that “we should really consider that we can’t criminalize consensual behavior as long as no one is being harmed.”

Perhaps Harris is unaware of the myriad risks to “sex workers”—even those working “voluntarily” in the business—including assault, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and death, as documented by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  (Read More)

New Year’s resolution 2021: Expose Idaho’s socialists and the programs they make you pay for

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) How much support do you give to radical leftist organizations? I posed this question to a conservative friend the other day. He furrowed his brow and looked at me like I was crazy. He’d never willingly lend his support to socialists, he assured me.

The key word in his answer is “willingly.” You might substitute “knowingly.” Because he “unknowingly” lends his support to socialist causes and organizations all the time.

He has no choice, and neither do you.

Idaho laws are written such that you’re an unwilling and unknowing participant in efforts to expand government-run health care, promote class warfare, advance environmental extremism, and use minorities as pawns in social justice experiments. Some of these initiatives are well-known to state legislators. Others are not.  (Read More)

President Trump Signs School Choice Executive Order

(Townhall) School closures during the coronavirus pandemic have already had devastating impacts on students and their families across the country. Failing grades, deteriorating health, and financial hardship, to name the most pressing. On Monday, President Trump issued an executive order that will help alleviate some of those new struggles, the Executive Order on Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School Choice.

The legislation will provide Emergency Learning Scholarships for Students, meaning that it will allow funds from the Community Services Block Grant program “to be used by grantees and eligible entities to provide emergency learning scholarships to disadvantaged families for use by any child without access to in-person learning.”  (Read More)

Idaho School Lies to Parents About Transgenderism

(Redoubt News) Children are fed “gender” lies through the media, school programs, social media, children’s books and magazines, and programs like “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in libraries. And radicalized school counselors and staff have become a big part of the problem. They support children’s descent into these perversions and keep that information from parents.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: from a Grandmother (Janice) and her daughter (Ashley) who has two daughters. One girl is in high school and the other is in elementary school. The father was tragically killed three years ago while serving in the US Army in Afghanistan.

On November 17, the younger daughter (who turned 11 only a month before) came home from school and announced to her mother and grandmother, “I’m a transsexual.”  (Read More)

Washington State Bill Is the Final Step Removing Parents From Their Children’s Critical Healthcare Decisions

(PJ Media) Activist and author Cyrus Krohn appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss H.B. 2288, which is currently in committee in Washington State. It deals with the establishment of school-based health centers. This bill will provide easy access to confidential physical and mental health services that children aged 13 and older can access without their parents’ consent.

The age of consent for obtaining health care services was lowered to 13 in a bill that went into effect in January of 2020.

…easy access to birth control, abortion, puberty-blockers, and hormones for children as young as 13 is unconscionable. Likewise, mental health treatment for other issues may involve medications. Many of the medications provided for depression and anxiety have the potential for dangerous side effects.  (Read More)

Great News! 9th Circuit Rules in favor of Nevada Churches

(Alliance Defending Freedom) “Las Vegas. Now Open!”

So declared an ad announcing the reopening of casinos after closures due to COVID-19.

But while hundreds of thousands of people streamed into casinos, Nevada churches were prohibited from holding worship services with more than 50 people—under threat of criminal and civil penalties.

That’s a clear (and unconstitutional) double standard. And one Nevada church took a stand to correct it.

Thankfully, on Tuesday it got some great news from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.  (Read More)