Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Wanted to Kill Black People, Nothing Has Changed

(LifeNews) It’s been a long, long three or four years for Planned Parenthood. We’ve posted story after story about the intra-mural battles within Planned Parenthood which(to put it in the mildest possible terms) do not put the nation’s  leading “provider” of abortion in the best possible light even among its supporters.

That along with a reluctant confrontation with their founder Margaret Sanger’s embrace of eugenics has been a rough patch of water.  After all, they insisted for decade after decade Sanger was  just a “product of her time” when the elites were gung-ho to  “improve the human race through selective breeding,” as a 2019 New York Times article described it.

But what about the explosive racism charge? As an op-ed from Alexis McGill Johnson,  the current CEO, put it this weekend, “Whether our founder was a racist is not a simple yes or no question.”  (Read More)

The Gem State Heist Part 2: Liberal Groups Mobilize

(Greg Pruett) In Part 1 of the Gem State Heist, I gave you an overview of what that term means derived from what happened in the state of Colorado.

One of the key components to the downfall of Colorado was well-funded and organized liberal groups becoming involved in the political sphere. Conservatives ignored these groups because they didn’t think they had the power or influence to make a difference.

In Idaho, our apathy is keeping us from understanding the threats that already exist and the types of groups that will flip Idaho into another liberal state if we don’t expose them for who they are and what they are trying to do.

I am going to name a few of these groups in this article and briefly show you who they are or what their goals are going to be in fighting against the conservative movement in Idaho.   (Read More)

Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God

(Standing For Freedom Center) Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God. These words etched in steel hang at Thomas Jefferson’s beloved Monticello. A little-known fact is that it was Benjamin Franklin who first put forth this challenge and requested that it be the motto of the United States. Although that did not turn out to be the case, Jefferson adopted it as his own.

When does the autonomous, God-appointed Church seek permission from a government on when or how to do God’s business? When did pastors become obedient to politics at the expense of being disobedient to God? How is it that our heavenly calling was suspended by authorities who argued among themselves? Perhaps the greatest illness of all wasn’t the virus, but silence.

A devilish grip took hold of many Christian leaders’ voices — their preaching was silenced. Most disabling is that many of these pastors can never again preach a sermon on “How to Stand Courageous” or “Learning How Not to Fear.”  (Read More)

The Coming Government Avalanche

(Redoubt News) The coming avalanche is churning with federal gun restrictions; forced vaccines;  immunization passes; forced mask mandates by corrupt courts, judges, city officials and hospitals; illegal aliens flooding our country; cozy China-Idaho relationships; critical race theory for pre-school kids; social justice; black lives matters and Antifa; higher taxes; corrupt elected officials; contact tracing; interagency data sharing; national and state spending; carbon credits; election fraud; and the list could continue on for many pages. Never in my life have I witnessed such broad sweeping changes to our Republic so quickly. The bitter carrot is big and shiny and disguised as covid relief.

I never tire of reminding citizens that elections have consequences because I am reminded every day the legislature is in session and the governor is in the Capitol!  The lack of strong Idaho-focused leadership is glaring.  (Read More)

PragerU Launched Pro-America Education For Kids, And The Left Is Freaking Out

(The Federalist) Prager University’s short and informative video content used to focus on college-aged students. Now they are also providing materials to kids in high school, middle, and elementary schools.

The nonprofit organization recently announced PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents (PREP) to help children “think critically and combat the leftist lessons on gender fluidity, identity politics and defunding the police—among others—that students are forced to learn in many American public and private schools.”

In the wake of PREP’s debut, last week Chinese-owned TikTok permanently blacklisted PragerU from its platform. PragerU has faced censorship from Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube in the past, and it is only a matter of time before these social media monoliths follow TikTok in taking similarly drastic measures.  (Read More)

Faithful Observations: Christian Unity

By Bob Shillingstad

“Satan always hates Christian fellowship; it is his policy to keep Christians apart. Anything which can divide saints from one another he delights in. He attaches far more importance to godly intercourse than we do. Since union is strength, he does his best to promote separation.” -Charles Spurgeon     

That particular quote struck home with me this past week as I read the news about what is going on nationally but more particularly what is happening in our State of Idaho. The biggest issues right now are about the funding of schools and colleges and should we be funding these institutions that seem to be at odds with a Christian worldview?  We see society being divided by race, gender and many moral issues.

There are a number of faith-based organizations on a national level that are a voice of reason such as Family Research Council, American Family Association, James Dobson and Family Talk, Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Association and others.  I have a lot of respect for Tony Perkins and how he has led the Family Research Council standing firm for the faith and Jane and I have supported them for many years.  Interestingly I went on their website after watching an interview with the leader of a similar organization in Iowa and was impressed by what they were doing, and we then went to the FRC website to explore other state efforts.

There is the Montana Family Foundation, Colorado Family Action Foundation, the South Dakota Family Heritage Alliance and the list goes on through most states.  These united efforts have been a favorite tactic of the left to bring groups together to have one voice. What could be more important than having Christians, pastors, faith leaders united on the issues that are so important? We have political party groups and organizations like Idaho Freedom Foundation which all have their place, but I believe we need one voice that represents the church and believers.

The attack on Christians in Moscow, Idaho this spring, in Alberta, Canada recently and the shutting down of churches in New York, California, New Mexico and other places should be our wake-up call!  We had a Supreme Court decision last week that called a ban on Christians worshipping in their home unconstitutional.  You might have seen this reported as a “victory”. but this was a 5-4 decision with Chief Justice John Roberts voting in dissent.  We are very close to losing our rights to worship freely and the open animosity towards the Christian faith is frightening when only 5 justices out of 9 agree that a ban on home bible studies are within our rights!

Tim Challies said recently that Satan hates God and therefore he hates God’s people, the church. His great plan for the church is to cause Christians–true believers who ought to be together in the gospel–to find ways of disagreeing among themselves, to divide, to be bitter and jealous, and ultimately to “bite and devour one another” (Gal. 5:15) Consider that spiritual safety comes through spiritual unity. Christians united together are difficult to separate, difficult to break, difficult to pick off and destroy. It is when you isolate yourself by disrupting or denying unity that you are most at risk.”

            We count the cost of unity – not union- thinking that having unity is compromise but it is Satan’s gain and God’s loss and our loss when we will not walk together in love with other Christians, when we will not work arm-in-arm together, with those with whom we have so much in common.  Should there be an Idaho Family Values Alliance? Should we be united in standing up against evil and for traditional values.

If you have thoughts or ideas on this topic, drop me an email at bjshill@mac.com

Arizona, Georgia Double-Team on Woke Sports

(FRC) It’ll be months before Major League Baseball knows how much its decision to move Atlanta’s All-Star Game cost them financially. Fortunately, Americans won’t have to wait nearly that long to understand how much it hurt the MLB politically. Thanks to Governor Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.), they already know. If the goal of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and his liberal pals was to scare other states into submission, Arizona’s new law makes it quite clear: he’s already failed.

U.S. sports leagues have held an over-important place in our political debates for years. But after overplaying their hand over Georgia’s election law, that might finally be changing. To a lot of conservatives’ relief, the MLB’s decision to punish Atlanta didn’t just backfire — it sparked a nationwide movement.  (Read More)

These Lawsuits Reveal The Left’s Goal To Banish Religion Altogether

(The Federalist) If it weren’t clear before, it is now nakedly obvious the far left aims to silence all who question or disagree. It perversely misuses terms like “diversity” and “tolerance” for precisely the opposite ends — to enforce its ideology, stifle dissent, and prohibit any alternatives. The full-scale legal assault on faith-based schools is merely the latest example of its scorched-earth campaign.

My son, a high school senior, plans to matriculate to a well-regarded rabbinical seminary in the fall. But let us imagine that he was so impressed by Baylor University’s NCAA men’s basketball victory that he suddenly changed his plans, wishing to trade Talmudic tomes for time playing for the Bears in Waco, Texas.

Baylor, the university notes on its website, “is governed by a predominantly Baptist Board of Regents and is operated within the Christian-oriented aims and ideals of Baptists.”  (Read More)

Rather than abandon indoctrination agenda, University of Idaho president plays the blame game

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) University of Idaho President C. Scott Green is trying to convince lawmakers and donors that his school is completely innocent when it comes to spending money on social justice initiatives and indoctrination on campus. He sent an email to this effect on Friday, April 9, attacking the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

He should know better. I spoke to Green in August and warned him about the problems at the university. The University of Idaho is where my son goes to school, so fixing the issues on campus is important. I’m sorry to say, Green didn’t take the matter seriously, either in our meeting or in the months that followed.

Case in point: Last summer, the university launched an entire website devoted to supporting Black Lives Matter, including links to pages to directly give money to  related groups as well as more than 100 links to pro-Marxist and -socialist speakers and writers.  (Read More)

Supreme Court to Ninth Circuit: We Mean What We Say on Religious Liberty

(PJ Media) It’s rare that a Supreme Court decision provides hints of impatience or frustration among the justices with members of lower federal courts, but that was the case late Friday with Ritesh Tandon, et al. v. Gavin Newsom (2021).

The same impatience is clear throughout the decision, beginning with the first paragraph of the decision’s analysis: “The Ninth Circuit’s failure to grant an injunction pending appeal was erroneous. This Court’s decisions have made the following points clear.”

The majority then walked the Ninth Circuit through a Constitution 101 explanation of what the lower court should not require being reminded:

“First, government regulations are not neutral and generally applicable, and therefore trigger strict scrutiny under the Free Exercise Clause, whenever they treat any comparable secular activity more favorably than religious exercise … It is no answer that a State treats some comparable secular businesses or other activities as poorly as or even less favorably than the religious exercise at issue.”  (Read More)

A California County Urges Teachers to Hide Anti-American “Ethnic Studies” Lessons From Parents

(RedState) The County of Santa Clara in California has issued “ethnic studies” guidelines for teachers that are, unsurprisingly, wholly anti-American and are designed to teach your children about the evils of white people, the United States, capitalism, and more. On top of that, teachers are urged to hide these lessons from the parents, and even the school administrators, if need be.

City Journal reporter Christopher F. Rufo got ahold of slides featuring guidelines for teachers that teaches children that the United States is a “parasitic system” that came about due to the “invasion” of “white male settlers.” According to Rufo, teachers are to “cash in on kids’ inherent empathy” so that they can be made into political activists.

When the training of these teachers started, Santa Clara County first acknowledged they were on “unceded territory of the Muwekma Ohlone Nation.”  (Read More)

Pennsylvania Sees Dead People… on Voter Rolls

(FRC) If the Left’s ridiculous crusade against Georgia’s election law was supposed to scare other states, it failed. Across the country, a historic number of bills are moving to keep the disaster we saw in 2020 from repeating itself. Instead of cowering under the Democrats’ absurd lies about racism, leaders seem more motivated than ever to keep the Left and its pals from unduly influencing our elections. And the sweeping reforms in the Peach State were just the start.

“Where I come from in South Arkansas,” Mike Huckabee has joked, “we used to say if you didn’t get the cemetery vote, you couldn’t win. One of the reasons I believe in the Resurrection is that we’d see dead people vote every year.”  (Read More)

Advancing the social justice agenda at Lewis-Clark State College

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) has joined the cult of race and gender victimology, otherwise known as social justice education. This poisonous ideology has penetrated many aspects of campus life at LCSC, from administration to general education requirements to where students live and sleep.

Administrators often introduce the poison into the university. LCSC’s 2021 Strategic Plan aims to increase faculty and staff participation in Diversity and Inclusion training. These sweet-sounding goals are really just the leading edge of the social justice agenda. Diversity means changing standards to attract minorities, while Inclusion means designing a new “institutional climate” to highlight the grievances of minorities and to blame the majority culture for achievement disparities.

Diversity and Inclusion training will make its way into the classroom through LCSC’s Center for Teaching and Learning. The center provides Anti-Racism training to faculty members. Anti-Racism training comes from the idea that racism is a white problem.  (Read More)

Police Raid, Shut Down Church for Violating Lockdown Order, But Abortion Clinics Can Keep Killing Babies

(LifeNews) Supposedly for the purpose of saving lives, authorities in Canada are erecting a fence around an Alberta church that held Easter services last week in violation of COVID-19 restrictions.

Leaders of GraceLife Church in Alberta said police raided the church early Wednesday morning and then set up roadblocks to prevent anyone from entering the property, The Post Millennial reports.

Church leaders also posted photos online showing a metal fence that authorities erected around the building to prevent people from coming to church.

Canada has been in strict lock-down for more than a year, even though coronavirus infections and deaths are dropping and vaccines are becoming widely available.  (Read More)

Majority of Americans say cancel culture is a threat to freedom and has made them afraid to share their political opinions

(Standing For Freedom Center) A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll revealed that 64 percent of respondents say there is a “growing cancel culture” that threatens their freedom, with 54 percent saying that they are concerned that if they share their political views online, they could be banned from social media or fired from their jobs. Only 13 percent of respondents say that cancel culture is not a problem.

Mark Penn, director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, said, “It is a chilling finding that most people in the country now are afraid they would be fired if they expressed their real views on social media.”

Legal scholars are also concerned about the effect cancel culture is having on American society. Harvard constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz compared cancel culture to “McCarthyism,” a concerted campaign in the 1950s to identify and expose those with communist sympathies in government, Hollywood, academia, and business using aggressive investigative tactics that ended up destroying careers and lives.  (Read More)

Faithful Observations: “Train Up A Child….”

By Bob Shillingstad

“Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord. – Psalm 34:11”

I need to start this column with full disclosure about experiences Jane and I had raising children and watching grandchildren and great-grandchildren learn and grow.  We have four children, 25 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.  I know what you are thinking, what denomination is this?  We are just productive evangelical Christians that love a big family! Most of our grandchildren have been home-schooled and I have been a part of this teaching some by “Facetime” or Skype with American History, Government and Economics which was my background.  That has been a joy and having cousins online living often in four different states is a challenge but rewarding. I have had a lot of experience working with home schoolers!

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau confirm earlier polling results showing an unprecedented explosion in the number of families choosing to educated their children at home, free from government indoctrination, sexualization, forced masking, and dangerous dumbing down.  The local paper last Saturday put this in our face with letters to the editor from a local middle school.  This was a lesson organized by the teacher on expressing your opinion by letter writing. Out of ten letters one was supporting Black Lives Matter, others on “rights” including LGBTQ people and a few letters about animal rights with criticism of hunters.  Where did they get these ideas as middle school students? We know where and why the local school district had 8% fewer students enroll last fall.  The Chinese Virus lockdown woke up a lot of parents up about the education their children were receiving.

Homeschooling rates grew fastest among black Americans!  Self-described black Americans were far more likely to pull their children from government schools than any other group measured in the data. “In households where respondents identified as Black or African American, the proportion of homeschooling increased by five times. The shift has been enormous. By the fall of 2020, the overall number of homeschooling families doubled, Census data show. In the Spring of 2020, just over 5 percent of families were educating children at home. By the fall, homeschoolers grew to represent over 11 percent of all American households with school-age children.In some states the population of homeschoolers became almost 10 times larger. Massachusetts, for instance, went from having just 1.5 percent of children being homeschooled to more than 12 percent in that short period. In Alaska, the number went from 10 percent to almost 28 percent. And in Oklahoma, the numbers went from about 8 percent to over 20 percent. Florida’s numbers also grew to almost 20 percent of families choosing to educate at home.

Fortunately, in Idaho we have some Charter schools that do a better job of education with more being started all the time. Christian schools are growing, however many parents can’t afford the cost.  Legislation was introduced in Idaho to give vouchers to parents that they could use for home schooling or a private school. The education lobby, the most powerful in the state, stopped that from being passed. Let your legislators know that we need competition and to use our money.

For those that can home school we can recommend it without reservation. There are many home school support groups and wonderful curriculum materials. Our grandchildren have been involved in music, speech and debate, creating their own electives based on their interest and you realize how different each child is with their own abilities and personality.  Nearly all of our grandchildren started college at age 16, had their associates degree by 18 and then deciding about online degrees or going to a campus.  We have graduates from Hillsdale, Liberty University, Ohio State and others.

We have nearly a dozen graduates, some going on to post-graduate degrees in many areas.  But more than anything else, they have been taught about morality, manners, setting goals, knowing the Word and who created this world and why we are here in it.

They also know that this world is not their home and that their time have here needs to have purpose.  Someone said, “If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.”  The only things we can take to eternity are our children, a tremendous responsibility.

Past time to fight back

(OneNewsNow) If the left is going to hijack the most powerful institutions in America and then weaponize them against voters in red states, the only alternative for conservatives is the formation of alternative companies in every industry.

This week, on the basis of whole-cloth lies, major corporations went to political war with the state of Georgia. The lies at issue revolved around Georgia’s new voter law, characterized by both Stacey Abrams and President Joe Biden as a new form of Jim Crow.

These provisions are similar to the laws in a vast majority of states. That didn’t stop Democrats and the media from simply lying about the Georgia voting law. While some in the media did point out that Biden had lied about the law’s supposed crackdown on voting hours, nobody in the media treated his “Jim Crow” contentions with the sneering disrespect they so richly deserved.  (Read More)

Mask-Wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science

(Townhall) When I see people walking outside, often alone with no one anywhere near them, wearing a mask, my primary reactions are disappointment and sadness.

I am disappointed because I expected better from my fellow Americans. I never thought most Americans would be governed by irrational fears and unquestioning obedience to authority. I have come to realize that I had a somewhat romanticized view of my countrymen.

Had you told me a year ago that nearly every American in nearly every metropolitan area would cover their faces for over a year because one man, one political party and the media told them to, I would have responded that you underestimate the strength of the American character.  (Read More)

The Gem State Heist Part 1: It’s Already Begun Like it Did in Colorado

(Greg Pruett) Years ago I came upon a documentary titled, “The Rocky Mountain Heist.”

The documentary forever changed the way I thought about our political efforts here in Idaho. You can view the full documentary here.

In short, the documentary hosted by Michelle Malkin details how the Republican state of Colorado was flipped to Democrat control in just 10 years from 2004 to 2014.

The Republicans lost the governorship, both U.S. Senate seats, and both chambers of their statehouse in just a decade!

Now, the radical left groups in Idaho, liberal politicians in Idaho, and weak-kneed Republicans in Idaho are going to create “The Gem State Heist” and many conservatives here have no idea it’s already happening.  (Read More)

The Time Has Come for Reasonable Americans to Stand up and Draw a Line in the Sand

(RedState) The time for “live and let live” has drawn to a close, at least temporarily. For too long, the Right has been satisfied to leave their voices to the ballot box. Sometimes the Right has been too satisfied to give their voice to a personality. Both strategies have left the conservative right looking around and wondering how we got to where we are today.

I have built a brand on reaching out to the other side, on giving people space to be wrong, the space to discuss, the space to tolerate. I sincerely believe that there are many reasonable people in America from all ideologies who are still willing to talk with each other, people who are quite happy to live and let live.

Unfortunately, none of those people are controlling the conversations right now. Trump’s presidency has burned away the niceties that tenuously held our political ecosystem together. We’ve had a front-row seat to the strategy of the Left. We’re seeing the lengths they will go to and the lies they let stand in service of winning and crushing 50% of this nation.  (Read More)

Arkansas Makes History with Veto Override

(FRC) Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) had a say in the SAFE Act — but he won’t have the final one. This afternoon, barely 24 hours after the governor tried to sink a bill to protect children from life-altering transgender surgery and drugs, the state legislature voted to override him. By a 71-24 vote in the house and 28-7 vote in the senate, leaders like Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R) sent a resounding message that they won’t be deterred from doing what’s right for Arkansas kids.

Monday, after the governor refused to stand up and do the right thing, Robin — the SAFE Act’s House sponsor — told me on “Washington Watch” that it was tough to watch. “… [A]s soon as the governor’s letter explaining the veto arrives, which I suspect will be [Tuesday] at one o’clock, we will address it then. And I hope that we can override the veto and we can protect children in Arkansas now.”  (Read More)

It’s High Time We Make Woke Corporate America Feel Real Pain: Here’s How We Can Start

(The Federalist) Companies must be held accountable. When they carelessly and callously wield their power to strike out at the American people, they must be made to feel pain. Not simply nagging second thoughts or embarrassment, but real pain: pain in their wallets, in their boardrooms, and in the offices of their general counsels.

It’s a tactic the American left long ago mastered. Boycotts and sponsorship threats have been a hallmark of their activism, but with rare exceptions, conservatives have failed to catch on. If a company bucks them, the left won’t hesitate to use the power of government, from regulation to the Internal Revenue Service to the Environmental Protection Agency, to frighten them into subservience.

“Government is a gun!” the modern American right’s libertarian streak tells us. “Don’t aim it at your opponents,” the warning goes, “or it will soon be used on you.” Makes sense in theory, but of course nearly every chance the left gets it turns the power of government on the rest of us and pulls the trigger.  (Read More)

The Wicked When They Can Do Nothing Else Against The Righteous, Will Spit Falsehood on Them

(Charles Haddon Spurgeon) …[T]he devil has adopted the same plan in every period. He has always sought to slander any race of Christians who are the means of revival. I would not believe any minister to be eminently successful, if I were informed that everybody praised him. I am certain that such a case would be an exception, a glaring exception to all the rules of history. You remember what was said of Whitfield in his day. He was charged with crimes that Sodom never knew; and yet a more pure and heavenly man God never sent to tread this wicked earth. And it ever must be so. The Church struggling with sin and wickedness, must through the enmity of the evil one find herself bespattered and besmeared with slander. The wicked when they can do nothing else against the righteous, will spit falsehood on them.  (Read More)

This was written in 1857 and is still true today!

The American Civil War Is Over Judeo-Christian Values

(Creators) Conservatives often speak of Judeo-Christian values and how the current civil war in the United States and the rest of the West is essentially a battle between those values and the left, which rejects Judeo-Christian values.

They are right.

When Judeo-Christian principles are abandoned, evil eventually ensues. One doesn’t have to be a believer to acknowledge this. Many secular conservatives recognize that the end of religion in the West leads to moral chaos — which is exactly what we are witnessing today and exactly what we witnessed in Europe last century. When Christianity died in Europe, we got communism, fascism and Nazism. What will we get in America if Christianity and Judeo-Christian values die?  (Read More)

Faithful Observations: Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday

By Bob Shillingstad

This is Holy Week for Christians and the week of Passover for Jews, after the effects of COVID this last year we wonder how this has affected the church?  Of course we all remember last Easter when virtually every church and synagogue was closed and we were all consigned to staying home and none of us could imagine that this entire year would be similar. On top of all of that we look at the culture today and sometimes the news stories bring us to tears.  Jane and I watched a story about a commercial for shampoo that was put out by Proctor and Gamble.  It was about two lesbians raising a son who was about 11 years old and they were dressing him and treating him as a girl, this was who “he was inside”!  All we could do was weep.

We read stories about states passing legislation prohibiting boys from competing as girls at school athletic events.  We followed a lawsuit filed by a coffee shop at BSU that was kicked out of the Boise campus because they supported “Blue Lives” or law enforcement. The legislature in Idaho is wrestling with the funding of colleges in the midst of the “social justice/BLM” takeover.  We ask ourselves, “where is the moral authority of the Church and Christians?”

We also realize that as Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun”.  The church barely survived as the Roman Empire fell and the pagan hordes took over Europe, saved only by the establishment of monasteries, particularly in Ireland.  How the Irish saved Christianity is a fascinating study and puts St. Patricks day in a whole new light.  We look back at Great Britain in the 18th century and life was brutal and ungodly and yet John and Charles Wesley along with George Whitfield brought revival not only to Great Britain but also to the American Colonies.  Without that “great awakening” or revival there would not have been a successful revolution in America. This was the first of many revivals we have experienced in our history and as God brought the Jews out of Egypt we have seen our own miracles.

If you are old enough to remember the 1960’s you will recall terrible race riots in over sixty cities along with anti-war demonstrations.  It was the time of “free love, sex, drugs and rock and roll” and ground zero was San Francisco.  But we also remember the “Jesus Movement”  and thousands across the country coming to Christ.  We had images of scores being baptized at the California beaches and it became nation wide.  The Calvary Chapel denomination arose out of this and movies like “Woodlawn” give a picture of how the Holy Spirit moved on our land.

One of the very positive observances in the Jewish faith is the Passover ritual that is very carefully scripted.  The purpose is to remind the family and young people what God did in their history and saved them.  We also see in that ceremony, as Christians,  so much that points to Christ.  Perhaps we need  to do something similar in our homes this Easter, to remind ourselves of how faithful God has been.

This past year has put a strain on churches and pastors and many churches have closed. Alex McFarland had some interesting comments when he said, “Coupled with flat evangelism numbers, there’s just not the ethic of churchmanship that we’ve seen in previous generations,” McFarland tells OneNewsNow. “I do think that a number of churches that were just kind of on the brink anyway, regrettably, will have to close their doors.” And the financial strain of churches that were already living on the edge will only get worse, he says. “It’s going to get really scary really quickly for a lot of these churches that have really not had a viable financial plan or maybe even lived beyond their means,” the Christian apologist warns.

On the other hand, he says, this could be a pruning of the vine, as Jesus talked about in John 15. And if so, that pastors and congregations that want to “be timeless and always relevant” must focus on “the things that are eternal and never go out of date.”

Things like preaching the Word of God, the authority of scripture, praying and seeking the power of God – and being willing to call out sin.

The news can be discouraging, last October, Pew Research found that in the last ten years the percentage of Americans who identify as “Christian” had dropped 12 points to only 65%. During that same time, the unchurched – or “nones,” as some refer to them – has risen from 17% to 26%. The report rattled off several other markers … all heading down.  We are facing the spirit of the age, atheists, agnostics, secularists, cultural Marxists are openly bringing their worldview in, and Christians have been taught to very quiet and keep their views within the church walls.   Remember these are not enemies but lost souls.  They need to hear the word this Easter and beyond.  Christ lives and conquered the grave.  Pray for our country and our leaders and let your witness be bold. We wish all of you a blessed Easter.