In A Post-Christian West, Expect A Resurgence Of Violence, Brutality, And Oppression

(The Federalist) In a disturbing sequence early on in “The Northman,” Robert Eggers’s brutal new Viking revenge epic, a band of entranced berserker warriors raid a Rus village. The ensuing slaughter is depicted in realist detail. At one point the film’s protagonist, Amleth, played by Alexander Skarsgård, rips out an enemy’s throat with his teeth.

[…]Eggers probably didn’t intend it, but “The Northman” is a powerful reminder that western civilization arose directly from Christianity, and depends on it for its vitality. Had the Catholic Church failed to convert Europe, the continent would have languished in paganism just as surely as the indigenous cultures of the Americas did. There would have been no St. Augustine or St. Thomas Aquinas, no Magna Carta, no philosophy or theology, and no American Founding.

All of which to say: we are today living off the interest of Christianity, drawing from the deposit of faith that lifted the West out of paganism. Our civilization, with its insistence on individual rights and due process and enumerated powers and the rule of law, relies above all on a specifically Christian understanding of man and society and the cosmos. That’s what John Adams meant, for example, when he said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  (Read More)

Biden: Schools Are No Mom-and-Pop Shop

(Family Research Council) It should have been a standard award ceremony on Wednesday, when President Biden hosted the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year at the White House. But Biden just couldn’t resist throwing parents under the school bus. “They’re all our children,” he said. “And the reason you’re the teachers of the year is because you recognize that. They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

Biden’s remarks echoed Terry McAuliffe during last year’s race for Virginia governor, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Unsurprisingly, his opponent Glenn Youngkin rode the wave of parental outrage to an upset victory.

Freshly reminded that standing for parents’ rights is popular, as well as principled, states like Florida have also acted to protect parental rights in education. The censorious Left reacted with characteristic hysteria, first affixing to Florida’s bill the misnomer “Don’t Say Gay,” and then childishly chanting the word “gay” in all sorts of inappropriate settings.  (Read More)

WATCH: Violence Breaks out at Pro-Abortion Protest After Democrat Politicians Call to ‘Fight’

(RedState) If you’ve been reading RedState lately, you are well aware of the insane reactions coming from the left in regards to the probable overturning of Roe v. Wade. One in particular involved Elizabeth Warren, who had a hysterical meltdown in Washington, DC, on Tuesday. You can check out my coverage of that by clicking here.

One comment, in particular, involved Warren screaming for pro-abortion fanatics to “fight,” and it looks like a group of far-left protesters in Los Angeles took up that mantle. A small riot broke out resulting in a police car being smashed and physical confrontations with police. Here’s the video of Warren followed by several videos of the violence in California.

I apologize in advance for making you watch the following derangement, but it needs to be seen.  (Read More)

Antifa Assaults Portland Republicans–Police Struggle to Respond

(Faith & Freedom) The resource-strapped Portland Police Bureau (PPB) took more than 20 minutes to respond when Antifa members assaulted a Republican campaign event near police headquarters in downtown Portland.

The irony is that the Saturday campaign event was sponsored by a Republican candidate for governor, Stan Pulliam, whose platform includes “refunding” the police department.

No arrests were made.

Be informed, not misled.

Following the event, Pulliam tweeted, “This is what happens when a Republican dares to hold an event in Portland to talk about funding our police.”

Planned Parenthood Caught Not Notifying Parents When Teen Girls are Victims of Sex Crimes

(Life News) Operation Rescue has obtained a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) print out from the Reno, Nevada, Police Department that notes it is Planned Parenthood’s policy to not notify a parent when a minor daughter is the victim of a sex crime.

The 911 call was placed on August 2, 2021, by Katherine Schopp, who is a nurse practitioner with Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, the affiliate that operates the Reno Planned Parenthood abortion facility.  Schopp reported that a minor between the ages of 10 and 17 was the victim of a sexual assault by an adult male.

The CAD stated in typical 911-style short-hand, “Patient is having sex w/an 18yoa male[.]  Unk where occurring other than ‘in Reno’ – Juv is in the health center now – Juv will not provide male’s name or current loc to [Planned Parenthood employees] – otherwise [redacted] Juv is cooperative.”

The CAD goes on to state that Planned Parenthood “made contact” with Child Protective Services to make a report prior to notifying police.  (Read More)

Amid Public Concern About Grooming Kids, American Library Association Picks President Who Pushes ‘Queering’ Libraries

(The Federalist) A large organization that drives the training of U.S. librarians and their use of public funds has chosen a self-described “Marxist lesbian” as its next president amid growing concern about libraries actively connecting children to sexually explicit activities and materials.

Emily Drabinski was elected president of the American Library Association last week by the organization’s members. She will take office in July 2023.

[…]The interim chief librarian of The Graduate Center at City University of New York (CUNY), where she was previously the “critical pedagogy librarian,” Drabinski posts openly on her Twitter feed in support of sexually exposing children, union-led political strife, socialist politicians, and libraries pushing explicit and far-left material on unwilling taxpayers.

“It’s like concerted political efforts to sort of push this, sort of story about what libraries do which seems very, you know, it’s anathema to what libraries actually do, that we are, sort of pushing pornographic materials on our patrons and it’s really not what we do at all,” she claimed. “…There’s no big library agenda.”  (Read More)

Public schools are grooming your children

(Washington Times) On April 9, Oklahoma State University hosted a “drag queen story hour” for children as young as 2 years old on its campus. The event was part of the university’s “Pride 2022” celebration. A description for the program stated two drag performers would read books to all attendees and that the drag queen story hour was geared toward children between the ages of 2 to 8, but that “all ages [were] welcome to join in on the fun.”

You read that correctly. A major university, paid for by the good conservative citizens here in the heartland of America, is openly declaring that it is working to groom our children and that they are starting when they are as young as 2 years old.

This nonsense is pervasive across our nation. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. If it’s happening in Oklahoma, it is happening in your own backyard.

I have told you before of the Chicago Public School District, where they now provide prophylactics to all fifth graders throughout the city’s school system because they “want to make condoms available to students … when they think they need them.”  (Read More)

Leftist Activists Hate Libs Of TikTok Because It Unmasks Them With Their Own Words

(The Federalist) The progressive left is very upset that people are able to see them clearly and aren’t afraid to criticize them any longer. This was made abundantly clear by the passionate support of Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz for her hit piece against the popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok. While the primary discussion has been the ethics of journalists’ selective targeting, harassment, and doxxing of private individuals, it was the underlying argument of justification that provides the most interest.

In one response, Lorenz argues, “Yes, an acct whose goal is driving LGBTQ ppl out of public life is bad. Gay/trans ppl targeted by the acct have had their lives destroyed, but the *point* of the story is actually a nuanced look at radicalization & how the right wing outrage cycle functions. That’s worth covering.”

[…]Yet among the many accusing Libs of TikTok of being “anti-LGBT,” none of them seem to recognize that the account quite literally reposts TikTok videos by LGBT activists themselves. The entire purpose of the Twitter account is to upload videos from TikTok — which each TikTok creator permits in their own settings and can alter per video — to demonstrate to its audience what LGBT activists are saying out loud.  (Read More)

Two Americas: The Chasm Is Growing

(Faith & Freedom) It would be nice to have a unified America, but we don’t have that today. In fact, as the national debate turns more and more to moral issues, the chasm is growing deeper.

  • Polarization on social issues is creating dramatically different legal landscapes between red and blue states.
  • Republican-led states are passing laws limiting abortion and restricting child sex-change procedures, while Democrat-led states are expanding abortion access and styling themselves as havens for transgender children fleeing red states.
  • “The divide between the American Left and Right on whether or not children should be sexualized in schools continues to grow.

We can’t even agree on whether the United States should have borders—therefore, to even exist.

How did we get to this point of absolute cultural insanity and “pretend land?”  (Read More)

Coach Kennedy Prays for Keeps at SCOTUS

(Family Research Council) With all of the bad things he’s done in his life, Joe Kennedy is still amazed that “the thing that got me in trouble was praying.” Seven years after he lost his job as assistant coach of the Bremerton High School football team, he has no regrets for living out his faith at every game. Regardless of what the Supreme Court says about his public prayers, this Marine veteran knows better than anyone that the battles — on the field and off — belong to the Lord.

Stop praying or start walking. That was the message from district officials after Kennedy’s tradition of giving thanks from midfield at the end of games started catching on with players and opposing teams. The longtime Bremerton resident refused. He felt he’d been called to coach by God after 20 years in the military, and giving Him the glory for that opportunity was non-negotiable in his book.

At first, the coach prayed alone — until a few games in, when some of his players asked to join. “It’s a free county,” Kennedy replied.  (Read More)

If a Pastor Ever Tells You to Repent of Your ‘Whiteness’ — Run

(Standing For Freedom Center) DeYoung brought out three main issues throughout the entire panel (not necessarily sequentially) about how CRT 1) distorts American history; 2) provides a monocausal explanation of disparities in America; and 3) ultimately pushes Christians away from the gospel.

DeYoung argued that CRT, according to its own admission and definitions, presents a “revisionist view of American history” where white people have only ever supported efforts to reduce racism in this country when it serves “to work to their own benefits.” Of course, that’s not true, but that’s what CRT practitioners want us to think. DeYoung effectively summed it like this: As CRT-infected thinking has swept across our nation we have traded a “hagiography of American history” for a “hamartiography of American history.” In other words, instead of looking at our past and seeing it full of “saints” (that’s hagiography), it’s full of irredeemable sinners (that’s the hamartiography).  (Read More)

This Abortionist Travels From State to State to Kill as Many Babies in Abortions as Possible

(Life News) Shelly Tien is one of about 50 traveling abortionists in the U.S. who rushes from state to state aborting unborn babies and then leaving their mothers to suffer the consequences on their own.

But Tien and other abortionists often are portrayed as heroes in popular culture for their unnecessary, life-destroying work.

This week, Reuters published a profile of Tien, who works full-time at a Planned Parenthood in Jacksonville, Florida, but also travels to Alabama and Oklahoma to abort unborn babies.

Tien told the news outlet that she does abortions because she believes in the saying “Medicine = science + love.”

But her abortion practice is not based on science, medicine or love for her patients. Almost all of the nearly 1 million abortions in the U.S. every year are medically unnecessary and completely elective, and each kills a patient – a unique, living human child in the womb. Many mothers are harmed by abortion, too, sometimes physically and often emotionally after they realize that their child’s life was destroyed.  (Read More)

Musk’s Twitter takeover reveals the left for what it is

(WND) This week, in one of the most shocking business moves in recent memory, Twitter reversed itself and decided to sell itself after all to Elon Musk, who paid some $44 billion for the privilege. The move was made, at least in part, for ideological reasons; Musk has been vocally critical of Twitter’s management of information flow. Immediately upon the news of the buyout breaking, Musk tweeted, “Free speech is the bedrock of a functional democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated. I also want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans.”

All of these seem like worthwhile and anodyne goals. More speech, not less. More transparency, not less.

And yet the political left went utterly insane.  (Read More)

Have We Lost The Culture War?

(Bob Shillingstad) In the last article that ran recently we went back in time to lay out the complete takeover of the critical institutions that establish truth and morality in our culture.   That included education, main stream media, colleges, law, entertainment and popular culture.  If you thought that was a stretch you only had to look at the news these past few weeks. Babies were found in medical waste buckets outside a Washington D.C. abortionists clinic.  They were between 21 to 32+ weeks old.

But wait, many states are making it legal to kill children full term in a pregnancy and even after birth.  We congratulate ourselves in Idaho because we passed a more restrictive heartbeat bill regarding abortion…..not so fast…our Attorney General Wasden put a hold on implementing the bill until Planned Parenthood could present their arguments in front of the Idaho Supreme Court.

If you watched the video of “A Day At The Library CDA” on Rumble you were probably sickened and appalled that this could happen in Idaho.  Here is the latest news on the library front, the American Library Association just picked their new President on a vote of 5,410 to 4,622 votes.  This is the group that drives the training of U.S. librarians and their use of public funds.  How does this affect Idaho you might ask?  She is Emily Drabinski who leads the Boise public library and describes herself as a “Marxist Lesbian  (for more information read the full article at The Federalist).  She is very open about her agenda and she has a big megaphone.

If you thought Florida was the only state being bullied by a big business like Disney Idaho is included also. This so-called infiltration into Idaho libraries, public schools and universities by Critical Race Theory and sexual groomers is all false. Because Rod Gramer, who is the president and CEO of Idaho Business for Education, a group of nearly 250 businesses across the state who advocated for liberal causes tells us so.  Rod was another surrogate voice for the woke media from big business telling us that Hillsdale College, Idaho Freedom Foundation and anyone questioning local school districts is under the influence of conspiracy spreaders.   The citizens in Virginia, a “blue” state that rose up to change their state government….obviously deluded!  Look at the big dollars being funneled into the campaigns of Little,  Bedke and Wasden.  This is big business and outside interests buying their influence.

As you read through the stories that we started with you realize that we are not in a political battle but the spiritual fight against the “spirit of the age” that has been present since the garden. and we are facing evil as strong as any time in our history.  The question that confronts us, especially the church leadership, do we have the courage to stand up to this? As Chuck Colson asked, “Can freedom survive where virtue isn’t able to flourish?’  Chuck went on to say, “Do we have the courage to lay it all on the line? Do we have the courage to speak out for traditional marriage when we know we’ll be called bigots and worse? Or would you have the courage to stand up at a school board meeting and speak against a curriculum that indoctrinates kids and sexual license? You’d have to prepare to be shouted down.”

On Easter Sunday there was an interesting editorial response to action taken by the Coeur d’Alene city council.  Previously the Kootenai County Ministerial Association would choose a spiritual leader to give an opening prayer.  Newly elected mayor Jim Hammond decided to adopt a new policy where the council would decide who would speak and that could include cults, Buddhists, Moslems, etc.  The Press joined in and applauded this decision to be more “open and inclusive” as they “applauded the decision by Hammond for not feeling threatened by a broader representation of the people they serve. We can’t help but think Jesus would approve, too”

I had a member of the association call me upset about the decision.  My first question was this: Isn’t this the same city council that appoints the library board that purchased the LGBTQ+ books for the library?  Don’t they also provide concurrence and funding for the “Rainbow Squad” meetings? Has any member of the association brought this up? Have they ever presented a petition in objection to these programs? There is some irony in this situation.

Each year at Harvard the graduating class can invite a speaker for class day to speak the night before commencement.  In 1982 they invited Sandra Day O’Conner, the first woman on the Supreme Court but she couldn’t make it.  They then invited Alan Alda the star of the TV series MASH and he also declined.  One student suggested a speaker who was speaking in the area and this person accepted.  The speaker surprised everyone with telling the students that “virginity is the greatest gift a man and a woman can give to one another and condemned the sexual sin in our culture.”  The next topic was condemning abortion and one of the lines from the speech said, “’Those who so fear having a baby that they choose abortion instead are ‘the poorest of the poor.’’ The solemnity of the speech was in a sharp contrast to the traditional mood of Class Day, which is marked by picnics, parties and celebrations. There was applause and a standing ovation at the end.

Who was the speaker you ask?  Mother Teresa.  That is an example of true moral authority with a message to a hurting world.

I know what you might be thinking, “sure that worked in 1982 but this is 2022! “ Did the church raise its voice in 1992? 2002? 2012? Will they in 2022? This is not meant to be a condemning article but yet one that challenges us to unity and action today.  The election on May 17th is important but our battle is more than political.

The Open Arms pregnancy center will move into their new building this month and also distribute baby bottles to most churches to help fund their operations for the year.  Wouldn’t it be a great message for the churches, in exchange for the bottles, give Open Arms a sizable check to retire what is left of the mortgage on their building on Mother’s Day?  This could become a tradition in Kootenai County as they build that “moral authority” that goes beyond an invocation and locks arm to support ministry..

Oh, I forgot we have to fix the parking lot….but we teach verse by verse through the Bible.

Federal agencies are sexualizing Idaho libraries

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Lawmakers recently cut nearly $4 million from the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICFL) because it was providing sexually explicit material to K-12 schools. This effort is a meaningful step toward greater accountability in public institutions. However, lawmakers also need to pay closer attention to federal education grants.

A portion of the budget reduction to ICFL was targeted at the commission’s Idaho Digital E-Book Alliance (IDEA), a project allowing K-12 students to independently access digital books through their public school accounts.

The IDEA collection included some obscene and pornographic materials, such as “Gender Queer,” and books promoting transgenderism to children such as “George” and “Julian is a Mermaid.”

The IDEA project was initially funded in 2020 by $179,279 in federal grants from the Library Services and Technology Act and the CARES Act. Both grants were facilitated to states through the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), a federal agency dedicated to integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into all the agency’s stakeholders and initiatives. The IMLS states that its grants are designed, among other things, to “serve” diverse individuals and “develop and implement equitable and inclusive staff recruitment and retention programs.”  (Read More)

Whatever Happened to the Minor Sex Change Bill?

(Idaho Family Policy Center) Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed legislation last week that bans puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment procedures for gender-confused children.

Her action makes Alabama the fourth state to protect gender dysphoric children from harmful drugs and surgeries. Medical professionals that violate the provisions of the new law could be convicted of a felony, which carries a prison term of up to ten years.

With other Republican-dominated states moving quickly on this pressing issue, where does Idaho stand?

In February, Rep. Bruce Skaug (R-Nampa) and Sen. Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens) introduced our Vulnerable Child Protection Act (HB675), which would have followed the lead of these other states in banning irreversible pharmaceutical and surgical interventions for children struggling with gender dysphoria.

Initially, it seemed like the legislation had a fighting chance of making its way through the state legislature. The bill received broad support in the Idaho House of Representatives, where it passed with a veto-proof supermajority.  (Read More)

The Public Health Scandal No One’s Talking About

(Family Research Council) While the Biden administration doubles down on COVID, they’re keeping another pandemic at arm’s length. Data released this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show “reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the United States decreased during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but most resurged by the end of that year.” After STDs set new records for six straight years, gonorrhea and syphilis cases increased again in 2020, while the CDC explained a slight dip in chlamydia cases to COVID-related reductions in diagnoses, “rather than a reduction in new infections.” Most concerning of all, 53 percent of reported cases occurred in young people, aged 15-24. Yet, “America isn’t taking the STD crisis seriously,” complained an STD advocacy group.

If the CDC took COVID seriously, they’re doing the opposite for STDs.  (Read More)

Public Ed. Loses In Religious Freedom Case

(Faith & Freedom) A public university in Ohio will pay $400,000 to a philosophy professor who refused to use a student’s “preferred pronouns.”

The university did what every public education institution does if the radical left, or anti-Christian voices threaten them.

They cave to the left. And threaten or punish the accused.

However, a three-judge panel did not cave.

If you care about freedom—particularly religious freedom—this is encouraging.

During a political philosophy class in January 2018, Shawnee State University professor Nick Meriwether responded to a biological male student’s question by saying “yes, sir.” When the class ended, the student confronted Meriwether. The student claimed to be transgender and was to be referred to as a woman, with feminine titles and pronouns.

According to Alliance Defending Freedom, which now represents Meriwether, “When Meriwether did not instantly agree, the student became belligerent and promised to get Meriwether fired.”  (Read More)

New York Times Chooses Passover and Easter to Mock God and the Bible

(Dennis Prager) On the eve of Passover, on Good Friday, The New York Times published an opinion piece on God, the Bible and Passover. This would not be noteworthy except for the fact that the piece mocked all three.

The two titles of the piece (one in the print edition and one for the Times’ digital edition) will give you a good idea of the tenor of the piece: “Let’s pass over God” and “In this time of war, I propose we give up God.”

The column was written by Shalom Auslander, a Jew who is bitter over his ultra-Orthodox upbringing in Brooklyn. He is also the author of a similarly bitter book titled “Foreskin’s Lament.”

Here are some of the column’s highlights:

Auslander begins his column with a brief explanation of the name “Passover” — God passed over the homes of the Israelites on His way through Egypt, slaying all firstborns. The author follows that introduction with a proposal: “In this time of war and violence, of oppression and suffering, I propose we pass over something else: God.”  (Read More)

The Lie of Biden’s ‘Lifesaving’ Treatment

(Family Research Council) When Julie woke up from her double mastectomy in the children’s hospital in Syracuse, she expected to feel elated. Instead, she only felt numb. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, she thought. Years later, she looks back with anger at the “collaborative idiocy” that crushed her spirit, permanently scarred her body, and left her feeling empty, betrayed, and alone. Like so many victims of the mutilating treatments this White House calls “livesaving,” Julie will never fully get her life back. We’ve gone too far, the survivors of this movement are crying out. And no one, not even the president, is listening.

For Suzy Weiss, who tells their stories, the emotions must be difficult to contain. In a powerful piece called “The Testosterone Hangover,” Weiss is a witness to the pain of these trusting souls — women who were pushed along a path that would ultimately destroy their young adulthood.  (Read More)

Why Violence Is An Inevitable Outcome Of Critical Race Theory

(The Federalist) Our nation has been rocked by at least two significant acts of domestic terrorism in a five-month span. Last week, Frank James opened fire in a New York City subway, injuring 23 people. In November, Darrell Brooks drove his SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing 6 people and injuring 60 others.

Both perpetrators are black, which is a bit unusual given that mass shootings have historically been perpetrated by white men. More significantly, both Brooks and James had expressed radical views on social media advocating violence towards whites in the lead-up to their attacks, strongly suggesting race relations were a key motive for their acts of violence. (Naturally, the mainstream media has neglected to find out if it was indeed their motivation).  (Read More)

The ‘fierce mercy’ of Christ covers a multitude of sins — even enabling abortion

(Standing For Freedom Center) The mercy of God can be unfathomable to comprehend. How is it that Jesus loves us so much when we have been so offensive to Him, even after we try again and again not to sin? It’s something that I have learned to accept with a humble heart, leaning into the mystery of the love that God has for me when I could not have been more opposed to what He wanted me to be doing.

I received a message recently from a woman I counseled when I worked at Planned Parenthood. She was angry with me, saying I had lied to her, telling her that her baby would not feel pain, that her baby was not developed at all. She said she didn’t even want an abortion.

“I hope you feel good about the fact that all of these babies are dead because of YOU,” she wrote. “I hope you dream about them. I hope you hear them crying….You were so happy to talk me into having an abortion. I have lived with regret since that day because of your lies.”

She told me that while I have written books and had a movie made about my life, all she is left with is a “dead baby and a lifetime of regret.”  (Read More)

The Coach Kennedy Case–Is America Still a Free Country?

(Faith & Freedom) Back in January, Seattle’s FOX 13 TV along with other local TV stations, reported that former Bremerton, Washington football coach—Joe Kennedy’s case for religious freedom would be heard by the Supreme Court later this year.

The local story became a national story.

Next Monday, April 25, his case will be heard by the highest court in the land.

While it’s about Coach Kennedy getting his job back at Bremerton High, it’s also about religious freedom in a nation that was founded by people seeking religious freedom.

After being denied his rights to religious freedom by two courts, Fox 13 TV and other local television stations announced in January that the Supreme Court had agreed to hear his case.

They are scheduled to hear it on April 25th. Next Monday.  (Read More)

Why was our Heartbeat law blocked by the Idaho Supreme Court?

(Idaho Family Policy Center) Friends,

We have suffered a major setback in our battle to protect preborn babies with beating hearts.

Last Friday, the Idaho State Supreme Court granted a temporary stay on the implementation of our Heartbeat law in response to a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood.

The stay, which blocks the law from going into effect until after the court issues a ruling sometime this summer, means the law will no longer become enforceable on April 22.

I want you to know that the court did not block the Heartbeat law because it is unconstitutional. This law is manifestly defensible under both our federal and state constitutions. In fact, a similar Texas law has been in effect for more than six months, during which time tens of thousands of preborn babies have been saved.

So what happened? According to court documents, the Idaho Attorney General cut a deal with Planned Parenthood, in which both parties agreed to let the court temporarily block the law in exchange for slowing down court proceedings.  (Read More)

Grooming in schools begins with ‘personal disclosure’ of teacher’s sexual preferences

(Life Site News) Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo found a study on the sexual grooming habits of public schools employees by an oft-cited Virginia Commonwealth University professor.

As debates continue over Florida’s anti-grooming law, and other states consider or pass similar legislation to crack down on sexualized, LGBT-related classroom discussions, Rufo has drawn attention to a paper from last year by Professor Charol Shakeshaft and others that explains common practices of predators. They examined “222 cases of school employee sexual misconduct toward a student where a school employee was convicted of student sexual abuse” and identified common patterns and practices.

“Stopping sexual misconduct directed toward students means understanding the process that adults use to prepare students to be abused so that they do not tell, do not fight, and acquiesce,” Professor Shakeshaft and her fellow researchers wrote in a paper published at the beginning of this school year. “This process, called grooming, has the purpose of gaining student trust, as well as the trust of parents and colleagues.”

According to the nation’s leading expert on school sexual abuse, “red flag grooming behaviors” include “personal disclosure of adult sexual activity and preferences, and questions to students about their sexual lives.”  (Read More)