Record Number of Pro-Life Women Run for Congress

(LifeNews) For decades, the pro-abortion movement and their allies in the media have tried to diminish the voices of pro-life women. While pro-life women were running for office, leading pro-life organizations, establishing pregnancy care centers, sharing their experiences after abortion, organizing marches, lobbying lawmakers, and more, pro-abortion forces minimized their accomplishments and characterized the entire pro-life movement as “just old white men.”

In 2020, that false narrative is going to be a lot harder to push.

A record number of pro-life women are running for office in 2020. In the important battle for the Senate majority, there are 6 pro-life women running…  (Read More)

Progressives: “Good For Thee, But Not For Me”

(Faith & Freedom) Joe Biden tweeted Sunday: “We need to restore honor and decency to the White House.”

That followed a tweet on Saturday that instructed Trump to quit playing golf, get back to work and “control the spread of the virus.”

That caught my attention for a couple of reasons.

Can we get real about all this? Why is so much of the Left’s moralizing “good for thee, but not for me?”

Here’s why.  (Read More)

The Election Started Today. Here Are Five Things to Remember.

(FRC) While the campaigns are, in many ways, still getting warmed up, the 2020 election officially started today when North Carolina became the first state to mail ballots to voters. The early start date is yet another reminder that mail will be one of the biggest storylines in the 2020 election. Will people receive their ballots? Can voters depend on the mail system to return their ballots?

While we should make the integrity of our election a point of prayer, here are five additional things to be thinking and praying about as we get closer to November 3rd.  (Read More)

How US Marshals Rescued 39 Missing Children in Georgia

(Daily Signal) The U.S. Marshals Service found 39 missing children in Georgia over two weeks in a mission called Operation Not Forgotten. The rescued children “were considered to be some of the most at-risk and challenging recovery cases in the area,” the agency said.

How did Georgia state officials work with the Marshals Service to rescue these children, many of whom were being sold for sex? Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss.  (Read More)

Disney’s Mulan and the Backdrop of Genocide

(Breakpoint) Disney’s newest live-action movie, “Mulan,” was released Friday. So far, reviews have ranged from mostly positive to absolutely glowing: “an exciting, well-crafted action movie,” a “robust” and “family-friendly, live-action Disney fantasy,” and an “epic-scale tribute to female empowerment.”

However, the feedback on Mulan has chilled considerably after reports that Disney filmed substantial portions of the movie in China’s Xinjiang province, with the blessing and cooperation of the Chinese Communist government.  (Read More)

Pastor Stands against Uneven Standard

(FRC) Like thousands of pastors around the country, Jack Trieber has had to make difficult decisions over the last six months concerning his church. In early March, when the coronavirus pandemic hit California, the Senior Pastor of North Valley Baptist Church followed the guidance of local and state officials and suspended church gatherings and events. However, after six months of not being able to gather, Trieber decided it was time to re-open. Unfortunately, officials from Santa Clara County thought differently and fined the church $5,000 for holding live and in person worship services.  (Read More)

WaPo: Count on catastrophic violence if Biden loses

(OneNewsNow) The Washington Post is warning America that only a decisive win for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will prevent catastrophic violence and utter mayhem across the nation.

Appealing to the same scare tactics used to frighten the world to jump on board with environmental alarmists to battle so-called climate change, Georgetown University professor Rosa Brooks – cofounder of the Transition Integrity Project – and her leftwing activist group contemplated war games by laying out “the four most likely scenarios” for the 2020 Presidential Election results.  (Read More)

Three takeaways from Idaho’s special session

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) The legislative circus has ended and the clowns, elephants, and ringmasters have left town. The 2020 legislative special session concluded when lawmakers finished their business late Wednesday night. Below is a short summary of the action and three takeaways for conservatives who want to win policy battles.

While I could discuss the antics that occurred this week in the Capitol, I won’t — because the legacy media has that topic adequately covered.

Instead, let’s focus on substance: What lawmakers did, and what conservatives need to know about the 2021 legislation session. Keep in mind that legislators who survive the November elections will return to the Capitol in roughly 130 days.  (Read More)

The Sticking Point with Mandatory Vaccines

(FRC) When Virginia Health Commissioner Norman Oliver promised last week to make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, he was probably counting on most people being too afraid of the virus to object. So were the members of a Virginia House committee who killed two bills to add a religious exemption to the mandate.

FRC President and coronavirus survivor Tony Perkins responded on radio yesterday, “I’m more concerned about the fear that has been generated about the virus than the virus itself.” The mainstream media are experts at making people fear for their lives. Their nonstop doomsday predictions cajoled lawmakers to shut down businesses and close churches, while private citizens were scared or shamed into avoiding and distrusting their family, friends, and neighbors.

After six exhausting months, several potential vaccines for COVID-19 have entered final trials — twice as fast as expected this spring — thanks in part to the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed.  (Read More)

What Biden and Harris Stand For is Horrifying: Ripping Babies Limb From Limb in Abortions

(LifeNews) Was I reading The Washington Post or The Onion? This week, DC’s leading newspaper wrote about Republican and Democratic positions on abortion in the context of describing one voter’s choice between voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden. That voter, New Jersey mother Gia Capriotti, does not like President Trump personally but finds former Vice President Joe Biden’s position on abortion to be simply untenable.

Capriotti shares, “What Biden and Harris stand for — that’s horrifying. A woman seven months pregnant — that baby is experiencing pain and being ripped limb from limb. That’s torture.” She’s right.

Studies have repeatedly shown that not only are children capable of feeling pain from late-term abortions but that these elective abortions of viable children are nearly 100 times more likely to result in their mothers’ death than a first-trimester abortion.  (Read More)

Special session success overshadowed by Senate’s failure to end Covid emergency

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Idaho’s special legislative session produced a giant victory over interest groups. The interest groups desperately wanted businesses to enforce government mandates in exchange for the coveted prize of immunity from lawsuits. However, the lawsuit immunity bill that ultimately passed — on mostly party-line votes — instead says: No one may sue an establishment under the pretense that he or she contracted Covid-19 while visiting it; thus, everyone is afforded lawsuit immunity arising from such a claim.

But that victory is overshadowed by the Legislature’s unwillingness to confront and upend Gov. Brad Little’s declared ongoing state of emergency. For nearly six months, this state of emergency has been used to restrict gatherings and to threaten additional restrictions if positive Covid test numbers rise.  (Read More)

House Democrats Go Low, Aim Hyde

(FRC) How do you stop people from fighting an unpopular political agenda? Well, if you’re a House Democrat, you turn it into a race debate. Based on their latest comments, that’s how the far-Left has decided to tackle the country’s objections to taxpayer-funded abortion. Their goal is to frame it as an issue of injustice, so that even if people don’t agree with it, they’ll be too scared of being labeled to push back. But after 43 years of this bright red line called the Hyde amendment, will Americans really be so quick to cross it?

“It’s an issue of discrimination,” Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) insisted, “against low-income women, women of color…” She, like other female Democrats, is starting the drumbeat for next year’s Congress, when her caucus plans to stop supporting one of the only true legislative compromises left in D.C.: the ban on taxpayer-funded abortion.  (Read More)

America’s mayhem and massive decline in Christianity

(OneNewsNow) We shouldn’t be surprised at what we’re witnessing in major urban areas like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. The increasing anarchy and corresponding calls to upend the American republican system (and to move toward socialism) could not occur without the massive decline in Christianity in America.

Only a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, a groundbreaking poll was published highlighting the shocking pace of decline of Christianity in America. The Pew research poll included the following alarming statistics:

In the last 10 ten years, the percentage of Americans identifying as Christian has dropped from 77% to only 65%.  (Read More)

Protesters Chanting ‘Death to America’ … IN AMERICA!

(Todd Starnes) Videos emerged on social that showed protesters chanting, “Death to America,” and the footage did not take place in downtown Tehran, but rather the streets of an American city.

Jason Howerton of the Blaze posted the video on Twitter and wrote, “The left has created a monster that they have lost complete control of…I never thought I’d see people chanting “death to America” in the streets of America.”

Reports indicated that the footage was shot on the streets of Oakland, Calif., during a recent night of unrest. This is not an isolated incident of protestors taking direct aim at the country. American flags have been burned at several protests and at least one video emerged out of Kenosha, Wis., that showed a woman yelling, “Death to America” outside the city’s county courthouse as a flag burned.  (Read More)

Radical Leftist Media Plays to the Communist Crowd

(Redoubt News) I don’t normally respond to Left-Wing Extremists articles by the Biased Main Stream Media (MSM), but I occasionally make exceptions.

The Editorial Board of the Idaho Statesman recently published their opinions in an article titled: Vigilante shooting is a warning to Idaho about militias as ‘protectors’

The shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin was the excuse they needed to reflect on the good people of Idaho standing up and protecting themselves and their neighbors, however, the editorial board missed the mark by a long-shot.

Using a riot that took place nearly 2,000 miles away, they decided this was enough of an excuse to call law abiding Idahoans “vigilantes”. I guess they would rather see Antifa and Communists sympathizers riot in the streets of Idaho than have peace in our state.  (Read More)

County resorts to ‘harassing’ of MacArthur’s church: attorney

(OneNewsNow) Los Angeles County, which is still at odds with Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church, has now taken action over land the church has been leasing from the county for decades and using as a parking lot.

“On Friday, Grace Community Church received a letter from the Los Angeles County Public Works Department that said they’re going to suspend the lease that the church has held with the county since 1975 for a large portion of their parking lot,” attorney Jenna Ellis tells OneNewsNow.  (Read More)

Covid-19 immunity legislation will produce lots of lawsuits

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Legislation will be introduced during the upcoming special session that supporters say will protect businesses from Covid-19 lawsuits. Supporters are wrong: If anything, the legislation will invite lawsuits, especially those aimed at small businesses.

The bill’s trouble is contained in two words: “good faith.” The legislation says, essentially, Idaho businesses can have immunity from lawsuits from someone claiming to have contracted Covid-19 in their establishments, as long as those businesses make a “good faith” effort to comply with government orders and mandates.

But no one really knows what a “good faith” effort is. For example, take existing mask mandates, which businesses are now struggling to manage. Does a good faith effort mean strict enforcement for mask-wearing policies, such that no one is exempt?  (Read More)

Abby Johnson Tells GOP Convention the Reality of Abortion: The Baby “Fought Back, Desperate to Move”

(LifeNews) Pro-life activist Abby Johnson discussed her experience working at Planned Parenthood at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, saying that her experiences with the nation’s largest abortion provider are why she advocates “so passionately for life.”

Johnson said Planned Parenthood approached her at a volunteer fair and convinced her to volunteer for the organization by talking about “helping women in crisis and their commitment to keep abortion safe, legal, and rare.” She began working for the organization, she said, and received Planned Parenthood’s employee of the year award.

“My supervisor assigned me a new quota to meet… an abortion quota,” she said. “I was expected to sell double the abortions performed the previous year. When I pushed back, underscoring Planned Parenthood’s public facing goal of decreasing abortions, I was reprimanded and told abortion is how we make our money.”  (Read More)

Will Liberals Protect Your Vote When They Won’t Protect You?

(FRC) Voting is ultimately a relationship between individuals, and as with every other trusted personal interaction, it should be based on integrity, veracity and good citizenship.

As the November election approaches, what does this mean for American voters?

In a nutshell, a cursory review of news and social media casts significant doubt that we should leave the protection of our votes to liberal activists and their political associates who are currently demanding mail-only voting.  (Read More)

Mega-Church Pastor: “Abortion Is Consistent With Christianity”

(Faith & Freedom) A pastor of a Georgia megachurch, who is also running for the US Senate, says he believes legalized abortion is “consistent with” Christianity and says he will “fight ” to ensure it remains legal.

The pastor was asked how his pro-choice beliefs and those of his Democrat Party square with his role as a pastor, a leader of a church—a man of God.

When asked how his pro-abortion views square with his role as a minister, he said:

“I believe that healthcare is a human right. And I believe that it is something that the richest nation in the world provides for its citizens, an for me reproductive justice is consistent with my commitment to that.”

That’s a typical position of the far left secular “progressives.”  (Read More)

Riots are Coming to a City Near You

(The American Mind) Events in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week highlight the importance of our note Friday to the GOP convention: “Call out the Left and the Democratic Party for what they’ve inspired by falsely sanctifying the riots: a revolutionary insurrection against the American Way of Life. Show the American people specific examples.”

Another tragic but incomplete video—this time of police shooting an uncooperative criminal with a warrant out for his arrest after he lunged into his car—is being shamelessly used by the Left to inflame the populace.

And, predictably, the outrageous irresponsibility of the Democratic party in partnership with domestic terrorist activists is leading directly to more violence, looting, and arson in yet another American city.  (Read More)

Pastors Need to Step Up and Preach Against Abortion, Quit Saying It’s “Too Political”

(LifeNews) Anyone who has been paying attention over the last six decades has seen an organized and persistent effort to limit the Gospel to the private arena of our hearts and within the four walls of our Churches.

Prayer and Bible reading have been banished from our schools. People of faith have had to fight in court to display religious symbols in public and to conduct their businesses and ministries in accordance with their moral convictions. The right to even talk about our faith has been attacked on campuses and in the media.

And as the courts have increasingly upheld religious freedom, haters of religion have now taken to the streets to show their contempt for our beliefs by destroying its symbols.  (Read More)

BREAKING: Update on Saving Girls’ Sports

(Family Policy Alliance) Over the last few months, you helped pass the first law in the nation to reserve girls’ sports for biological girls. As you may know from our previous updates, there’s an ongoing lawsuit surrounding that important law. Last night, a federal judge issued an initial ruling in the lawsuit. Here’s what you need to know.

The ACLU sued the state of Idaho over the law, seeking to allow males to play in female sports categories. Last night, a federal judge temporarily halted the law’s enforcement – but that’s not the end of the story.

The injunction is only a temporary measure while the lawsuit moves forward. Going forward, the state won’t be alone in defending this important law: the judge also allowed two female athletes from Idaho State University to intervene in favor of the law.  (Read More)