Section 230 Protects Social Media Platforms That Censor Pro-Lifers, Trump Wants it Repealed

(LifeNews) Big Tech is increasingly censoring pro-life and conservative organizations and media outlets like and huge social media platforms like Facebook and twitter can get away with it in part because of the extensive legal protection they are afforded under Section 230. And President Donald trump wants it repealed.

Trump is threatening to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense spending bill, unless Congress agrees to repeal Section 230.

President trump tweeted Tuesday night that Section 230, is “a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity.”  (Read More)

Stuck In Online Schooling, U.S. Kids Are Failing More Classes Than Ever And Will Never Recover

(The Federalist) As report cards begin to roll out for fall, public schools across the nation are reporting a massive increase in children failing classes, due to the majority going online and the chaos of rolling COVID closures. In Fairfax, Virginia, one of the nation’s largest districts, “the percentage of middle school and high school students earning F’s in at least two classes jumped by 83 percent: from 6 percent to 11 percent,” the Washington Post reported Tuesday. That’s nearly 10,000 children.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, reported recently that 40 percent of high school students are failing, “about double what we might expect in a typical year,” said the large district’s superintendent. It’s even worse for younger children.  (Read More)

Pastors: America’s future and moral foundation clearly at risk

(OneNewsNow) One of the country’s leading evangelists is sounding a warning that America is under attack from within – and a respected Christian apologist couldn’t agree with him more.

In a Facebook post on Veterans Day, Dr. Franklin Graham wrote: “It seems our nation is under attack – attack from within, from socialists who want to bring anarchy to our streets. The hard-won freedoms we have enjoyed in America are very much at stake.”

Graham called for prayer for America’s president and commander-in-chief as he leads the nation during these turbulent times: “[Pray] that God would give him wisdom, grace, and understanding for times such as these.” He hash-tagged the post with the name of Donald Trump.  (Read More)

The Senate: A Huge Win and Two Enormous Contests

(Family Policy Alliance) The current balance of power in the U.S. Senate is 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats with two races yet to be determined.  Which party controls the U.S. Senate will be decided by runoff elections for  both Georgia Senate races on January 5. Those campaigns are well underway, with early voting set to begin on December 14. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia-endorsed candidate Senator Kelly Loeffler will face Planned Parenthood-endorsed Raphael Warnock. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia -endorsed Senator David Perdue will face Planned Parenthood-endorsed Jon Ossoff.

It’s hard to overstate how critical the two Georgia runoffs are. If the Left can win these two seats, then they will potentially control both chambers of Congress and the White House (depending on the final resolution of the presidency). That could mean radical changes – from ending the filibuster to packing the courts to a host of anti-life and anti-family policies.  (Read More)

How teachers unions’ special privileges hurt students and families

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Parents want nothing more than a good education for their children. Teachers unions, however, consistently act against the best interest of students. Unfortunately, the unions are winning and students are collateral.

State law empowers teachers unions to control what, how, where, and with whom most children learn. This year, teachers unions have exerted this power by keeping schools closed, limiting access to services for needy students, and orchestrating a sick out.

In March, the president of the largest teachers union in the state, the Idaho Education Association (IEA), tried to keep schools closed by arguing that opening schools would super-spread the virus. This argument has been repeatedly debunked by researchers showing there is no relationship between school districts reopening and new COVID-19 cases.  (Read More)

How The Mayflower Compact Changed History Forever 400 Years Ago

(The Federalist) The Plymouth colony was not the first English colony in the New World. It was not even the first successful English colony. But it may have been the single most important one: important both for the precedents it established, and the legacies it left.

Indeed, there is a strong case that we should celebrate Nov. 11 — the day that the rugged square-rigger called the Mayflower made safe harbor near what is now Provincetown, Massachusetts — as one of the greatest moments in our national story, comparable in its way to July 4, Independence Day, and Sept. 17, Constitution Day. But let me qualify that statement a little.  (Read More)

Coronavirus Vaccines Should Not be Made Using Cells From Babies Killed in Abortions

(LifeNews) COVID-19 has brought many challenges to us all—medical, ethical, societal. It has also intensified and sharpened the focus of some ongoing bioethical challenges, especially regarding fetal tissue research and the related topic of abortion-derived cell lines and vaccine production. We looked at both of these issues in the spring of 2020, early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Time for some updates, new information and analysis.

In March, we looked at the continuing controversy of fetal tissue research, especially with regard to the science and federal taxpayer funding of research with fetal tissue from ongoing abortion. Pro-abortion advocates including some scientists continue to claim that fetal tissue research saves lives and is vital to medical research, yet those claims for fetal tissue are specious and have been repeatedly proven false.  (Read More)

California Banning ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ And Other Books Because Racism And Stuff

(RedState) A California school district decided to remind everyone why the Golden State has descended into an abyss of stupid. Schools in Burbank have reportedly decided that they will no longer teach certain classic novels, including Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” due to concerns over racism.

According to Newsweek, “until further notice, teachers in the area will not be able to include on their curriculum Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Theodore Taylor’s The Cay and Mildred D. Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.”  (Read More)

School Officials Forced a Third Grader to Take Off Her “Jesus Loves Me” Mask

(Alliance Defending Freedom) In 2020, masks have become a fashion statement. You can buy them from most clothing retailers. You can match them to your outfit. You can make political statements with them.

Masks are a new way to “express yourself.”

That is, unless you want to express a religious message.

Lydia Booth, a third grader at Simpson Central School in Mississippi learned this the hard way when she wore a mask that said “Jesus Loves Me” to school. Even though school officials allowed students across the school district to wear a wide variety of other messages on their masks, they forced this third grader to remove hers.  (Read More)

Contesting Election Results in Court Isn’t the End of Democracy. Quite the Opposite.

(Daily Signal) Is a disputed presidential election the end of democracy as we know it?

That’s what many pundits and members of the legacy media are claiming as President Donald Trump has challenged election results in a number of states—both legally and rhetorically.

It seems that much of the media hivemind now insists that voter fraud never happens, that it’s equally impossible for an election to be stolen or tainted in any way, and that going a few weeks with two rival candidates both declaring victory (including one they really don’t like) means we are witnessing the end of America as a free country.  (Read More)

MACARTHUR: How ‘Evangelical’ Is The Evangelical Movement?

(Daily Wire) What denominational label would best describe the following person’s religious beliefs?

He claims to be a committed, born-again Christian but isn’t sure that Jesus is truly God incarnate. He isn’t convinced that God has infallible knowledge of (much less sovereign control over) the future. He doesn’t believe the Bible is truth without any mixture of error. He doesn’t believe what the Bible says about how the universe was created. He doesn’t believe people must acknowledge Christ as Lord and Savior—or even know anything about him—in order to have God’s favor.  (Read More)

Justice Alito: COVID Has Led to a Constitutional ’Stress Test’ for Religious Freedom

(FRC) While Justice Alito’s speech is drawing sharp criticism, he merely spoke the truth.

“I think it is an indisputable statement of fact — we have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive, and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020. Think of all the live events that would otherwise be protected … think of worship services, churches closed on Easter Sunday, synagogues closed for Passover on Yom Kippur … The COVID crisis has served as a sort of constitutional stress test. And in doing so, it has highlighted disturbing trends that were already present before the virus struck. One of these is the dominance of lawmaking by executive fiat rather than legislation.”  (Read More)

Democracy Dies in Daylight If Normal Americans Don’t Do Anything

(American Greatness) Imagine a typical class of students taking a test. The students are working while the teacher monitors their progress. He imagines the students will do well: they have had plenty of time to prepare, everyone is cooperating, and most people say this test was easy.

Once their time is up, a majority of students dutifully turn in their exams. However, a few students ignore the teacher and continue working. When the teacher asks them to turn in their tests, they plead for more time. They complain about the virus, the shutdowns, distractions in the room, and all the anxiety they have. Hoping to be fair and minimize the fuss, the teacher allows them to take their test home.  (Read More)

Pastors and Christians Need to Lead The Way on this issue!

Ballot Initiatives and the Silence of Churches

(Breakpoint) In addition to national, state, and local leadership, voters made incredibly consequential decisions on over 100 ballot initiatives. The results of these direct-to-voter policy races, about 3/4 of which involved potential changes to state constitutions, reveal much about the electorate, perhaps even more than the Presidential and congressional races.

Though ballot initiatives are often written in legalese that is impossible to understand and can address mundane topics, increasingly in recent years, voters have been deciding on weighty moral questions. It’s one thing to vote on the best means to achieve a shared vision of reality. It’s another to ask voters to decide between competing visions of reality. Americans are, state by state, doing more and more of the latter these days.  (Read More)

Christians Aren’t In Existential Despair If Biden Won, Because Government Isn’t Our God

(The Federalist) On Election Night, I was crowded around the television with a dozen college friends in a tiny apartment above our government professor’s house. The Virginia night air seeping through the window was rescuing the feeble air conditioning unit and someone had propped up the three-legged TV with a handful of textbooks. Everyone watched the colorful maps on TV flip colors and we good-naturedly heckled CNN hosts who had been talking nonstop for the better part of two hours.

When Trump started gaining votes in Pennsylvania, everyone glanced at the three Pennsylvanians in the room. “All the Republicans just got off work,” said one, a pastor’s son from Pittsburgh. We all laughed.  (Read More)

Kristallnacht Has Come To America

(Redoubt News) The United States has been seeing this same devastation over the past half year disguised as “mostly peaceful protests”. The self described “Trained Marxists” of the BLM and their followers have wreaked havoc over law abiding citizens in the pursuit of the globalist agenda of ousting President Donald Trump and doing away with conservatism in favor of Communism.

Using a spontaneous event to agitate the liberal Socialists of the country to cause wanton destruction is an eerily similar tactic used by the Nazi’s in Germany to rid their country of European Jews, as well as millions of others, including Romani people, the intellectually disabled, dissidents and homosexuals.

The means they exploit to achieve their agenda is a lie. It is always a lie. They are using their mentor’s (the Nazi Party) tools as a way to fundamentally change this country.  (Read More)

Twin Falls Tables Mask Mandate After Protest, 5 Hours of Testimony

(Keep Idaho Free) Elected officials at the local level are under a lot of pressure to pass mask mandates.

With Utah implementing a statewide mask mandate, Idaho media outlets and medical “experts” are working overtime in Idaho to do the same. For months, local governments and District Health boards have been under pressure from the state to implement mask mandates.

However, not all Idahoans are on board and many are pushing back.

In fact, a protest took place in Twin Falls yesterday just hours before the city was to take up a mask mandate ordinance that had been drafted prior to the meeting.  (Read More)

Supreme Court Has Second Chance to Stop Nevada From Treating Casinos Better Than Churches

(Alliance Defending Freedom) When concerns over COVID-19 first began, Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley voluntarily began conducting services virtually, before Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak imposed a hard cap of fifty people maximum for churches and other religious gatherings.

And while churches in the state were capped at 50 people, the state’s world-famous casinos were being treated far more favorably, allowed to welcome hundreds to thousands of visitors up to half their buildings’ capacity.

As the months dragged on, the spiritual toll of the pandemic grew. Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley wanted to hold in-person services and be treated at least as good as casinos, including the one about four miles away from the church.

So, Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit on Calvary Chapel’s behalf.  (Read More)

2000 v. 2020: A Study in Media Bias

(FRC) If Americans thought the 2000 election was painful, buckle up. This is like five Floridas, Victor Davis Hanson warns. Dealing with contested counts in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania is the mother of all contested elections. Which is why, he writes, “Millions of voters find it rich that suddenly the Democratic Party is vouching for a pristine voting count” — after four years of warning that the system was irrevocably broken! And where is the media in all of this? Messaging for the Left instead of reporting.

“It’s very different [from 2000],” John Stemberger agreed on “Washington Watch.” How they handled Al Gore’s challenge was night and day with how these seven days have gone.  (Read More)

STOSSEL: Freeloader U

(PJ Media) Yale University has fancy dining halls. They pay no property tax.

Local restaurants struggle to compete, but their tax burden makes that hard.

“We basically pay one-third of our rent in taxes!” complains Matt West, manager of Koon Thai Restaurant. “Yale is a money-making machine.”

It is. Many colleges are.

Yale has a $31 billion endowment. Harvard’s is $40 billion. My alma mater, Princeton, has $26 billion.

Yet, these schools also get government handouts and tax breaks.  (Read More)

Meanwhile, Two Conservative Oregon Counties Are SO OVER Blue State Life, They Just Voted to Join Idaho

(RedState) How tired are conservative, rural Oregonians of dictatorial leftist Gov. Kate Brown, Antifa-apologist Mayor Ted Wheeler and riot-torn Portland, and the whole “People’s Republic of Oregon” “progressive” mess? Tired enough to vote to become part of next-door Idaho.

As reported by Forbes, two conservative Oregon counties approved a non-binding ballot measure to “Move Oregon’s Borders” that will require county officials to hold meetings about the counties leaving the state to become part of their deep-red neighbor.

Advocates with “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho” were able to get the measure on the ballot, according to Forbes, as part of a “peaceful revolution” for more conservative parts of the state to join Idaho, which was part of a long-shot movement to expand land-locked Idaho’s border to the Pacific Ocean, and annex most of Oregon as they do it.  (Read More)

Why Twitter Won’t Let People Share Sworn Court Documents Alleging Voter Fraud

(The Federalist) If you thought Twitter’s censorship of reported Joe Biden family corruption or frequent flagging of the U.S. president’s tweets were isolated incidents, think again. Big Tech’s efforts to shield favored political figures and positions from scrutiny have only increased.

You and I can find ourselves branded with censorious labels even for sharing court documents containing sworn testimony, should the offending share touch any of a growing number of third rails. Today, the integrity of the 2020 presidential election is the greatest third rail of them all.  (Read More)

Republicans Crush Democrats Across Idaho, Take Ada County Commissioner’s Races

(Keep Idaho Free) The 2020 Presidential election isn’t over yet.

As America awaits the results between President Trump and Joe Biden, we look to Idaho for what happened here. And what happened in Idaho for the 2020 general election was a Republican wave.

The turnout in Idaho was record-breaking and the GOP made grounds in the statehouse and flipped another crucial race in Ada County.

The biggest surprise of the night by far was Republican challenger Ryan Davidson upsetting Diana Lachiondo for Ada County Commissioner.

Ryan Davidson was considered a major underdog in the race. He was vastly outspent by leftist Lachiondo from both her campaign and outside groups.  (Read More)

How 60 Years Of Church Silence Made The Most Anti-Catholic Party In Modern History Possible

(The Federalist) Former Vice President Joe Biden ran his presidential campaign on a pro-late-term abortion, pro-child sex-change, pro-gay marriage, pro-contraception mandate platform. Two of these positions stand in direct defiance of the Catholic Church’s “five non-negotiables,” one targets Catholic nuns, hospitals and adoption agencies, and the other targets children.

Not satisfied, Biden chose Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, despite her claim that membership in a Catholic organization is a disqualifier from becoming a federal judge.  (Read More)

Idaho’s Lt. Gov. is a Woman of Courage

(Redoubt News) Idaho’s Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, is the Conservative counterpart to the quasi-Republican Governor Brad Little.

Some of her hard line stances, though popular with her constituents, have come under fire from the establishment in Boise.

She took an anti-lockdown stance when the Governor issued his orders to decide who was essential and who was not essential to the state. She issued a scathing letter in support of the people of Idaho:

‘It’s Up to Idahoans to Ameliorate Government’s Heavy Hand’

As Lieutenant Governor, I am one heartbeat away from the governor’s chair. I am also a small business owner.  (Read More)