‘Our Messaging Does Not Align’: Dozens Of Public Libraries Reportedly Reject Kirk Cameron Story Hour Over Faith-Based Book

(Daily Wire) Actor Kirk Cameron — and a proposed story hour event promoting his latest faith-based book — have been rejected by 50 public libraries so far, publisher Brave Books says.

According to a Fox News Digital report published early Wednesday morning, Cameron’s team reached out to dozens of public libraries in the hopes that some would be willing to host an event for his latest book, “As We Grow” — but at the time of publication, not a single one had returned a “yes.”

Among those rejecting Cameron’s event was Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island — a library that hosts a recurring program for members of the LGBTQ+ community who are aged 12 or older called “Queer Umbrella.”

Queer Umbrella is billed as a “club and safe space where teens can learn, discuss and connect over queer history, art, community resources, and more.”

A representative from the Rochambeau Public Library told Cameron that they did not have any interest in hosting his event.

“No, we will pass on having you run a program in our space,” the library said, adding, “We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align … You can fill out the form to reserve space, to run the program in our space — but we won’t run your program.”  (Read More)

Woke Virginia Restaurant Dishes Out Intolerance, Turns Christians Away

(Washington Stand) “Have you ever been denied a meal because of your beliefs?” Victoria Cobb asked. Because she has. The head of the Virginia Family Foundation spent the weekend grappling with the news that a local Richmond restaurant, Metzger Bar and Butchery, refused to serve her organization because of its conservative views. And if the Democrats’ get their way with the bill to redefine marriage, guess what? A lot more Americans might have to go hungry.

Metzger Bar and Butchery had already agreed to rent a private room to the foundation a week or two earlier. But when one of Cobb’s staffers went to check on details the night of the event, she got a call from one of the restaurant’s managers telling them they had to cancel. Her first thought was, “Is this a COVID thing?” Turns out, it was an outbreak of something else: intolerance.

A server had apparently seen the reservation under the Virginia Family Foundation’s name and objected. As Cobb relayed to Virginia Business, Metzger’s explained that they have a lot of LGBT-identifying waitstaff who “were presumably opposed to some of the organization’s political stances…”  (Read More)

Senator Lummis’s Marriage Vote and the Collapse of Christian Courage

(Washington Stand) In an all-black outfit, fitting for a funeral of freedom, Lummis talked about the personal journey that led her to betray her faith and base. It was a “painful exercise in accepting admonishment,” Lummis admitted. There was “fairly brutal self-soul searching,” which she admitted was “entirely avoidable had I simply chosen to vote no.”

For a full minute, Lummis launched into a series of compelling reasons to oppose the bill, arguments that should have talked her out of this misguided path. “The Bible teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman,” she said. “I accept God’s word — including God’s word as to the definition of marriage. I support my church’s adherence to that biblical pronouncement. I support Wyoming’s statute, which codifies that definition. I find solace in people and organizations that share my beliefs.”

Then, in a surprisingly candid twist, Lummis talked about the hostility she’s experienced from the Left for her views. “I, and many like me, have been vilified and despised by some who disagree with our beliefs. They do not withhold bitter invective. They use their own hateful speech to make sure that I and others who believe as I do now, that we are hated and despised by them.” Then, looking up from her script, Lummis said pointedly that people on the conservative side of marriage “can relate to ill treatment.”

So why stray? Why turn her back on years of personal and public conviction? Because, in Lummis’s mind, surrender is the only way to prove her tolerance.  (Read More)

Distressed Children Avoid Using Bathroom At School Due To Transgender Policy, Parents’ Lawsuit Claims

(Daily Wire) Ohio parents are suing their local school board over a new transgender policy that allows students to use the bathroom and locker room that correspond with their gender identity.

A group of Muslim and Christian parents in Bethel, Ohio, filed a civil lawsuit in federal court on November 22 against Bethel Local School District’s school board, seeking to halt the district’s new bathroom policy.

The parents say the policy violates their parental rights and Constitutional religious rights, as well as Title IX and Ohio state law.

The lawsuit claims that children of the plaintiffs “hold their urine and avoid using the restroom at school if at all possible” due to the policy. If the children do use the restroom, it causes them “anxiety and emotional distress,” and they fear they will be exposed to the opposite sex, the suit says. One of the children, a ninth grade girl, takes a friend with her to make sure no boy “violates her modesty.”  (Read More)

Politico Ignores Huge Risks Of Child ‘Transition’ To Push Kids Toward Castration Instead Of Real Care

(The Federalist) Politico published what it called a “Special Report” over the weekend, chronicling the experiences of families with transgender-identifying youths who have moved because of state laws that place restrictions on wrong-sex treatments for underage children. As when reading all corporate media coverage, readers should ask: What narrative is this writer pushing? But in this one-sided, pro-trans, and anti-science article, Politico leaves no doubt.

Underpinning the story lies the premise that encouraging children to undergo complicated medical procedures to attempt to change their sex (impossible) provides unalloyed benefits to the youths in question. But just because Politico says something doesn’t necessarily make it so.

I should preface my comments by stating that I do not have a medical background in endocrinology or otherwise. I won’t pretend to know the “right” way or “wrong” way to treat someone with gender dysphoria, although I hope that all God’s children get treated with dignity and respect.

But as someone who works in health policy, I have noticed several instances in recent months in which high-profile people have begun questioning the effects of puberty blockers and treatments that involve extensive hormone therapies and gratuitous surgeries that irreversibly damage people. Having come across these data points during my health policy work, I found the Politico piece striking for what it excluded.  (Read More)

The Transing of the Christ

(PJ Media) Joshua Heath, a junior research fellow at Cambridge University in England, preached a sermon at an Evensong service this past Sunday. According to Fox News, Heath made the case that Christ’s body could be seen as a trans body. He said that non-erotic portrayals of Jesus’ genitalia in works of art should be used to create a welcoming voice for trans people, not a hostile one. Heath also displayed medieval paintings of the Crucifixion, showing Christ’s side being pierced by the spear. Heath noted that the wound had the appearance of a vagina and that the blood that issued from it flowed toward Christ’s groin. The sermon contained the phrase, “In Christ’s simultaneously masculine and feminine body in these works, if the body of Christ, as these works suggest, [is] the body of all bodies, then his body is also the trans body.

While hostility has no place in the church, Heath was reaching to make his point. And it was a long stretch indeed. Many of those in attendance were offended, and some even left in tears while others shouted that Heath was committing heresy. One churchgoer wrote to Dr. Michael Banner, the dean of Trinity College, “I am contemptuous of the idea that by cutting a hole in a man, through which he can be penetrated, he can become a woman. I am especially contemptuous of such imagery when it is applied to our Lord, from the pulpit, at Evensong. I am contemptuous of the notion that we should be invited to contemplate the martyrdom of a ‘trans Christ,’ a new heresy for our age.” Banner has come to Heath’s defense, stating that Heath raised legitimate speculation about the nature of Christ. He has also maintained that perceiving Christ’s body as both male and female could help people think about transgender issues.

Balenciaga and the Soft Rise of Pedophilia

(Washington Stand) Despite the constantly shifting sands of the culture war, one could hope that there is still moral territory where common ground between conservatives and liberals can be found; namely, protecting children from the likes of pedophiles and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) producers. If the lack of shared public concern about harbingers of pedophilia is any indication, however, the complete moral desolation of western society may have already arrived on our doorstep.

A recent high-profile instance of mainstream pedophilia propaganda has appeared in two ad campaigns from the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga. In one disturbing campaign, the brand photographed gloomy-looking children holding stuffed animals dressed in BDSM gear, surrounded by alcohol and items associated with violent sexual fetishes. In the second campaign, an office-themed set included documents from the United States v. Williams Supreme Court case, which centered on CSAM.

[…]In its frantic scramble to avoid condemnation, Balenciaga has admitted that the content featured in its ad campaigns was highly disturbing; mainstream media outlets, however, appear hellbent on defending both the luxury brand and the pedophilic content. Popular fashion magazine Elle marveled at how, “anything that comes even close to sexualising children — which clearly wasn’t the intention here, and arguably wasn’t the final product — invites loud, impassioned, and endless backlash.”  (Read More)

The Question Fools Don’t Ask

(Dennis Prager) What would you think of a person who never asked the price of anything he or she bought?

You would assume the person was inordinately wealthy. But if the person wasn’t, you would dismiss him as a fool, and you would certainly never ask this person for advice about how to spend your money.

Yet, for two years, that question — “What is the price?” — was avoided by virtually every political leader in the world as well as the vast majority of epidemiologists and physicians, journalists and editors, college presidents, deans, professors and K-12 teachers.

They never asked, “What is the price?” with regard to locking down businesses, schools and, in many cases, entire countries.

That is why so many political leaders, teachers, college presidents, doctors, epidemiologists and other scientists turned out to be fools.

The handful of scientists — and, of course, the even smaller number of academics or people in the mainstream media — who questioned the lockdowns were labeled purveyors of “misinformation” and “disinformation,” the terms used by the Left to describe all dissent. Indeed, as of January 2023, California physicians who differ from the fools who dominate the American medical establishment will risk having their license to practice medicine revoked.  (Read More)

If Marriage Can Mean Anything, It Will Soon Mean Nothing

(The Federalist) No matter how you define “marriage,” there is zero respect for it in the so-called Respect for Marriage Act.

You may believe it serves to federally codify the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision that rejected marriage as a male-female union. Maybe it would do so temporarily. But that’s not the endgame.

If you’re paying attention, you can see that the Senate’s recent 62-37 vote for cloture on HR 8404 puts us one step closer to abolishing state recognition of marriage entirely. That’s where this train is headed.

This will happen the same way such things always happen — through a demonization campaign that frames skeptics as bigots who are guilty of discrimination. That’s how you get Democrat-pliable Republicans such as Mitt Romney and craven Supreme Court justices like Anthony Kennedy to sign on. That’s how you manufacture a public opinion cascade, warning average Americans that they’ll be pummeled with lawsuits and ostracism if they dare think out loud.

And that’s how Democrats in Congress are likely in the not-too-distant future — via HR 8404 — to make the case that marriage actually comes with privileges that discriminate against the unmarried. Disagree? You’re a bigot who deserves to be socially ostracized! Self-censorship in the face of such accusations will pave the way, as always.  (Read More)

K-12 public schools have surpassed funding targets, but results have not improved

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) In less than two months’ time, Idaho’s new Legislature will convene. One of its tasks will be to decide how to allocate the $330 million in ongoing funding that was earmarked for K-12 public education by Gov. Brad Little and the Legislature in September.

Voices from the establishment will clamor for the money to be distributed to public schools. Despite massive increases in spending on public schools, voices from within the system still demand more money. Spending levels are higher than they have been in decades.

Yet, increased spending on public education has not resulted in a positive return for taxpayers. Student test scores have remained stagnant or declined, and schools increasingly push corrupt ideologies into the classroom. Instead of throwing more money at a system that is not accountable for academic improvement, the $330 million increase in education spending should follow students so that families can decide how best to educate their children.

So, just how much does Idaho spend per K-12 student? Data show that funding has now surpassed recommendations from 2013.

That year, a task force commissioned by Gov. Butch Otter issued a report recommending ways to improve Idaho’s education system. One of its proposals was a “restoration of operational funding to the FY 2009 level.”  (Read More)

When Christian Leaders Capitulate On Marriage, Innocent Children Suffer

(The Federalist) Learning this month that 12 Senate Republicans had signed on with Democrats to advance the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act left many Christians stunned. Most shocking was the “yes” vote from Roy Blunt, a practicing Southern Baptist who served for three years as president of a small, private university in the theologically conservative denomination.

How, many wondered, could a political leader with such deep roots in one of the most traditional branches of evangelicalism so publicly undermine the foremost human institution created by God? Those asking must not have been paying attention to the shift that has taken place in elite evangelical circles in recent years.

One of the earliest signs that the commitment to defend biblical marriage was weakening came from Christianity Today CEO Timothy Dalrymple. In 2012, seven years before he took the helm of the publication founded by Billy Graham, he went on record arguing that it might be “time to stop opposing same-sex marriage as a matter of law.”

Dalrymple assured his readers that he’s among those who believe “it’s biblically and theologically clear that marriage was created and ordained by God for the union of male and female.” But he also encouraged them to “humbly acknowledge the limitations of our knowledge, and recognize the possibility that we are mistaken.”  (Read More)

Federal Court Blocks Joe Biden’s Mandate Trying to Force Christian Doctors to Do Abortions

(Life News) A federal appeals court has blocked Joe Biden’s controversial mandate attempting to force Christian doctors to kill babies in abortions.

Christian medical leaders raised the alarm about a new pro-abortion mandate from the Biden administration that could shut down Christian health care throughout the U.S. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services officials planned to revoke a Trump administration rule that protected pro-life medical workers from being forced to kill unborn babies in elective abortions.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed suit presenting Christian doctors challenging two Biden administration mandates. They say the mandate forces religious nonprofit and for-profit employers to pay for and perform surgeries, procedures, counseling, and treatments that seek to alter one’s biological sex and to do abortions — actions that violate their religious beliefs.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Biden abortion mandate on August 26, ruling that religious doctors could not be required to perform procedures like abortion that violate their beliefs.

The Biden administration had until November 25th to appeal the ruling and failed to do so — meaning the mandate is now blocked by the appellate court.  (Read More)

BARNA: 8 Ways to Reinvigorate Our Electoral Process

(Washington Stand) I encourage you to immediately embark on a healthy change. Not in your diet, although that might be valuable. And not in your spiritual regimen, although that might also be life-changing.

It is time for each of us to reconsider how we think about and engage in electoral politics.

Consider the mess we are in politically. According to recent national surveys by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, commissioned by AmericasOne, two-thirds of Americans (65%) are proud of their country. Yet, we are also wary, frustrated and even angry (73%) about our political process, and closer to nine out of 10 adults believe the country is moving in the wrong direction. Overwhelming majorities contend that our leading political parties are out-of-touch and self-serving; that elected officials in Washington are corrupt, incompetent, unduly influenced by major donors, not trustworthy — and self-serving. According to three out of every four voters our political system is not to blame; the problem is the bad actors abusing that system to advance their personal interests at the expense of the public interest.

You don’t have to dig deep to find the dysfunctions in our elections. Consider the vicious attacks between Democrats and Republicans, many of which become personal. The partisan, mainstream media continually pushes an ideological narrative under the guise of “objective news.” Megadonors exercise undue influence on voting, skirting contribution limits through PACs and other means, buying access and favors in the process. Factual reports of election cheating and abuse are widespread.  (Read More)

Enjoy The Distinctly Christian Holiday We Call Thanksgiving

(Cold-Case Christianity) The pilgrims who came over from England in 1620 were, in many ways, ordinary men and women. Some of them were members of the English Separatist Church (a Puritan sect of Christianity). These Separatists originally fled England and sailed to Holland to escape the religious intolerance and oppression of their homeland. In their day, the Church and the State of England were one, and independent congregations who desired to explore their own, differing relationship with the Christian God were unable to practice their faith independent of the State Church. Separatists had come to the conclusion membership in the Church of England violated Biblical teaching. They fled their homeland so they could pursue God in a way they considered to be truer to the teaching of the Bible. This group successfully escaped religious persecution from the Church of England, but eventually became disenchanted with the Dutch way of life. They observed the lifestyles of those around them and believed they were in an ungodly land. So once again, they pushed on toward a new place where they could both worship the Biblical God of Christianity and live in a way honorable to this God.

The Mayflower held more than just the Separatist Puritans. The ship also contained other pilgrims who still remained loyal to the Church of England but came to the new world for economic reasons or because they sympathized with the Puritans in one way or another. But one thing was certain about everyone on the ship. Whether they were part of the Puritan group or simply along to assist them and make a new life for themselves, everyone shared a fervent and pervasive Protestant faith permeating all aspects of their lives.  (Read More)

‘Pastor Story Hour’: Ministers Take Bible-Based Picture Books To Local Libraries Amid ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Craze

(Daily Wire) As “Drag Queen Story Hour” events sweep the nation, two ministers are exhorting fellow Christian men to bring “Pastor Story Hour” to their local public libraries.

The promotion of the LGBTQ movement among children, often through graphic strip teases and sexually explicit curricula in government schools, has recently been the center of political and social controversy. Dale Partridge of Prescott, Arizona, and Michael Foster of Batavia, Ohio, invited members of their communities to discover biblical teachings about God’s design for gender and encouraged other believers to do the same.

“Why are drag queens seemingly more interested in influencing the children in their community than pastors? Why are the lost more committed to the systematic and cultural evangelization of the public than American Christians are to evangelizing the gospel?” Partridge, who leads the digital ministry Relearn.org, commented in an interview with The Daily Wire. “These are hard questions the church needs to face. Christians need to see that Christianity is a totalizing faith, which means Christ should not be reserved only for church life, but should saturate and permeate our entire lives.”  (Read More)

The Anti-Thanksgiving Activism Dividing America Is Rooted In Ungratefulness

(The Federalist) Not all Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Indeed, corporate media have eagerly reported on the so-called “National Day of Mourning,” during which liberal activists and indigenous peoples “remember the suffering inflicted in the 1620s” and mourn “the struggles that Indigenous people continue to face today,” according to CNN. A few years ago, Salon published an article on millennials “growing weary about our collective celebration of Thanksgiving.” The author of a 2020 Vogue article declared “This year, however, I’m finally choosing not to be thankful, too.”

It’s not surprising that such protests are gaining in popularity among young Americans. An entire generation of Americans has been catechized in anti-racist political activism, their consciences malformed to constantly scrutinize every aspect of our culture for signs, however tenuous, of bigotry, colonialism, patriarchy, or white supremacy. Thanksgiving, young activists assess, seems guilty of all of the above, and thus must be defamed, dismantled, and replaced, much as innumerable other symbols of national unity have already been toppled. But is the activist narrative about Thanksgiving accurate? And if we repurpose or jettison the holidays that most effectively communicate our national identity and civil religion, what will replace it?  (Read More)

Conservatives Can’t Run And Hide From The Left Anymore. They Have To Stand And Fight

(The Federalist) One of the comforting fictions conservatives are increasingly tempted to tell themselves is that if they just move to a red state or county, the insanity of the woke left won’t affect them and their family. Ensconced in safely Republican communities, perhaps they’ll be free not just from disastrous Democrat policies but also from the pernicious sexual propaganda of the left. For conservatives with children, this is especially important.

But it’s a mirage. There is no American town or hamlet remote or red enough to prevent the infiltration of leftist ideology, which today often comes from institutions that in an earlier era would have been seen as the guardians of a decidedly Christian civic virtue. Not only are left-wing activists taking over these institutions, but they are also working to ban conservatives, and especially Christians, from the public square altogether.

There is nowhere today that conservatives can run and hide from the left. They can either surrender or stand and fight.

Consider what’s playing out in the small town of Taylor, Texas, population 16,807. Situated about 40 miles northeast of deep-blue Austin, it has long been precisely the sort of place conservative families might move to raise their children — a quiet and peaceful town full of churches in a deep-red part of the Lone Star State.  (Read More)

Biden, Democrats Moving to Ban Traditional Marriage Advocates from the Public Square

(PJ Media) America is about to learn that what liberals actually mean when they claim to support “separation of church and state” is they want to use the power of government to silence those who disagree with them on same-sex marriage.

For years, liberals have perverted the meaning of Thomas Jefferson’s “absolute wall of separation” for keeping the state out of the church to keeping those in the church who uphold the Bible’s definition of marriage out of the public square.

The occasion for this teachable moment is the “Respect for Marriage Act” now before the Senate. Democrats claim the proposal is required to make same-sex marriage legal nationwide, even though the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision in 2015 did precisely that.

The House passed a similar bill last summer, so there are some differences between the two chambers’ versions that will have to be ironed out, but that will happen quickly and President Joe Biden will sign the measure into the law.

A dozen Republican senators voted with all of the Democrats to advance the proposal. Had this dozen GOP lawmakers voted against advancing the bill, it would still be tied up in the Senate, with an excellent chance of not going any further before the 118th Congress convenes. There’s no guarantee, however, that the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives would block the proposal.  (Read More)

‘Groomed And Preyed Upon’: Young Woman Was Pressured Into Mastectomy, Testosterone As A Child — Now She Regrets It

(Daily Caller) Luka was 15 when she was first encouraged by her therapist to come out as transgender while she was hospitalized for mental health issues. A surgeon removed her breasts when she was 16 in a “gender-affirming” double mastectomy, and she went on cross-sex hormones soon after, which permanently changed her face, body and voice.

At 20 years old, Luka now regrets listening to doctors and medical professionals, whom she says misled and manipulated her into undergoing irreversible medical procedures.

“There was no stopping to question if this was the right way to deal with the discomfort I was feeling around my body,” Luka told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

At no point did doctors inform Luka that there were ways to resolve her mental health problems besides transitioning, which she now believes would have been enough to prevent her from going through with the procedures, she told the DCNF. Her doctors appear to have adopted the “gender affirmation approach” promoted by transgender activists: they encourage gender transitions rather than helping patients come to terms with their biological sex.  (Read More)

Education choice reduces wokeism in schools, new research finds

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Despite the wishes of parents, Idaho’s K-12 public schools are decidedly advancing woke ideologies. From sexually explicit curriculum to pornographic books in school libraries or changing student pronouns without parental consent, public schools are force feeding children values against their families’ wishes.

It doesn’t have to be this way. New research shows that education choice could be the answer to reducing wokeness in the education system.

A recently released study by the Heritage Foundation empirically demonstrates that empowering parents to choose the best education for their child significantly reduces wokeness in schools.

It is reasonable to ask how education choice could reduce woke ideology given that some elite private schools and schools of choice within the public system (charter schools) are pushing the same radical agenda. Teacher training in universities and accreditation reinforces this problem. If critics are right that parental control over their children’s education makes little to no difference, then education choice policies will not solve this impending problem. Perhaps we’re experiencing market “failure” where the only solution is to further regulate the public school system through bans on critical race theory and gender ideology.  (Read More)

Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel

(Washington Stand) Every November, the United States celebrates National Adoption Month — a tradition that began in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan first instituted National Adoption Week. For generations, American adoption activists have worked to destigmatize and celebrate the beauty of growing a family through adoption. As more birth mothers consider placing their child for adoption in an increasingly abortion-free America, it is more important than ever to recognize the beauty and hope that characterize stories of adoption.

Negative perceptions of adoption in the media are often driven by a fear of the potential trauma or pain that placing a child for adoption or being adopted could cause. This is the same reason why 91% of mothers choose parenting over adoption when abortion is not an option. Birth mothers in modern America face a culture that would sooner encourage a mother to kill her child than to place him or her for adoption.

Make no mistake — it is often a good thing that biological mothers choose to parent their child. Many women are far more capable of parenthood than they may initially allow themselves to believe. However, there are some tragic situations when a woman is realistically not capable (either physically or mentally) of providing a safe or loving home for her child. In these instances, adoption can provide a lifeline for both mother and child — sparing the mother from the trauma of ending her child’s life through abortion and allowing the child to flourish in an adoptive family.  (Read More)

Proposed resolution from the Idaho School Boards Association opposes education freedom

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) The Idaho School Boards Association, or ISBA, is set to vote on a resolution opposing school choice. The resolution perpetuates several myths commonly used to defend the government monopoly. Member school districts will vote on the resolution as part of ISBA’s annual convention on Nov. 11.

This is not the first time that ISBA has shown its cards. One of its representatives testified against HB 669, a bill that would have empowered 65% of Idaho families to use part of their student’s public education funding for a customized education. ISBA also opposed an early iteration of the Strong Students grant program that would have helped families offset some of the costs of private schools.

Adopting this resolution would cement ISBA’s position of protecting the public school monopoly over the needs and desires of Idaho families who support programs like education savings accounts (ESAs), vouchers, and tax-credit scholarships.  (Read More)

Christians Are Responsible for the State of American Politics

(Townhall) The phrase “American life and politics” may seem to describe two totally different realties. But they are, in fact, one and the same. American Christians have desperately tried to believe that politics can be left to secularists who besmirch themselves with temporal concerns — as good fundamental, Bible-believing Christians, we’ll just lock ourselves in our prayer closets, cloister ourselves in our sanctified communities, and pull up the draw-bridge in front of our Christian schools.

At the risk of being branded a heretic, I must assert, good Christian, your prayers are not enough.

For far too long we’ve whistled past the graveyard, dithering about the inconsequential virtues like skirts versus pants, blind to the reality that we’ve succumbed to the same sinful myopathy that possessed medieval scholasticists, who quarreled uselessly about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

All the while, the infernal forces of tyranny have marched forward, gobbling up the entire structure of American education, the arts, entertainment, and politics.  (Read More)

Amid School Board Revolution, Dem Calls Parents’ Involvement ‘Stupid’

(Washington Stand) On Wednesday, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) made headlines when he posted a comment on Twitter stating that he thought the idea of parents being in charge of their children’s education was “stupid.” The controversial statement comes in light of a sweeping movement across the nation of parents getting more involved in public education, particularly through running for and winning school board seats.

Swalwell’s comment came in reaction to a quote from Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) after he won reelection Tuesday, who said, “We are putting parents back in charge of their kids’ education.”

In response, Swalwell tweeted: “Please tell me what I’m missing here. What are we doing next? Putting parents in charge of their own surgeries? Clients in charge of their own trials? When did we stop trusting experts. This is so stupid.”

The rebuttals from advocates for parental rights were swift. “We stopped trusting ‘experts’ when they locked our kids out of classrooms, tried to force-feed them propaganda, and proved that their political agendas were more important than our kids’ wellbeing,” replied Nicki Neily, president of Parents Defending Education.  (Read More)

‘Cut-and-pasted boilerplate’: Detransitioner sues providers for approving ‘unnecessary’ mastectomy

(Just the News) A young woman who regretted her gender transition helped shut down the U.K.’s central provider of pediatric “gender affirming care” this summer through litigation that prompted more scrutiny of the National Health Service-run Tavistock clinic.

An older American detransitioner is following Keira Bell’s lead, suing mental health professionals for allegedly rushed, sloppy and categorically false evaluations that authorized her for a taxpayer-funded double mastectomy despite the red flags she presented on mental health.

Though she’s not a minor, Camille Kiefel’s lawsuit could make providers think twice about treating gender dysphoria in youth with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, as well as surgical removal of healthy breasts and genitals for all ages.

The gender-critical Women’s Liberation Front is sponsoring Kiefel’s lawsuit. Filed in Oregon’s Multnomah County Circuit Court, it alleges malpractice, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  (Read More)