There Is No Way To ‘Fix’ The Equality Act. It’s Identity Politics Or Equality Before The Law

(The Federalist) On May 15, Fox News reported that three Republican senators would like to write caveats into the Equality Act that might give them the political cover to vote for the bill to criminalize free speech and Christianity in the United States.

“Representatives from the offices of Sens. Thom Tillis, R-N.C.; Rob Portman, R-Ohio and Susan Collins, R-Maine, met with groups including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council and American Principles Project, sources said.”

FRC President Tony Perkins says that wasn’t his group’s goal for the meetings at all. Orthodox faith groups don’t want to be bamboozled into appearing to support a “compromise” on a bill that legally advantages LGBT people to make Christians second-class American citizens and punish free speech, both constitutionally protected rights.  (Read More)

A Supreme Chance at an Abortion Fix

(FRC) Americans could use some good news right about now — and this morning, the Supreme Court gave it to them. After 29 long years, the justices just took a case that every pro-lifer has been waiting for: a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. For the first time since 1992, the highest court in the land has a chance to deal a death blow to the precedent that’s tied this country in judicial knots — and robbed us of 62 million unique, irreplaceable lives. That could all change by this time next year when the Supreme Court has what some legal scholars are calling “the best opportunity they’ll ever have to overturn Roe.”

For years, cases have been bubbling to the surface from the states — all of them designed to do what Mississippi’s law just did: force the Supreme Court to reconsider the country’s abortion standards. A lot of people — FRC experts included — think the mere fact that the justices took the case is a victory. It means, most likely, that the court’s newest members are ready to make a major change in the law.  (Read More)

Arkansas and Idaho kick Planned Parenthood out of schools

(Standing For Freedom Center) The states of Idaho and Arkansas have passed bills that bar Planned Parenthood from making agreements to present sex education classes or to pass out birth control and abortifacients at either K-12 schools or public universities.

The Idaho legislation also prohibits any publicly funded agency or school from entering into a contract with an abortion provider and blocks the use of any public facility or agency from “providing, performing, or participating in an abortion.”

The law prevents the following activities in schools:

  • Providing or performing an abortion.
  • Counseling in favor of abortion.
  • Referring for abortion.
  • Dispensing a drug deemed as emergency contraception by the Food and Drug Administration except in the case of rape.  (Read More)

Jailed Alberta Pastor Released On Bail; Recounts Harsh Imprisonment And Blasts ‘Evil’ Canadian Politicians

(Daily Wire) Pastor Artur Pawlowski, whose arrest for holding church services in defiance of Alberta’s Public Health Act drew international attention, recounted his harrowing experience in jail and reiterated his warning to Canadians about growing state tyranny.

Pawlowski, who was released on bail earlier this week, detailed to Rebel News (video below) how he was allegedly mistreated by some of the police and prison guards, who he claims physically abused him, mocked his Christian faith, and kept him from talking to his lawyer.

As The Daily Wire reported, a large number of police pulled over Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid Pawlowski, last Saturday to inform them that they were under arrest for allegedly violating Alberta’s Public Health Act by continuing to hold church services.  (Read More)

Men Give Birth. America Was Founded in 1619. And Israel Is the Aggressor.

(Townhall) When you meditate for a moment on what the left expects honest and decent people to believe, you confront the world of absurdities and lies in which we live.

The left demands we believe and announce that men menstruate and give birth and that it is in no way unfair to girls and women when biological men compete in girls’ and women’s sports.

In tens of thousands of American schools, students are brainwashed to believe that America was not founded in 1776 but in 1619, the year the first Africans were brought to North America as indentured servants or slaves. This is the “1619 Project” lie: It was labeled a lie by almost every leading historian of early America, many of whom are Democrats and liberals who supported the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.  (Read More)

How Biden Aims to Take Critical Race Theory to the Next Level in Your School

(Daily Signal) If the Biden administration gets its way, the federal government will soon be alternatively bribing and threatening every school district in the country to push divisive and damaging curricula on race in the classroom.

It would come courtesy of a proposed rule from the Department of Education, available for public comment until May 19. In announcing the rule, the Department cited the historically debunked 1619 Project from the New York Times, as well as the “scholarship” of Ibram X. Kendi, whose many radical arguments include a suggestion that every law in the country should be subject to the approval of an unelected board of “antiracist” academics.

But the rule’s consequences would be more than academic. It would infuse critical race theory into the whole of the federal government’s primary governing law concerning K-12 schools, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  (Read More)

4 States Lead Fight Against “CRT”

(Faith & Freedom) Critical Race Theory (CRT) was once an obscure sub-discipline in academia. Now CRT instruction is dominating in most American corporations, and infecting fields ranging from federally-funded nuclear labs to medicine to public and private schools. And our military.

It holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet teaches individuals to view every social interaction and person in terms of race—canceling the views of MLK.

To disagree with this doctrine of destruction is to prove you are a “racist.”

However, several states have now taken up legislation that will ban it, creating a new “front line” in the culture war.  (Read More)

Tennessee gov signs transgender ‘bathroom bill’ for schools

(OneNewsNow) Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has signed legislation that puts public schools and their districts at risk of losing civil lawsuits if they allow students or employees who claim to be transgender to use multi-person bathrooms or locker rooms that do not reflect their gender at birth.

The Republican governor signed the bill Friday, cementing another policy into law this year in Tennessee that is aimed at protecting the privacy of males and females in restrooms and locker rooms. Other GOP-led statehouses across the country, including in Texas, Alabama and Arkansas have taken similar action.

Under the bathroom measure, a student or employee could sue in an effort to claim monetary damages “for all psychological, emotional, and physical harm suffered” if school officials allow people to use a bathroom or locker room that does not reflect their sex at birth. They also could take legal action if required to stay in the same sleeping quarters as a member of the opposite sex at birth, unless that person is a family member.  (Read More)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

(LifeNews) Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill to ban abortions once an unborn baby’s heart begins beating.

The Texas Heartbeat Act will abolish elective abortions as early as six weeks, when the preborn child’s heartbeat is detectable using methods according to standard medical practice. The policy would take effect on September 1, 2021.

Abbot said the bill, “… ensures that the life of every unborn child who has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion.”

In an interview with KXXV 25 News, Abbott recently said he supports the bill because he wants to make life better for every person in Texas, including children in the womb.  (Read More)

A Major’s Step Backwards on Religious Liberty

(FRC) The Biden administration doesn’t mind if the military has chaplains — it just doesn’t want them to stand for anything. That’s the message from the new commander-in-chief, who seems to be picking up right where his former boss left off. Transgenderism in, religious freedom out.

Like a lot of people who’ve struggled with the whiplash of the new administration, the Army’s Chaplain Andrew Calvert struggled to find a good reason for bringing back the gender identity debate in the ranks. When President Biden dedicated one of his first executive orders to overturning the ban on transgender troops, Calvert had a hard time understanding the rationale. The Pentagon, under Donald Trump, had already ruled out the idea as a distraction, an unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars, and a setback for military readiness.  (Read More)

Conservatives win big on education during the 2021 Idaho legislative session

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) If there’s one thing to remember from the 2021 legislative session, it’s that the Idaho Legislature became the first legislative body in the country to successfully push back against the Marxist indoctrination happening in primary, secondary, and higher education.

The Legislature rejected a $6 million federal grant for pre-kindergarten, a grant that would have given the Biden administration direct control over the education of babies and toddlers. It also would have given significant power to the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children and its openly leftist national umbrella organization, the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The Legislature also passed a bill, signed grudgingly by Gov. Brad Little, to prevent teachers in our K-12 and university system from “compelling students to personally affirm, adopt, or adhere” to racist programs and ideologies that divide students and adults into victims and oppressors according to race and gender. Idaho became the first state in the country to take a stand against the hate mongering that is central to “critical race theory.”  (Read More)

It’s Time For Christians To Stand Up And Proclaim We Will Never Stop Worshipping

(The Federalist) Last weekend the world saw a fearless man of God, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, arrested for leading a church service. This faithful pastor, who escaped the iron fist of communist rule in Poland as a child, was handcuffed on the streets of Canada and thrown in jail for refusing to shutter his church.

Not too long ago, this shocking display of repression would be unheard of in the western world. But over the last year, government efforts to curtail our freedom to worship have become all too common, and it has uncovered an uncomfortable problem in our church.

We are facing an identity crisis. Do we fearlessly follow the God who redeemed us, or serve the woke whims of our current culture?  (Read More)

‘A Battle for the Future of Israel’

(FRC) The sirens are a common sound in Israel, but this was no ordinary attack. Since Monday night, rockets have rained down with frightening frequency on the country’s Iron Dome missile defense system, as children scream and cry from bomb shelters across Israel’s border towns. The sky has been “on fire,” the locals have said in the scant moments when cell service works. It is the heaviest fighting between the Jewish nation and Gaza terror groups in years — and to the horror of people around the world, it shows no signs of stopping.

“Israel is under attack,” the Israel Defense Forces declared as more than 1,000 bombs have been launched toward Tel Aviv — temporarily suspending air travel and creating chaos throughout the country. Tensions have been high for weeks, because of a fiery land dispute that’s sparked riots, violence, and unrest for days across Jerusalem. Hamas promised the largest missile strike ever in retaliation — a threat the Palestinians are still carrying out with a vengeance.  (Read More)

“Culture Designed and Weaponized to Destroy Children”

(Faith & Freedom) Saturday morning cartoons were once the norm for kids, but that was in the 1960s.

Now cartoons have been pretty much taken over by the “woke” social warriors of the far-left—none the least, the LGBTQ+ activists.

The most fundamental beliefs of Christianity are being “canceled” and replaced by relativism, including the teachings of Jesus himself.

Thankfully, some pastors and Christian leaders are speaking out forcefully, warning that “Satan is working overtime to destroy our children.”

One pastor of a megachurch in California says…”Of all the things that disturb me in this culture, of all the horrific, sinful, wretched, wicked, corrupt influences that go on in this culture, the war on children distresses me the most.”

Parents and grandparents must be informed, not misled.  (Read More)

Kentucky adoption center fiasco shows what happens when voters elect leaders whose values don’t match their own

(Standing For Freedom Center) As Democrats across the country pressure Christian adoption agencies to violate their religious beliefs, the state of Kentucky illustrates the pitfalls of electing a state leader whose core values runs counter to their own.

Sunrise Children Services, affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, is a major children’s services provider in the state. The organization refused a contract with the state government, however, due to a dispute over one line in the contract, reportedly to do with LGBT discrimination.

Todd Gray, the convention’s executive director declined to say specifically what the dispute involved but said that it was over one sentence in the contract. “The bottom line is that there’s just a deeply held religious conviction. We do have religious liberty in our country,” he said.  (Read More)

The Wokest Place on Earth

(Christopher Rufo) The Walt Disney Corporation famously bills its amusement parks as “the happiest place on Earth,” but inside the company’s headquarters, a conflict is brewing. In the past year, Disney executives have elevated the ideology of critical race theory into a new corporate dogma—and bombarded employees with trainings on “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “white fragility,” “white saviors,” and launched racially-segregated “affinity groups” at the company’s headquarters.

I have obtained a trove of whistleblower documents related to Disney’s “diversity and inclusion” program, called “Reimagine Tomorrow,” which paints a disturbing picture of the company’s embrace of racial politics. Although the intention of the program might be noble, multiple Disney employees, who requested anonymity out of fear of reprisals, told me that the Reimagine Tomorrow program has become deeply politicized and engulfed parts of the company in racial conflict.  (Read More)

Lila Rose: Big Tech and Big Abortion are Colluding to Silence Pro-Life People

(LifeNews) Powerful social media companies are stifling pro-life voices online with the help of biased “fact checkers” and the billion-dollar abortion industry.

Lila Rose, the president and founder of Live Action, has been fighting against it for years.

In an interview with Breitbart News Sunday, Rose described the on-going struggle to reach people with the truth about unborn babies and abortion, the close ties between big tech and the abortion industry, and “fact checks” that really are not fact checks at all.

“Big Tech is notoriously ruled by far-left ideologues, so it’s a huge problem when we talk about the fair and open sharing of information, that these groups are basically colluding with the abortion industry to shut down pro-life voices,” Rose told Breitbart.  (Read More)

Biden admin: Submit to trans ideology or else

(OneNewsNow) A spokesman for an organization dedicated to monitoring the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and holding it accountable to its mission of furthering the health and well-being of all Americans says the Biden administration is moving too fast and “without process” to impose a “lawless” transgender mandate on the nation.

The issue began in 2016 with what the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) and other organizations refer to as the “transgender mandate” under President Obama. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) changed the definition of sex in their sex discrimination statute to refer to those who were transgendered or regardless of any kind of sexual orientation.

CMDA was opposed to that and was later involved in and won a federal lawsuit against it.  (Read More)

Swedish Hospital Bans Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones for Gender Dysphoric Youths Under 16. We Should, Too.

(Daily Signal) Sweden, arguably one of the most politically and socially liberal countries in the world, has nonetheless taken a giant step toward protecting gender dysphoric minors and their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

The Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine reported on Wednesday that the Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital—an arm of the one of the most renowned hospitals in Sweden, the Karolinska University Hospital—recently released a policy statement that included new guidelines for the care of youths with gender dysphoria under the age of 16.

The guidelines, which took effect April 1, are profound: They contradict many of the assertions of the transgender lobby, which encourage parents and children to accept that cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers are normal, healthy treatments for minors with gender dysphoria and should be pursued with little hesitation.  (Read More)

Pastor Arrested Sunday Following Worship Service

(Faith & Freedom) Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who kicked police out of his church when they tried to shut him down on Easter weekend, was arrested Sunday for holding an “illegal in-person gathering.”

Pulled over by several police cars and a swat team after leaving the Sunday worship service, the pastor and his brother were handcuffed in the middle of the road and hauled away to jail.

In a statement, the Calgary Police said the arrest was “lawfully enforced” and they had a court order to arrest the two men following the church service.

No, this didn’t happen in the United States, but is it only steps away?

And it’s chilling.  (Read More)

The Gem State Heist Part 3: A Warning to Idaho Conservatives

(Greg Pruett) If we are going to keep Idaho from turning into the next liberal stomping ground, then we must continue educating ourselves on what happened in other states. Idaho’s conservatives can’t afford to sit back and do nothing as liberals in both parties try to keep us from taking on this fight against the leftists.

Remember back in 2012 when Mitt Romney was running against Barak Obama? Remember how the liberals painted Mitt Romney as a “far-right” extremist?

Who in their right mind thinks Mitt Romney is a real conservative in the Republican Party? He may be conservative as a Democrat but he isn’t a “hard-liner” in the Republican Party.

The RINOs are already promising to help take out conservatives during the 2022 elections here in Idaho. If conservatives are removed, look for the liberals to then turn their sites on the moderate wing of the party. We’ll get to more specific examples in just a moment.  (Read More)

How Social Media’s Political Rage Machine Especially Hurts College Students

(The Federalist) Politics has a necessary, proper role in our society. The daily decisions and workings of the government affect how we live and the way our country progresses. The presence and discussion of this topic on social media, however, have led to the average college student’s overconsumption of politics — with physical and emotional consequences.

Social media has transformed into a hive of political news. Additionally, as noted by Ethan Stoneman, assistant professor of rhetoric and public address at Hillsdale College, the addictive nature of social media transforms it into a hotspot for political debate and discussion.

In “The Social Dilemma,” a documentary about the problems with social media, Edward Tufte, a statistician and professor at Yale University, compared the addictiveness of social media to that of drugs. “There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software,” Tufte observes.  (Read More)

Connecticut removes religious exemptions for all students as battle over vaccine requirements continues

(Standing For Freedom Center) Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed the bill into law last week and tweeted, “Proud to sign this bill into law to protect as many of our school children as possible from infectious diseases as we can.”

Connecticut joins California, New York, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Maine in allowing no religious exemption for vaccines.

Two organizations opposing the legislation, We The Patriots USA, Inc., and The CT Freedom Alliance, LLC, said they would file suit against the state over the law.

Norm Pattis, an attorney representing the two groups, said, “The notion that somehow the state government gets the right to cram its version of virtue down the throats of every citizen in this state is and ought to be offensive to every Connecticut resident.” He said it was “far more chilling” for the state to tell a parent how to raise their child than to expose other children to a “nominal risk” of infection.  (Read More)

Governor Little Signs The Heartbeat Bill. Will it ban abortions in Idaho?

(Abolish Abortion Idaho) All over the news in Idaho this week was the passage of the Idaho Heartbeat Abortion Bill. After reading the media coverage and the press release from the lobbyist organization that pushed the bill, we would all think that most abortions were banned in Idaho!

But were they? The short answer is No. Not a single abortion is banned with the passage of this bill. Last week 29 children were killed in Idaho in abortions, and for every week for the next year until the next Idaho legislative session in 2022 and beyond, 29 more children will still be killed WEEKLY in Idaho in legal abortions.

But, why all the hype for the heartbeat bill then? How can a bill that passed the Idaho House and the Idaho Senate and got signed by the governor and got publicity as an abortion ban NOT actually stop a single abortion?  (Read More)

Conservatives, Stop Complaining About Blue State Exodus and Start Getting Involved in Local Politics

(RedState) I’ve been keeping a running tally of families in my area who have fled the disaster that has become California for greener pastures over the last year. So far I’m up to twelve. Twelve families who represent dozens of human beings, just gone. To a person they left because of school closures. To a person they had not been thinking about moving before COVID sparked a draconian power-grab in Sacramento. And those are only the people I know personally. These days everyone here in California knows multiple people who have picked up and left the state on a whim in the last year. They seek the small things we always took for granted – school, work, mobility. They seek freedom.

Naturally, those seeking a freer life are headed to successful red states that have managed to keep the growth of government bloat as slow as possible and thus the cost of living as low as possible. Naturally, many fleeing their unbearable home states don’t make the connection between their voting habits and their quality of life. Not all, but many.

This fact of blue-state escapees gives red-staters cause to complain about how the flood of freedom-seekers is beginning to shift the political balance of their neighborhoods and municipalities.  (Read More)