Universities’ Insane COVID Rules And Snitch Culture Are Training The Next Generation To Embrace Totalitarianism

(The Federalist) If you think state and federal government COVID-19 policies are too restrictive, you haven’t been to a college campus lately. Schools across the country have imposed extreme, micromanaging rules on 19-22 year olds—a demographic more likely to die from the seasonal flu and pneumonia than COVID.

Paying top dollar at already overpriced institutions for vastly inferior remote learning, university students remain unnecessarily isolated and barred from using the services and facilities they and their families are paying for.

Many schools, like Southern Methodist University, forbid students from having guests in their dorm rooms. Others have even installed security cameras in the hallways aimed at residents’ doors to monitor adherence.  (Read More)

10 Steps For Resisting Joe Biden’s Order To Transgender Public Schools

(The Federalist) This is not a theoretical or small-time debate even if almost no transgender males join female sports teams, or if the ones who do rarely beat that many women. It is about getting people to kiss the ring and pretend they believe what they know is false. It is about subjugating people’s understanding of reality to prepare society for increased totalitarianism.

Every single one of us needs to understand the stakes here are not at all about a few trans kids playing on opposite-sex sports teams, or showering next to kids of the opposite sex somewhere. The obvious reality that men and women are different in meaningful ways that require us to treat them differently in some contexts is a hill to stake a claim on and refuse to budge no matter the outcome. This is a cultural sanity touchstone and human rights issue.  (Read More)

‘I’m with Franklin!’ petition takes on cancel culture

(OneNewsNow) An online petition defending Rev. Franklin Graham aims to counter the attack of a left-wing religious group seeking to oust him from serving as president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM) is collecting online signatures in its campaign to ward off the attack on Graham from the radical left group, Faithful America – originally founded by the National Council of Churches and previously funded by far-left billionaire George Soros.

Faithful America seeks to remove the world-renowned evangelist from his Christian leadership positions for agreeing with overwhelming evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election leading to President Joe Biden’s victory. The group points to an online post in which Graham stated he believed President Donald Trump’s argument that evidence of massive election fraud was covered up by the mainstream media and Democrats and labeled as a conspiracy theory.  (Read More)

Where’s the Shame in Protecting Religious Liberty?

(FRC) Elections have real-life consequences. This is true for religious protections, which can vary greatly depending on the incumbent presidential administration. The Department of Justice (DOJ) was a fearless advocate for faith during the Trump administration. Now, only two weeks into the Biden administration, a prominent appointee to the DOJ is making it known that she considers standing up for faith “shameful.”

The DOJ championed religious liberty over the past four years, first under the leadership of Jeff Sessions and then William Barr. When then-Attorney General Sessions announced the establishment of a Religious Liberty Task Force in July 2018, he said, “A dangerous movement, undetected by many, is now challenging and eroding our great tradition of religious freedom. There can be no doubt. This is no little matter. It must be confronted and defeated.” He was and still is correct.  (Read More)

How social justice silences

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Higher education is a unique institution founded on the ideal of genuine commitment to unfettered intellectual exploration.

Over the past decades, though, activists on college campuses have diverted university resources toward enforcing complete intellectual and ideological conformity to social justice theory. This ideology has grown enough to infect the procedural workings, administrative culture, curriculum, and everyday lives of students at college campuses across America.

Zealous groups on campus are emboldened by this bias to revolutionize the country by silencing, punishing, discouraging, and harassing individuals with ideas and perspectives that do not conform to the ideological worldview of social justice.  (Read More)

Don’t Let Critical Theory Cancel History

(Heritage Foundation) In his second inaugural address, Ronald Reagan said, “Let history say of us, ‘These were golden years—when the American Revolution was reborn … with heart and hand, let us stand as one today: One people under God determined that our future shall be worthy of our past.”

Unfortunately, Americans’ knowledge and understanding of the past are in a dismal state. A RAND Corporation survey from 2019 finds that just 32% of K-12 teachers considered “knowledge of facts”—such as of the Revolution—to be “absolutely essential” to social studies, last on a list of 12 other tasks. A RAND survey from 2020, meanwhile, found most social studies teachers felt they were not “well prepared to support students’ civic development.”  (Read More)

The United States of Election Reform

(FRC) If the mess of 2020 accomplished anything, it was lighting a fire under conservative states. After weeks of election counting, recounting, and questions, more legislatures than ever are determined to stop Democrats from taking advantage of COVID again. Cheat-by-mail is going to end, they warn. And a record number of states are lining up to prove it.

Most Republicans didn’t need motivation after November — but what’s happened in the first 15 days under Joe Biden is only giving them more. Watching this new administration try to rule with an iron E.O., overturning wave after wave of American progress, has made election reformers out of everyone. Leaders like Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), who sued to challenge Pennsylvania’s process, are sticking with their court challenges — this time, with a bigger goal: restoring Americans’ faith in the process.  (Read More)

Jen Psaki Says Joe Biden is “Delivering on His Promise” of Unity By Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions

(LifeNews) White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said today that Joe Biden is “delivering on his promise” of unity and healing by forcing Americans to fund abortions. When asked about his promise to unify Americans and how orders promoting abortion are divisive to the majority of pro-life Americans who oppose abortions, she defended Biden’s executive orders.

During her press conference today, a reporter from EWTN asked Psaki, “President Biden has stated that he wants to unite the country, and the first two weeks he’s been in office however, and much to the great disappointment of pro-life Americans, he has revoked the Mexico City Policy, he has ordered the review of Title X, and issued a statement strongly supporting Roe v. Wade. Is the president going to make any effort to reach out to pro-life Americans in his administration?”  (Read More)

Spoiled Rotten

(Discovery Institute) The United Nations International School has succumbed to the new racial hysteria. Last year, students at the elite New York City school — which educates the children of UN diplomats at a cost of up to $44,000 per year — launched an anonymous social media campaign denouncing their teachers and administrators for their “vast history of systemic racism,” “white liberal racist thinking,” and “direct, intentional, repeated racial trauma.” The student threatened to “cancel” their “oppressors” through social media shaming — and administrators immediately caved in to their demands.

The saga began last June, when a group of students launched an anonymous Instagram channel, Black At UNIS, which started posting dozens of anonymous and unverified accusations against the school and specific teachers.  (Read More)

VIRTUAL EVENT: University Indoctrination: How it Started and How to Stop It

(Heritage Foundation) American parents have unwittingly become the primary recruiters and funders of campus radicalization. Higher education today, as Professor John Ellis describes in his book The Breakdown of Higher Education, does not teach college and university students how to think, but rather what to think.

If you are increasingly frustrated over the political indoctrination at over-priced colleges and universities and believe Western Civilization’s classics are being canceled in favor of leftist grievance studies, tune in. Our experts will look at how colleges and universities in America reached this sorry state and provide strategies toward protecting professors, students, and parents who refuse to exchange the freedom of speech and diversity of thought for the views of the “woke” mob.  (Sign Up)

Florida Gov. DeSantis Takes on Big Tech: Proposes Fines for Censorship

(PJ Media) The Biden administration clearly benefitted from Big Tech censorship in the weeks before the election. Twitter and Facebook actively censored the NY Post’s report on Hunter Biden’s dealings with China, preventing millions of voters from learning true and important information about one of the two contenders for the presidency. Twitter and Facebook have never censored accusations that Donald Trump conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election, even after those accusations have been proven totally false.

That’s not the primary reason there needs to be pushback on Facebook and Twitter censorship, but it helps explain why Biden and the Democratic Party will do nothing to stop it. They benefit from it. Their enemies are hurt by it.

If there is to be pushback it will have to come from the states.  (Read More)

Why Are Americans Naive About Evil?

(Townhall) In my new book Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life, I write about growing up with my European immigrant parents. Much of the story is very funny — and of course true — but some of it is quite serious. That’s because my parents saw the horrors of communism up close, and in the stories they told me and my brother they helped us understand that there was real evil in the world. As we learned from them about the evils of living in places under the oppression of Marxist atheism, we also learned about the blessings of living in America, where God and liberty were at the heart of much of our culture, so much so that many take it for granted.  (Read More)

Articles of Impeachment Drafted Against Governor Little

(Idaho Dispatch) A number of legislators have spoken out against Governor Brad Little over the last year ever since his initial “stay-at-home” order.

During Idaho’s “Extraordinary Session” last August, a resolution was filed in the Idaho House to end the emergency order. That resolution passed the House but was never taken up by the Idaho Senate.

The 2021 Idaho legislative session is underway and a number of proposals are in the legislature to end the emergency order.

Last week Little criticized the legislature for attempting to end the order and asked citizens to tell their legislators to back down. Some legislators spoke out against Little and some supported his criticism.

No legislator was more outspoken in their criticism of Little than Rep. Chad Christensen, a Republican in District 32.  (Read More)

The beginning of the end of women’s sports

(OneNewsNow) Female athletes are speaking out against an executive order from President Biden that allows for biological males to compete in women’s sports.

Some states, like Connecticut, already employed this policy, reportedly in the name of inclusion and fairness. But speaking recently on “Fox & Friends,” Connecticut student athlete Selina Soule (pictured) said she has lost opportunities to biological males in female sports.

“It is very frustrating and demoralizing, being forced to compete against someone who you know that you will never be able to beat, no matter what [you] do,” said Soule. “I wish there was a way that we can return fairness to not only track and field, but to all female sports.”  (Read More)

Idahoans must build in the work of disbanded 1776 Commission

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Joe Biden has disbanded the 1776 Commission that the Trump administration created in September, but the work need not stop. It cannot stop, for the sake of our nation. President Trump created the commission because of the mortal danger that our country faces: activists have successfully infiltrated our government-run education system and have been using it as a vehicle to indoctrinate young people into hating America. That might sound like a lot, but it is a fact.

I challenge you to ask anyone younger than, say, 35, about our country’s history, its founding documents, and its first principles. From the youngest schoolchildren to the adult collegian, most have been taught and are being taught that America is borne of and built on racism; that capitalism is an extension of that intolerance. Graduates of our “education” institutions are unable to tell you about the Founding Fathers, but they can tell you about the Kardashians.  (Read More)

Biden Administration Threatens Pro-Life Policies

(Townhall) Personnel is policy is an adage that has been around Washington, D.C. almost as long as President Joe Biden. His administration is certainly no exception. Biden’s picks for key domestic policy roles have a history of abortion extremism and will no doubt make this administration the most radical, pro-abortion administration in history.

In a typical administration, the secretarial positions are peppered with superstars or controversial figures of the respective political party, including former rivals for the presidential nomination. But instead of crafting policy through these different departments, the Biden administration is poised to direct policy through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director, Neera Tanden, and the White House Domestic Policy Office Director, Susan Rice. Rounding out the Biden administration’s pro-abortion triple-threat would be the nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Kristen Clarke.  (Read More)

McGeachin, conservative legislators call on PERSI to dump big tech investments

(IDED News) Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin and a group of conservative legislators are calling for the state’s public retirement program to dump its investments in big tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter.

In a letter sent to the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI) board of trustees this week, McGeachin and 22 legislators expressed concern that Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have restricted free speech and censored ideas.

The legislators said $661 million of Idaho PERSI funds have been invested in those companies or platforms.

“We would strongly encourage the board to divest from these companies,” the conservative officials wrote in Monday’s letter. “We are confident the board can find other companies to invest in that will not pose a compromise to the values of all members who contribute their hard-earned monies to PERSI.”  (Read More)

The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election

(Creators) For four years, the media and their party, the Democrats, told us every day that Trump is a fascist, a dictator, a racist and a white supremacist; that he was an agent of the Russian government — a real-life Manchurian candidate. We were also repeatedly told by the lying media (Trump’s accurate description of the mainstream media) that in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump said there are “very fine” Nazis (see the PragerU video, “The Charlottesville Lie”). Yes, the media told us with a straight face that a man with a Jewish daughter, Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren said there are fine Nazis. Biden said he decided to run for president because of this lie.

So, then, here is the question: Why would anyone who sincerely believed Trump is a white-supremacist fascist dictator not cheat if he or she could prevent such a person from becoming or remaining president of the United States?  (Read More)

New Poll Shows 80% of Millennials Oppose Abortions Up to Birth, 57% Oppose Roe v. Wade

(LifeNews) Students for Life of America released a new poll, a project of the organization’s Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, evaluating how the newest voters, Millennials and Gen Z (ages 18-34), view some of the cutting-edge policy discussions most timely in the debate over abortion.

This demographic is widely reported as being almost entirely in support of abortion as it is allowed through Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton – through all 9 months, for any reason whatsoever, and sometimes with taxpayer funding.

“As an organization of mostly Millennials and Gen Z, we’ve been frustrated by all the sweeping statements made about our views on the human rights issue of the day. And as the age range most targeted for abortion, the views of Millennials an Gen Z on an industry that has ended the lives of one-quarter of our generation are extremely relevant,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins.  (Read More)

“Antiracism” Comes to the Heartland

(City Journal) A middle school in Springfield, Missouri, recently held a diversity training program that forced teachers to locate themselves on an “oppression matrix” and watch a video of “George Floyd’s last words.”

According to whistleblower documents and teachers who attended the program at Cherokee Middle School, the training began with a “land acknowledgement,” claiming that “Springfield Public Schools is built on ancestral territory of the Osage, Delaware and Kickapoo Nations and Peoples.” (At the time of publication, Springfield Public Schools had not responded to a request for comment.) The diversity trainers, Jeremy Sullivan and Myki Williamson, asked the teachers to “acknowledge the dark history and violence against Native and Indigenous People” before engaging in the day’s program of “social justice work.”  (Read More)

Goya Board Threatens Can-Sell Culture

(FRC) Praise Donald Trump — get canceled. Praise Barack Obama — get canceled. Raise your company’s sales by 1,000 percent — get censored. Welcome to the life of Goya CEO Bob Unanue. The conservative folk hero, who Americans rewarded for his conviction by sending profits through the roof, is back under fire — this time from his own board of directors. Apparently, shattering company sales records doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right point of view.

His comments, the family said, were unacceptable. On Fox Business last week, Bob was very candid about where he thought America was headed. “I think this is mission accomplished,”  (Read More)

How Joe Biden Will Open The Floodgates To Transgendering Public Schools

(The Federalist) The next several years are likely to reopen the floodgates to leftists’ long repurposing of public schools to indoctrinate children with lies about sex. According to leftist reporting, once in office Joe Biden plans to quickly use executive power to push transgenderism in schools, farther than President Obama did. In Congress, Democrats plan to prioritize legislation to do the same, potentially with Republican support, with the so-called Equality Act and more.

On Nov. 7, Biden was reportedly the first candidate to mention transgenderism in his speech claiming he had won the presidency. This is only the tip of the iceberg. On the campaign trail, Biden promised to reinstate President Obama’s requirement that public schools put boys in girls’ sports and showers, and push this issue much more.  (Read More)

Why the Left Has To Suppress Free Speech

(American Greatness) Let us begin with this fact: The left always suppresses speech. Since Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, there has been no example of the left in control and not crushing dissent.

That is one of the important differences between liberal and left: Liberalism and liberals believe in free speech. (The present leftist threat to freedom in America, the greatest threat to freedom in American history, is made possible because liberals think they have more to fear from conservatives than from the left. Liberals do not understand that the left regards liberals as their useful idiots.)

The left controls universities. There is little or no dissent allowed at universities.  (Read More)

Our Politics Is Cracking Under the Weight of a Thinning Civil Society

(Breakpoint) A little more than a week after the storming of the Capitol, five Americans have died, the House of Representatives has impeached the President for a second time, Twitter and other social platforms have permanently banned the sitting President of the United States, Amazon Web Services shut down alternative social media site Parler, and National Guard forces are being deployed, with 20,000 troops scheduled to surround the Capitol because, according to the FBI, armed groups are planning to protest the Inauguration, not only in Washington, D.C., but in all fifty states. 

There are immediate causes, of course, for the chaos that unfolded last Wednesday. Over 70 million Americans are unhappy with and deeply worried about the implications of the presidential election and, no less important, the Georgia Senate runoffs. Among that number, a sizeable group believes the election was stolen, and just-as-deeply disbelieve all media personalities, investigators, elected officials of either party, or judges who say otherwise.  (Read More)